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Inseparable -

"Look, Sasuke!"

A little eyebrow raised, Sasuke peered over the edge of the book he was reading to stare at his blond friend questioningly. From his position on the windowsill he had a pretty good view of Naruto sitting on the floor and grinning at him with one of his sunshine-grins – as Sasuke used to call them. Why? Simply because those grins shone in such a way that they sometimes seem to lighten a whole dark room. He cast a quick look towards the closed door, just to be sure that no one would enter. At least not his father, since Naruto and he weren't handcuffed at the moment – he would release them both when they were alone and he was sure his father wasn't around.


Naruto showed pointedly towards his left foot, at first moving only his toes, then slowly the foot, before he literally jumped up and started to walk forth and back, grin still in place. Sasuke couldn't help but to gasp at the sight. What? If he remembered correctly it had been around two weeks since he had found Naruto, and even though he had not much knowledge about medical stuff, he doubted that broken legs healed so fast. They didn't, right?

"It doesn't even hurt, not a 'lil bit!" claimed Naruto proudly, right fist on his chest and head held high.

"Really?" Curious, Sasuke laid the book aside (but let it open, so not the forget the page), pulled on of his knees up and rested his arm on it, eyeing the blond doubtfully. "And your arm?"

Naruto frowned, glancing down at the white cast on his left arm and tried to move it. Seconds later, he was whirling it in circles at his side, laughing loudly while doing so. "Neither!" By now, Naruto was running like mad in his room which made Sasuke wonder firstly, where the hell Naruto got that much energy from, and secondly, if the casts didn't bother him the least. Seemingly not.

"Weird," he muttered only for himself to hear, all the while his eyes following the little bundle of energy destroying his neat bed, causing books and papers (drawings, actually) to fly around the whole room and all in all making as loud noises as no one ever had heard in an Uchihas house. Thank God, his father wasn't home, yet. Nonetheless, a small smile tugged his lips and he made no attempts to stop Naruto. It was really pleasant to see the other like this – it was amusing and relaxing at the same time.

It took several minutes for Naruto to calm down and when he did, he paused in the middle of the room, his gaze shifting to Sasuke, mischievousness gleaming in his cerulean eyes. "But that," he motioned towards the casts, "annoyin'."

He just realised now?, Sasuke thought, frowning irritated. Seemed like Naruto wasn't the brightest light in the universe.

"Then we should geta rid of 'em."

He slid from the ill, landing on his ruined bed, and walked over to the blond, grabbing the handcuffs from the floor as he did so and attaching them to his wrist. That way he could bind the two of them faster in case his father returned soon.

"Get rid?" Even though Naruto let himself being dragged by him, he was all of a sudden hesitant. "Will it hurt?"

Once again frowning, Sasuke glanced over his shoulder, his gaze softening. "Nah, as if. We'll ask Aniki, he'll do it, and then," he smirked, "we'll have lots of fun!"




"How long?" Sasuke whined for the tenth time in the past six minutes and earned from his brother, who was trying to get rid of the casts from Naruto whom Itachi had sat down on the counter, an amused smile, while Shisui, head on the tabletop, huffed gruffly. He glared at the latter and even stopped to tilt his chair for a second.

"Sasuke, give me a minute," Itachi answered. "I'm no doctor and it's kinda difficult."

"Difficult for you?" As if, if there was one thing Sasuke believed without second thought, then it was that nothing was too difficult for his dear brother. Nothing.

"You know," Shisui grumbled, face still down, "Your bro's no God or so, no matter how much you wish him to be."

"At least he's no loser!" Sasuke snapped at the older boy, more than satisfied when said boy's head jerked up immediately, a pair of darkened eyes glaring daggers at him. Somehow it was really scary how quickly Shisui's mood could change – from bored to death to pissed like hell. Or was it just him who could get those reactions?

"Watch your tongue, 'lil rat," Shisui hissed angrily. Had he struck one sensitive spot there? "And what's with that stupid grin?" It only widened when Sasuke noticed that it made Shisui angrier. "C'mon, I'm nearly as good as ya bro!"

"Nearly?" Sasuke chuckled, enjoying their bickering as always. "Are you an Anbu?" Shisui pressed his lips to a thin line. "Are you a genius?" The other's eye twitched dangerously. "Are you as talented as him?"

"Well, no, but I am a ninja, aren't I?" Shisui retorted, both his hands having an hold on the table as if to prevent himself from throwing something at Sasuke. "Besides, you aren't half as talented as Itachi was in your age."

"Could the two of you stop this senseless argument?" Itachi cut them off and it was then that they remembered that there were others in the kitchen. Others consisting of Itachi and Naruto, who was watching them with an amused grin on his face. "Really, Shisui, how old are you?" Sasuke smirked in a my-brother-my-side like manner at his cousin who simply snorted. Itachi wouldn't ever tell him to stop a fight but the one who was fighting with him – to be correct, it was only Shisui.


Naruto jumped from the counter, showing them his bare arm and then leg. There was a weird glint on Naruto's features and before he even knew, Sasuke was standing right to the blond's side, grasping his wrist. As much as he loved Naruto's lively personality and enjoyed watching him run around like he was the happiest child worldwide, there was no need to do it now. His mother surely was a nice and lovely woman, but if anything in the kitchen got demolished...he shuddered.

"Er...we're goin'." Naruto blinked confusedly at him, but didn't say a word. "Playing and training..."

"Already?" Shisui raised his eyebrows, then he smirked like Sasuke did a few moments ago – it was an Uchiha habit. "My, my, I didn't know you were that possessive, Sasuke-chan."

"Eh?" Now, confused himself, Sasuke cocked his head to the side.

"Maybe, we wanna play with Naruto too?" Shisui continued, waggishness sparkling in his black orbs. "Ah, never mind – it's not like you'll ever share."

Sasuke felt his cheeks heat, though, what exactly from he couldn't say. "Stupid clown," he muttered and dragged Naruto out of the kitchen, leaving two highly amused Uchiha behind.

"Ma, but you are childish, Shisui." Itachi chuckled slightly, leaning against the counter and watching the two retreating boys. "Arguing with Sasuke like a five year old."

"It's fun," was all Shisui said to his defence. "Besides, you know I'm right. 'Lil Sasuke is possessive of Naruto – the poor boy."

"That's true, hun?" The corners of Itachi's mouth twitched to a small smile as he remembered the way Sasuke dragged the younger child out. In the end, he had been right, Naruto had lightened up Sasuke – hence, it was nearly impossible to separate the two from each other, even if his father wasn't there. Amusing? Yes. Worth watching? Yes. Cute? Of course! Good changes? More than that. Though, there was something bothering him, it had been since they brought Naruto home and got worse when he had to remove the casts. "But," he looked over to his friend who, upon hearing his serious tone, was sitting straight on his chair. "It's odd that his broken arm and leg healed that fast."

"I didn't think about that," Shisui admitted, scratching the back of his head. "Maybe the kid's a fast healer?"

"Hn. Maybe." He didn't think so.




"Where are we?"

Naruto took in his surroundings curiously – noting the two swings at the far end of a ground which was marked by a large fence, an old slide, a little carousel and right besides it a big sand-box. A playground? At least he thought those were called that. He had seen some around in Konoha and would even play sometimes in them, of course when it was evening which meant he played around. It was no use to ask other children to play with him, Naruto had experience with that.

"A playground, dummy," Sasuke explained and eyed him as if he really was stupid.

"I'm not a dummy!" Naruto snapped automatically like he always did when Sasuke called him 'dummy'. "I just asked, 'kay?"

For a few seconds, Sasuke just stared at him – either surprised or amused – before he stretched his hand to ruffle Naruto's blond hair, the handcuffs dangling in his face while the other did that. "Aww, don't be mad! I don't wanna you to be mad at me."

"Well." Only to tease his friend, Naruto knitted his brows in a thoughtful manner, his forefinger resting on his chin. "I'll forgive ya only if" Sasuke's expression turned from glad to suspicious and Naruto simply grinned, running off in the direction of the swings, "you'll play with me!"

He didn't check if Sasuke was following him or not, he was pretty sure that this was the case, anyway. Right now, Naruto enjoyed the feeling of running himself, cool wind brushing his skin and even exhaustion claiming slowly his body. Oh, how he had missed doing that! As nice as it was from the Uchihas to support him by going, it was way better to run by himself. Especially, since Naruto had too much energy that needed to be taken care of.

Reaching one of the swings, Naruto jumped onto it – not even stopping in his tracks, and started to move forwards and backwards. At least he tried to. Two hands grabbed each side of the swing and pushed him gently, causing Naruto to glance over his shoulder confusedly only to notice Sasuke standing there. How...? Was Sasuke that fast?

Catching his look, Sasuke smirked knowingly, yet didn't say a word. Naruto 'hmphed' like he had heard Sasuke's dad do several times, deciding that he disliked that look on the other's face, before smiling brightly and laughing at when his swing got higher and higher.

"Sasuke!" he yelled against the whistling of the wind. "Don't ya wanna have fun, too?"

Sasuke frowned irritated, indicating that he didn't get what Naruto asked him. "I am having fun, aren't I?" He sounded like this was the most obvious thing in the world, causing Naruto to laugh happily. "But if you wan' me too..." Still frowning deeply, Sasuke looked somewhere else, somewhere past Naruto, his eyes widening slightly. "Er...but in a minute, yeah? I'll be back, keep my swing free!" And he ran off to where a few trees where, outside the playground, so Sasuke had to climb the fence – and climbed it without much effort. Naruto was left to stare at the retreating back of his friend, irritated.

His feet touched the ground, the swing stopped in its movements, and Naruto didn't bother to change it. Discomfort was welling up in his inside, nervousness making his body tremble a little bit. Why had he this feeling that it was no good for Sasuke to leave? Or maybe it was only because he wasn't used to be alone in such a place, especially when it was getting darker. He gulped, tightening his grasp on the swing. Sasuke would be back any second, no need to freak out.

"I'll take the swing!"

Okay, can I freak out now? Chewing on his bottom-lip (a habit of his), Naruto looked around for the voice and the sounds he hadn't noticed sooner. Like he hadn't noticed the three boys playing in the sand-box (they had to be here for a while now), and two women who were sitting on the benches, talking to each other. One of the children – a really fat boy, he surely was the double of Naruto, with nearly no hair – strode towards him, well, rather the free swing. Instinctively, Naruto's left foot jerked up and laid on the swing to show that it wasn't free.

"What're you doin'?" The fat boys eyes narrowed, his voice got louder and alerted the other two.

"Sorry." And he did mean it. "M-my friend's sitting h-here."

"I don' see anyone," retorted the other angrily. "And we wanna have the swings – so, get lost you baby."

Maybe, Naruto was scared – okay, he was scare – but that didn't stop the anger bubbling in him. "I'm no baby!" he snapped. "And I won't leave! I was here, first!"

The next moment, Naruto felt the hard ground beneath himself, pain rushing through his stomach and elbows. He hissed, automatically folding his arms around his stomach, his eyes watering slightly. That hurt! He mustered to glare at fatty and ignored the fact fatty was taller than him. Sasuke told him that it wasn't good to show anyone you were scared of them, therefore he wouldn't.


Shocked, Naruto watched something tackling fatty to the ground, though, after a while in which that something punched and bite the other, Naruto realised who it was. That hair-cut was unmistakeable. Sasuke. And he battered the boy, even when fatty's (thinner) friends came to help Sasuke didn't stop. It was amazing that the three together couldn't beat Sasuke, who didn't seem to acknowledge the new introducer.

What's happening?

It took for Naruto to see Sasuke's knuckles shining red to snap out from his paralyse. He feared that it was Sasuke's blood and reached forward to grab the older Uchihas arm. The contact was enough, Sasuke paused in his doing, shifting his attention to him – and Naruto gasped surprised. Sasuke's eyes had a darker shade than usual, sparkling in a dangerous glint. That wasn't really the Sasuke who had left him a few moments ago, no, that was someone controlled by his anger.

"Oh my God!"

The women from the benches appeared next to them, the blonde one bending down to the beaten boy. Silently, Sasuke stood up, loosening Naruto's grasp around his arm and instead taking the blond's hand in his own, tightly.

"Are you mad, boy?" the blonde woman hissed, glaring at Sasuke and Naruto. "How dare you hurt my baby?"

The glance Sasuke cast the woman and everyone around her was deadly cold, too cold for a child. "He hurt Naruto. It's his own fault." For Sasuke this was a more than plausible explanation, therefore he whirled around, still holding Naruto's hand, and left.




"A-are you hurt?" Naruto dared to ask after several moments of uncomfortable silence, glancing towards the blood on Sasuke's knuckles.

"It's not mine," Sasuke explained and sighed tiredly, his free hand brushing through his dark hair. "You okay?" When Sasuke now looked at him, Naruto immediately noted the softness in his gaze and couldn't suppress a small smile – this was his Sasuke.

"Hm." He nodded as an answer – he was perfectly fine. Comparing to what happened to him just before Sasuke had found him, this was nothing. Really. "Where did ya go, anyway?"

Sasuke chuckled at his curiousness, his mood lifting slightly. He grabbed into his pocket and revealed something Naruto knew too well, he had seen them a few times by ninjas. "It's a kunai, was hanging in a tree," Sasuke told him and held the kunai out for him to take. "Since you wanna be a ninja, you'll need that."

Blinking, Naruto took it, eyeing the kunai which was shining in the light of the disappearing sun. This was for him? A kunai? A real kunai? "Wow."

"Ya know," Sasuke continued to talk, pleased with Nartuo's reaction, "I have lots of them since I train with Aniki. Now, we can train together!"

For the rest of the way home, Naruto grinned non-stop, forgetting about what had happened.




"What happened to you?"

At his wife's outcry, Fugaku looked up from the shogi board, Shisui whom he was playing with and Itachi who was watching them disinterestedly did the same. Sasuke and Naruto entered the living room, both looking kind of 'messed', though what must have caught his wife's attention was the nearly not visible bruise on Sasuke's forehead and the red on his knuckle – blood. Did he even want to know what those two did now? Oh Kami.

"I got into a fight," Sasuke huffed, though honestly.

Mikoto looked puzzled, Fugaku just raised an eyebrow, Itachi remained silent and Shisui burst into laughter. "Sneaky and a little rebel – like ya more and more, brat!"

Fugaku glared at the young Uchiha, making Shisui close his mouth immediately, but a smirk stayed on his lips. "Why and whom did you fight?" he turned to his son.

"Dunno, some fat guy," Sasuke replied, shrugging as if it didn't matter. "He hurt Naruto!"

The silence that followed was one of surprise and, at least for him, realisation. His youngest son got into a fight with someone who had hurt Naruto – who, by the way, didn't seem to injured. Therefore, he assumed it hadn't been that bad. Yet, this fact just intensified his thoughts from the past two weeks – Sasuke had gotten way too attached to the blond child. Even if Fugaku wanted to, he wouldn't be able to separate those two. But, on a second note, since Naruto was there Sasuke seemed to achieve great improvements concerning his studies, and instead of turning into a total book-worm, he loosened up.

Sure, Fugaku had his doubts about Naruto's stay in their mansion, yet the Uzumaki was a lively boy who – as his wife and elder son already stated – had good influence on Sasuke. Besides, he had to admit that Naruto was fun and together with his youngest those two were really cute and amusing.

And now he had gotten his last proof that it would be impossible to separate the boys – Sasuke fought someone for Naruto. He sighed in defeat, that would bring a lot of difficulties...

"Sasuke," Sure of the boy's full attention, he mentioned towards the handcuffs around his left wrist, "You don't need them. Naruto can stay."

Sasuke's mouth opened in surprise, Naruto's eyes grew wide – and everyone else in the room wasn't that shocked by his words. Ignoring the boys, he turned to his shogi board. "Mikoto, take care of their bruises." And with that he dismissed them.

"Got soft, huh?" Shisui couldn't help but tease, though Fugaku ignored it and tried to concentrate on their game...but something didn't seem to be right.

He frowned irritated, before his gaze darkened. "I remember there to be more pieces, Shisui."

"Ha, ha, ha." Shisui chuckled nervously. "You sure?"

"If you cheat, do it properly," Itachi remarked from the side, shaking his head at his friends try. Sometimes it was hard to believe Shisui was a real Uchiha.




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