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Chapter 1

A sigh filled the otherwise silent room. The only other sound filling the air came from the warm fire under the mantle piece, it emitted a lovely orange glow that bounced off the walls and made the dark, dusty library of Grimmauld place feel comfortable to the two occupants, or at least one of them anyway.

Hermione was curled up on one of the large faded red leather chairs in the centre of the room, her mind deeply engrossed in a thick 6th year Transfiguration text that she had purchased from Diagon Alley only the day before. On the arm of the chair rested a long piece of parchment, covered in her curly handwriting. Each of the professors had set them essays on the topics they would be beginning at their return to Hogwarts so they would have a head start on the topics. Hermione's of course was at least a foot longer than the required length, and well above standard, but she still poured over it, concerned that it wasn't up to a high enough standard. She breathed out another long sigh.

The other occupant of the room let out a low growl, looking up from the 'Potions Monthly' he had been trying to concentrate on. The witch's sighing was beginning to get on his slowly fading patience. "Miss Granger, would you please attempt to halt that incessant sighing, I have very little patience and you are slowly diminishing what's left of it."

Hermione looked up from her Transfiguration text into the dark eyes of her Potions professor, he looked annoyed to say the least. "Sorry sir I'm just worried about this Transfiguration essay, I still feel it's missing so-"

"Miss Granger, as I said before, kindly shut up." Her face dropped back down to her essay, she looked slightly downhearted at this, "That silenced the annoying chit…" Snape thought.

A large portion of the Order of the Phoenix had been asked by Dumbledore to remain at Grimmauld place for safety and so that they could plan for Voldemort's demise and much to Snape's dismay, he had to spend every waking moment with the Golden-Trio that he so despised. At first it wasn't too bad, he was able to hide away in the small library for most of the day, reading and researching for anything that may help the cause, managing to reduce the amount he had to see the others to meals times only. But then she walked in one day and evaded his space and peace. While most of the time she was reasonably quiet, her very presence annoyed him and she would occasionally offer up the most annoying of questions which he would dismiss with a grunt and a harsh look.

He looked up once more from the article he was reading and allowed his eyes to pass over her face for a moment. The light from the fire shone lightly on the side of her face and her brow was furrowed deep in concentration. Her hair was tied loosely in a ponytail, a few of her honey curls had managed to escape their binding and hung down in front of her face. For a moment, Snape felt the need to reach forward and tuck it behind her ear. He shook his head and dismissed the thought instantly. "The heat must be getting to my head…"

He rose in an abrupt manner and tossed his read magazine onto his now unoccupied chair. The unexpected noise made Hermione jump slightly, inhaling air sharply as she did so. Snape looked down at her and noticed that there was now a rather large line of ink across the bottom of her parchment. Snape smirked, she would have to re-write the essay again. "Serves her right for disturbing my peace in the first place.."

Before Hermione could say anything to her potion's master about her now ruined essay, he exited the room. "UGH, that man! He has the manners of a pigeon!" She looked down at the parchment which she had spent the last 5 hours slaving over and let out a deep sigh, she would have to re-write it all and her wrist was already stiff from the work. "He didn't even have the courtesy to apologise!" she exclaimed to no-one in particular. Anger bubbled deep in her and threatened to spill, fuming at the knowledge that if the incident had occurred with the recipients in opposite places, she would have been hexed to pieces before even beginning to utter the word 'sorry'. She was starting to understand why Harry and Ron hated the greasy bat so much.

Snape was now sat in the kitchen, the time had escaped him, and it was now well past eleven. A large majority of the occupants were asleep, and he was alone at last. He went to one of the worn wooden cupboards and pulled out a tumbler, which he set upon the table beside him before taking a seat on the uncomfortable and cold seat of the chair. He fished in his pocket and pulled out a small bottle, taping it once with his wand, it returned to its' full size, and he decanted the bottle of Fire whiskey. He poured himself a healthy amount of the strong golden liquid, quickly letting the liquid touch his lips and slide down his throat. He savoured the burning sensation - it let him know he was still alive.

Snape looked up from the hard, smooth surface of the table, bringing his mind away from a thought he had already forgotten and noticed the Granger girl stood in the doorway. She didn't look best pleased. Snape gulped down another greedy helping of the liquid before turning to speak to her, he knew this wasn't going to end well. "Miss Granger, do you find yourself so irritating that your own friends have abandoned you, and in finding this you felt the need to come and annoy me..?" He was going to have a little fun with this…

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