Island of the Eldest

Eragon lifted himself from his sitting position, took in a deep breath and smiled as the sun rose for another day. His new home, the Island of the Eldest, as he called it, seemed to glow in the light of the early morning. After he departed from Alagäsia – under tears – and searched for quite some time, he found a place that was just perfect for him, Saphira and the eggs of the dragons, the Eldunari and the few elves that came with him. He remembered the first weeks passing like nothing, as he built himself a little home to sleep in – but the hall for dragons was still on his to-do list. The young rider sighed a bit then tickled the blue dragon right beside him, causing her to wake up. A giggle escaped his mouth as Saphira woke up reluctant, not wanting to greet the new day yet. They had been exploring the island the last few days, so she was tired – and hungry, as it seemed.

'Good Morning, Saphira. Did you sleep well in – well, on - our new refuge? I still think this is the best thing that could happen to us: We searched and found it. Don't you agree?'

'Little one, it's early in the morning, and I am hungry. Don't bother me with such questions you only ask to put yourself in a safer – or should I say more comfortable – position. Think for yourself. You may ask me again at the time I've devoured my breakfast today.' She nudged him, blowing a bit of smoke in his face. The young man coughed, backed off and felt her launching herself in the air like a giant arrow with wings.

'You could be a little more understanding, really. I just broke a heart with leaving Alagäsia – my own heart.' Despite his harsh and maybe a little whiningly words, he let a little wave of love flow through their connection, embracing his dragon mentally. 'Be careful. We still don't know everything of this island. I don't want to rescue you from a giant snail – or something else even scarier!' He felt her amusement, and knew if she could smile, she would. Instead, the dragon let out a loud roar. Despite the distance between them, he heard the low-tone vibration through his whole body, smiling.

'There is no animal or creature on earth standing on the same level with dragon, little One. You know that, don't you?'

'Of course. But I'm still worried.' Sighing, Eragon left the plateau where he was waiting for the morning to begin, climbed down the little mountain just to see one of the elves who came with him standing there, waiting for him. "Shadeslayer." A swift bow. "I'm pleased that you seem well. Is there anything urgent to do on this island? We sung to the land and the trees, causing it to grow in more accurate ways. Now, we have houses like in our cities."

Eragon smiled a bit, bowed a bit himself. "Pleased to meet you, too. That is a wonderful thing indeed.", he carried on the conversation. "No, everything is fine. I'd like you to start singing to the trees in a matter that will allow us to walk save on this island – and for Saphira to land. In other words: Make roads. We will need them later… is there anything you have for me?" He giggled a bit as she released she stared a bit at him, turning away. Even the elves lost their compassion at some times, and especially this elven maid. She was comparatively young and wanted to join his mission to build up the dragon riders – and the population of dragons altogether – even when it meant never going back to her hometown. He was amazed by her eagerness.

"Yes, Shadeslayer!", she replied, smiled. "There is a message for you. Queen Arya sent it to me over a mental link… don't worry, I only stored it inside my mind. I did not see what the message is about." The woman opened her mind, sending him the message from Arya. He received it, closed his mind and eyes to concentrate. It was a mental image of her, like a moving picture, with a spoken message.

'Hello, Eragon. I hope you and Saphira and everyone else is fine wherever you are right about now. There is a really… urgent matter I need to discuss with you. Sadly, I can't tell you all the details within this message but I need your… assistance. One of the eggs… hatched. I hate to admit it, but neither the elves, nor the urgals or dwarfs are the ones that can proudly tell they now have a dragon rider. The humans have proved themselves worthy again.' The mental image of Arya sighed, seemed slightly amused. 'But destiny likes to play games, I fear. I cannot prepare the new rider for you… you need to take her with you by yourself. I shall wait for you in Du Weldenvarden, in Ellesmera. Do not hesitate, Eragon. Atra du Evarínya ono varda.'

With that, the vision cut off. Eragon was somewhat dumbfounded – and needed quite a bit of time just to snap back into reality. "W-what…", did he finally managed to say, grumbled. He knew better, but somewhere inside he thought – for a little moment – the elf that still stood before him betrayed him and showed him only one part of the message. She didn't even tell him she missed him or something.

'I saw what you saw, Eragon. Everything is fine, the message is untouched.' Saphira seemed happy – and at the same time, suspicious. So… are we going to fly back to Arya? We have to greet the new rider… But it is kind of strange the queen of elves can't handle a single, new rider. Do you know what is behind of all this, little one?'
'No… no I don't. But what's more: I don't want to go back.'
His stomach growled a bit. He felt a bit ill. "It was hard enough to go once. I don't know if I can handle a second time.'
'You will manage it. You are my rider, after all.'
Eragon felt that she was proud of him – but a little smile crossed his face as he noticed that she longed to see Fírnen once again.
'I think your true intention is still hidden in misty fog.', he responded, grinned. His dragon was unpredictable sometimes. 'I cannot refuse the wish of the elven queen, of course… but I'll have to make clear to Arya that I am not a peasant to be ordered around anymore. I am the one that has been a rider for the longest time – even if she is a hundred years older than me. She'll have to give in. It's her job to teach the hatchlings; normally we'd kick in later. But this time… just this once, I think it is fine. Fine with me, at least.'

Now he finally shifted his attention on the slightly smiling elf, which seemed to wait for something. Eragon nodded, accepted the message formally. "Queen Arya requests my presence in Du Weldenvarden.", he said. "Saphira and I discussed this matter – we want to help the Queen with her problems. You may now go; Please try to reach every elf on this island and tell them about my absence. I entrust you the eldunari and, even more important, the dragon eggs. I will take one of the eggs with me… a new dragon rider was chosen by the dragon which was placed in the hands of humans." Eragon couldn't suppress a grin as he saw the eyebrows of the maiden twitch. "Now please: Go and inform the elves."

"Yes, Shadeslayer.", the elf whispered, turned around and – with inhuman speed – charged straight to where the treehouses should be. Eragon smiled, spread his arms wide as if to embrace the sun, and called with all the might of his mind: 'Saphira!' He felt some animals fleeing from the overhelming force of his shout, which resounded on a whole other layer than just his and Saphiras mental link. Every animal, every creature heard his roar, and the one he was connected with answered immediately. 'I am here!'

Then the blue dragon landed right behind him, the earth shook, Saphiras beautiful scales twinkled in the bright light of the sun. She let out a mighty roar, scaring away even more animals, and Eragon laughed, hugged his dragon and gently caressed her snout, which caused her to purr like a cat. 'We're going back home once… I cannot say I am displeased, little one.' She seemed eager to go, and once again, Eragon could not restrain himself: He giggled lightly. "Thus, another adventure begins? My beautiful dragon-lady wants to dort herself again for the needs of others? Should I really allow that?"

'You cannot disapprove…' She poked him with her giant snout, appeared to be amused. '…while being so happy to see Arya again, my little lovestruck rider. I am right, am I not?'
'Of course…'
Eragon sighed. 'You're always right, Miss oversized-lizard-with-wings.'

In the Sky; On the way to Arya

"But what, really what in the burning flames of hell could Arya drive to ask me for help? She was so happy to be a rider and so eager to teach the hatchlings.", he remembered. "It's quite odd she told me to come. Just who is this new rider? This girl appears to be a real nuisance. I hope we'll be able to show her the right way." The young rider and Saphire were flying: Fast as the wind, no faster – because Saphira had tailwind, pushing her forward like there was no tomorrow. Eragon himself gave here a not small amount of his energy, causing her to fly even faster. It was like the earth was pulled away under them while them not moving.

I do not know what she intends to do if we are with her. Saphira appeared not to think too much about it – she was happy to see Aryas green dragon again, and did not understand why Eragon was so troubled. You should be grateful. Maybe it is not what the Queen is planning, but at least there will be another human on this island. These elves are proper enemies to spar with, but my Eragon is a human after being a rider, not an elf. You need a human; I do not care if boy or girl. But a human is a better acquaintance for a human. Naturally.

Eragon sighed. He would rather have Arya by his side than some annoying dragon rider brat. "Who knows…", he murmured. "We don't know who the new rider is yet. Do you remember which color the egg had before hatching?"

It was a blue-themed egg, I think. But darker than my blue – more like… violet. How do you call it? Magenta? Purple? Like the color of the clouds in the sky when the sun already set, but just the time when it is not completely dark. Can you follow?

"Of course, I think you are about right. You looked through my eyes, didn't you? If you make real use of your eyes, you see blue, not red or green." He snickered. "The longer I think about it… I'm getting really curious right now. Maybe it's someone we know?"

'I can assure you it is Angela.' The sarcasm in her words was hard to ignore, and he sighed.

"Who else?", he asked, smiled weakly. "As if she ain't scary enough as it is… we do not need her to get a dragon. I think it would be as twisted as her. Go, Saphira. Faster! I'll lend you more energy… I want to be there as soon as possible!"

Du Weldenvarden

The young rider had to admit: He was dead tired. He just wanted to sleep, to rest for hours, for days or even weeks, if possible. Saphira travelled the whole distance in just two days – when they searched for the island, it took them weeks. He was frozen to the bones, shaking because of that, his eyes were hardly open, but he hold tight onto the saddle, careful not to fall down. Eragon felt Saphira being just as much tired as him; her wings appeared to be transformed to stones. Even her tongue hung out of the dragons' mouth and she was panting.

'Saphira, are you okay?' Eragon could feel her tiredness but not whether she could continue flying or not

'I can keep going…', she responded in a strained tone. 'But Eragon, please, give me a little bit of the energy you stored in the jewel of Brisingr. Just a little bit is fine.'

He smiled weakly. 'You're asking for my help? It's really important, then.' By draining a bit of the energy stored in his sword and giving it to Saphira, she felt refreshed, but it was more like a drop of water on a hot stone. He sighed. 'Just keep going, big girl. With this speed, we're there at sunset. I'm with you.' So they kept going for their goal – Ellesmera. Slower, but more forceful flaps from Saphira pushed them trough the sky as they followed the sun which appeared to attack the horizon, setting it on fire along with the gigantic forest beneath them. His smile broadened. 'This world is a beautiful one, isn't it?", he asked tired, but happy.

'Hold on tight, little one. The landing could be a little rough.' With this warning, Saphira dropped herself onto the ground, giving her rider a good shaking. Eragons back ached as he jumped down from his dragons' back. The young man growled, stretched his muscles a bit. This was his old house he lived in when he was being trained by Oromis and Gleadr. Everything was as he remembered – the big pillow for Saphira, the wooden stairs – but he knew that now was not the right time to rest. "Let's go… we have to see Arya first. Do you want to rest here and wait for me?"

'I could fly for another two days straight.' Saphira told him with a proud, but really tired voice. 'But I want to sleep a bit, just because I want to. Go, Eragon, see Arya. I will see through your eyes. I bet someone noticed us anyway, so Arya and Fírnen are waiting for you – I am sure they do.'

'Just rest well, my sleepy-head dragoness.' Eragon chuckled, then left the tree just to find a elf standing at the foot of the large tree, waiting for him to get down.

"Shur'tugal, feel greeted in Ellesmera. I believe we haven't met yet. My name is Ralen. We were not prepared for you to come to early… but please, follow me. Queen Arya is waiting for you. Is your dragon going to rest here?"

"Yes. Please do not interrupt her." Eragon grinned slightly. "She might eat you. We haven't eaten for two days because of the Queens desperate cry for help. Ah, don't be angry, Ralen. I was just joking. Queen Arya has my full assistance in the matter of Shur'tugal and newborn dragons, and we wanted to be here as fast as possible to take care of our duty."

The elf nodded, now calmer after becoming a bit angry at Eragons words. "Yes. Now please come with me. I will escort you to the queen." Ralen turned around and showed Eragon the way – but to his surprise, they weren't going to the throne room but to the cliff where Arya raised her dragon. Was it really a matter to even make a big fuss about it? A new rider was something to celebrate, of course, but he didn't know Arya to be a fan of grand entrances. But when he thought about it… wasn't it a gradn entrance when she destroyed the heart of Tronjheim just to get to him, letting Saphira spit fire and stuff? He chuckled lightly and even louder as the elf turned around a bit irritated. "What is it, Shadeslayer?"

"Nothing, nothing.", answered the brown-haired man. "Go on, I'm right behind you."

They arrived a few minutes later. The elf bowed then backed out, leaving the Queen, which stood on the edge of the cliff, and the dragon rider, who approached from behind, alone.

"I wish you a good evening.", Eragon said without further hesitation. He was aware of the fact that Arya was more beautiful than ever, that her slim dress underlined her figure, especially her… backside. Well, that was all he could see at this moment. But the matter he'd come for was more important than her perfect formed bottom, so he ignored it and bowed. "Queen Arya, are you well? I heard your request and hurried to come to your assistance."

"I am well, thank you, Eragon Shadeslayer. But it seems you are tired. Do you not wish to rest before meeting the new rider? It might be better." The elven queen sounded a bit worried – that was when Eragon realized just how bad he appeared to look.

"Don't judge the book called Eragon Shadeslayer by its cover. I can handle this.", he replied, waving with his hand. "I missed you.", he whispered, afraid to say it too loud. At first, Arya said nothing, but the, a small smile appeared on her lips.

"I am glad to see you again, Eragon, as is Firnen - I am glad you followed my call – it was more than I was hoping for, despite my quite pushy message. Well then, Shadeslayer, are you ready? She is coming… I feel her."

Eragon opened his mind to his surroundings, felt it too – two presences were on their way, both young and weak, as it seemed on the first sight, but around a barrier made of an inhuman strength surrounded both. The leader of all riders had the feeling he knew this person on the back of the dragon, but… without just a little hint, he would have to wait for them to show themselves. Then, the violet dragon, much smaller than Saphira, appeared right in front of him – he came from below the cliff. The dragon was a young one, really young – but old enough to let its rider fly on its back.

"Eragon!", the female rider, which seemed in the age about seventeen, exclaimed. "What in the world are you doing here?"

"What?" The one addressed gasped. "You?"

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