Hi! This is my second fan fic so far.

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A girl walks to her phone.

She dials a number.


"I don't want any of your cookies! Now leave me alone!" A fat old man bellowed. He walks to the phone and picks it up.


"Hi. You won a million dollars!"

The old man couldn't believe it. But he has been duped before.

"Really? Is there a catch?"

"Nope. All you have to do is stand on your head while yelling I'm a pretty ballerina."

"Well. Okay."

The man tries to stand on head, but fails.

20 minutes later

"Yes! I finally did it.! I'm a pretty ballerina."

"I don't believe you. Videotape yourself and post it on the web."

"What's the web?"

"The internet."

"What's the internet?"

"Oh! Forget it!"

The girl hangs up and pouts because her evil plans were ruined.

"Hello? I'm a pretty ballerina?" The old man tried.

"Hello. Hello. I know you can hear me." He stated hopefully.

The End

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