This is my first Kataang story hope you enjoy . I do not own any rights to Avatar the last air bender wish I did though. This is taken after the fight with Aang and Katara at the play.

Katara's POV

As I sat down on the steps of Zuko's old family beach house I sat quietly staring as Zuko taught Aang fire bending moves. I slowly thought back to what had happened only a few days ago, me and Aang had been angered by our destiny how it seems to have gotten us in a worse situation. He won't even look me in the eyes any more, that spark I saw glistening in his stormy gray eyes… they seemed to have disappeared. That laugh that I seemed to grow tired of gone but then I remember a saying my mother used to tell me… nothing gold can stay. We can't stay young any more nothing can last forever we have to love it while we can. To think a few months ago I was back in the South Pole wishing for excitement well I got it, now I wish it was gone. We seem to be losing this war trying to find peace well I'm sick of it losing the ones I love. It's time to end this stop sitting around and letting them get a head start. I made a swift move to stand up as I walked over to the ocean. In the side of my eyes I could see Aang staring at me but only to get yelled at by Zuko to pay attention. Sokka was nowhere to be found most likely eating I thought smugly. Suki and Toph were playing in the sand, as I reached the water I began to practice my water bending starting with swaying the water back and fourth. As night reached we were all called to dinner, I didn't feel like cooking so Suki gladly took my spot. She served vegetable soup. It tasted amazing.

"Suki this is great!" Sokka yelled with noodle strings dangling from his mouth.

Toph could only nod in agreement so she wouldn't spill here soup. Suki only smiled and patted Sokka on the back. I sat next to toph and Aang in front of me, Suki and Sokka to my left. And Zuko was next to Toph.

"Aang why so glum?" Sokka asked. He seemed to have swallowed his food because his mouth was left empty.

"I'm fine" Aang mumbled in a whisper. I swear he almost started crying.

"You sure you're …" Aang cut him off midsentence.

"I SAID I WAS FINE!" He shouted standing up spilling his soup all over Toph's lap. But before she could slap him straight in the face he ran towards his bedroom. Toph angrily pushed the soup of her clothes whispering "I'm goanna kill that kid" Sokka shook his head and turned towards me.

"Can you see if he's alright?"

"Why me?" I asked dumbly.

"Why not you?' Toph challenged me back.

"Fine." I mumbled.

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