Title: Most presious one

Rating: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort&Romance

Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto

Summery: One night, little Sasuke finds a beaten up and badly injured Naruto on his way and takes the blonde home. As Naruto suffers from after-effects of his injuries, Sasuke is determined to keep the other boy with himself – whether his parents like the idea or not. Naruto has no real home, nor parents, and Sasuke found, so of course the blonde was no his!

Warnings: It's shounen-ai (boy/boy) so if you don't like reading it, you're warned. Au! Am not sure to which extent, but I will not follow the storyline of the manga. Child abuse. If anything else, I'll add it.

A/N: Hello guys! Well, that's my very first FF here and I really hope, some of you will like it. There's not much to say about the sotry itself, at the beginning Sasuke and naruto are children, so there'll be some fluff - and later as it developes it'll be shonen-ai. Oh, and just to mention, English is actually my 3rd language and I'm still searching for a beta for this story, so if you notce some mistakes do tell me - I'm open to any kind of critism.

Most precious one

"Love me without fear / Trust me without questioning / Need me without demanding / Want me without restrictions / Accept me without change / Desire me without inhibitions."

Dick Sutphen


Monster...With immense force the little body was smashed against the hard wall...

...bastard... A sickening crack could be heard when the boy collided with the stone...

...murderer... They hit him, kicked him, targeting his stomach, head, legs, arms...

...beast... Dull blue eyes looked up, pleading silently to stop, already...

...evil demon... Darkness threatened to overcome him and he wished for it to do so...

Little Naruto was used to this kind of words and treatment. Really. He had heard the words even before he had known their meaning. He had been beaten up and treated like dirt without being able to understand why. Yet, it hurt every time when someone looked at him with hatred, said those things to him and of course when they would start to beat him. Like now.

They were gone. Left him here half unconscious and soaked in his own blood. It ached everywhere. His whole body seemed to be in pain. And he had a hard time breathing. If he inhaled the breath too deep, his back would hurt like hell.

Why me? thought Naruto, tears rolling down his bruised cheeks. He didn't do anything to them! How could he, anyway? He was just six! Too small and too frightened of the world as that he could do harm to anyone.

A sob escaped his thin lips, causing a burning ache in his chest – and still, he couldn't hold back the sobbing. Naruto just laid there, crying and wishing for the pain to stop. Until warm and inviting darkness surrounded him.

Sasuke chewed on his upper lip, thoughtfully, while looking around. The seven years old Uchiha shuddered slightly when he took in his surroundings more carefully. It was one of those abandoned neighbourhoods he normally wasn't allowed to be at. And now, he understood why. This place was...weird and scary – seeming darker and colder than any other part of Konoha.

He sighed quietly, tightening his grip on the bag in his right hand and starting to walk further on the dirty streets. Sasuke wouldn't have been here, in the first place, if it hadn't been that late. He was just out to get some groceries, his mother had asked him to (actually, she wanted him to go with Itachi, but he didn't find his brother on his usual training-spot, therefore...). Since the shop near their house was closed, he went to another and ended up being late. That here was supposed to be a short cut. Well, at least the shop owner told him so and described even the way – it wasn't long.

You aren't afraid, you aren't afraid, Sasuke kept telling himself. After all, he was an Uchiha and their weren't afraid, ever. And this was just a simple neighbourhoods, nothing terrible, right?


Sasuke nearly flinched, still-frozen on the spot. He gulped, before he looked around in search for something that could have caused this sound. With relief he noticed that there was no one. Turning around, he wanted to get going when it happened.

A flash of yellow caught Sasuke's attention. He frowned and eyed the 'yellow something' closer. There was...someone? His frown deepened. Why would there be someone laying in the dirt in front of such a shabby house?

As curious as Sasuke was – even if he was an Uchiha! - he sneaked up to the figure. A little child, as he could see now, who was...Sasuke gasped in horror, letting the bag slip out of his hand, his eyes wide with shock. Oh Kami, what was that?

The blonde kid's clothes were soaked with blood, even his hair had gotten a slight red shade. And it didn't move.

In an instant, Sasuke ran forward and knelt beside the kid. Unsure about what to do in such a situation, he stretched his hand to shake the other's shoulder – and took it back, immediately, when the kid groaned quietly.

Alive, thought Sasuke relieved. What should I do? he mused. Leave the child here? No, not even an Uchiha was that cruel. He eyed the kid once more, now lifting him up by the shoulders, carefully, so that he could look in on bruised face. It was a boy. I'll take him home, he decided, finally.

With some difficulty – well, Sasuke himself wasn't that tall and whenever he moved the boy, said boy would groan and make Sasuke feel as if he did something wrong – he managed to lift the boy into his arms. Thank God, this kid was so skinny and small! Yet, he should hurry, otherwise he would crack under the weight – light or not, with time the boy got heavy.

Once more frowning, Sasuke looked again into the face of the boy. Who would do something like that to a child? he wondered.

To say Mikoto Uchiha was surprised, when her youngest son arrived home with another child in his arms instead of groceries, would be a great understatement. When she noticed that said child was blood-wrenched, her heart seemed to stop for a moment. It took her a while to understand that Sasuke himself was unharmed, but the other boy...well, not.

And now, they were sitting in Sasuke's room, the injured child laying in the bed – clean and bandaged. Mikoto was no doctor, nor a medic-nin but she did have some knowledge about medicine. Therefore, she knew perfectly fine that the boy had to be admitted in the hospital. She would have done it already, but the weather outside was bad. Just as soon as Sasuke had entered the house, it started to rain and got worse. Outside, there was a storm ravaging. The only thing she could do now, was to hope that it would get better soon.

While cleaning the blonde child she had noticed the whisker-like scars on his cheeks and had a mild clue, who this kid was. But she didn't bother at the moment, she was so focused on trying to help the little one. Mikoto had felt so bad for him and wondered what kind of monsters could to this to child.

Sasuke had followed her every step and watched her as she was nursing the blonde. And it was kind of cute of her son to care like this for a complete stranger.

Since Sasuke got bored watching the other boy sleeping on his bed, he wanted to ask his mother when the kid would be fine, but was cut off by a quiet yet painful whimper. He looked back at the blonde, curiously.

After a moment of silence, two deep-blue eyes opened, filled with timidness and, as they looked around the room and discovered Sasuke and his mother, fear. Sasuke just stared, amazed by this deep blue – he had never seen someone with such eyes! They remembered him of water, ocean. Beautiful.

Sasuke smiled brightly, ready to introduce himself, just when the boy paced out.