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The Great Hall was buzzing with the sound of chatter from students old and new alike, the sorting had already taken place, and everyone was tucking into the lavish meal in front of them. Many of the new first years; particularly the muggle-born, were in awe as to how the food seemed to appear from thin air.

Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny were sat around the middle area of the Gryffindor table. Harry held a bloody tissue against his nostrils.

"Harry, honestly, can you not go five minutes without getting injured?" said Hermione whilst trying to get a better look at his nose, not stopping until she deemed it to be properly mended.

"Yeah mate… what were you doin' around Malfoy anyway? Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron, and Gina swatted the back of his head with her open palm.

"Ron! Mum would have a fit if she saw you talking with food in your mouth. It's revolting!" Ron just shrugged his shoulders and carried on shovelling the food into what the others could only deem to be a black hole.

Snape sat eating his food, paying little heed to the staff around him, grunting occasionally at Slughorn's attempts to engage him in conversation about his favourite type of cauldron to brew in.

"How anyone could stand his presence is beyond me…" Snape thought.

He lifted the goblet of Pumpkin Juice from the table and drank deeply from it, surveying the room as he did so. He noticed Potter and his group of moronic friends laughing over something the younger Weasley girl had said, and refrained from rolling his eyes. He would be glad to see the back of them.

His eyes lingered on the Granger girl for a few seconds, noticing how pretty she looked when she laughed. She must have felt his eyes watching her, as she lifted her head from the table and scanned the row of staff before locking her eyes with his. It took all his will-power to pull his face into a snarl, prompting the girl to quickly break the contact and turn back to her friends.

"Well that was rather odd." Hermione thought to herself.

The eye contact with her professor had only been brief, but it had made a shiver run down her spine, causing small Goosebumps to cover her arms, despite the warmth of the large room. Her mind lingered on Snape's dark eyes for a while, remembering their depth, as if he was peering into her very core.

" 'Mione-!"

Hermione shook her head, banishing the thoughts from her mind and looking over to Ron.

"Bloody hell 'Mione, you were miles away then! We were just askin' you whether you were up for a little wizard's chess in the common room tonight?"

Hermione sighed, " Firstly Ron, you know I find that game to be completely barbaric! Secondly, I have my first prefect's rounds tonight, so I'll be out for a while and I'd like to put the finishing touches on my Charms essay before I leave."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Lessons haven't even started yet and you're already panicking over homework, c'mon live a little 'Mione!"

Hermione glared at him, she opened her mouth to say something, but quickly stopped when she noticed the entire room had been overcome with the silence that indicated the beginning of Dumbledore's speech. Her mind began to wonder again, she had heard the speech many times now and was rather bored by it. Her mind brought her back to thoughts of Snape, she chanced a glance in his direction and studied him for a moment. He was quite handsome she thought, and she felt herself growing wet at the thought of his skilled hands. She was still feeling quite turned on from her little "play" in the shower earlier, and resisted the urge to tease herself right there. She started thinking of how Snape could tease her, how he would hit just the right spots and make her orgasm positively delicious. She quivered in her seat slightly, before turning to try and focus her attention back on the headmaster. This wasn't going to be an easy year.

Later on, when the feast had ended and all students were safely in the confines of their individual house dormitories, Hermione set out on her first patrol of the year. She wandered the corridors, which were dark and eerie in comparison to their normal golden glow of the daylight. The light from the tip of her wand, emitted from a hastily cast "lumos" did nothing to calm her nerves. She could heat the portraits whispering to one another, and it distracted her from scanning the otherwise bare corridors.

So far, other than the quite irrational fear that she was feeling, the patrol had been quite boring. Trudging forward, she began to let her thoughts wander back to the earlier images of Snape's hands teasing her wet folds, stroking her clit and making her cum. She quickly felt herself getting wet again, and was desperate to end her frustration.

She walked slightly further along the corridor, and found a small alcove where the paintings couldn't see her, she sat down on the cold floor, placing her wand beside her. She pulled her skirt up her thighs and over her bottom, gasping slightly and the feel of the cold floor against her smooth skin and parted her legs wide, relishing the feeling of the cold air against her hot skin before allowing her fingers to seek out her wanting clit, she was very glad of her earlier decision to go without underwear. Her professor's image dominated her thoughts. She moaned and gasped thinking of his strong form pinning her down and taking her roughly, unmercifully pumping into her wet core, thrusting her fingers in and out of herself repeatedly at the image ingrained in her mind.

She felt her orgasm wash over in waves and moaned loudly she felt her walls tighten around her fingers, furthering her pleasure more, her eyes forced shut in the hope that she could retain the image that was giving her such an amazing orgasm. Caught up in her pleasure, she didn't notice the quick and heavy footsteps along the corridor, and the face of a rather shocked professor from seeing the girl writhing in passion.


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