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Warnings: This story contains a realationship between an elder male and younger male. This also contains some spoilers from Kuroshitsuji II anime.

Pairings: Sebastian x Ciel

Together forever

written by Black-servant

Ciel and Alois sat there back to back in darkness; two souls bound to one body. They sat there in silence just staring into the darkness. The only light became somewhere above them and it only illuminated the place where they were sitting.

"You're very lucky."

Alois started with a little jealousy in his voice and then continued sadly:

"You have both Sebastian and Claude's love."

Ciel laughed at that:

"Hah, Claude only wants my soul and so…"

Ciel had to swallow before he was bale to finish his sentence with a very quiet voice:

"...does Sebastian too."

Ciel tried to keep his voice steady and emotionless when he continued:

"Neither of them loves me."

After a moment of eerie silence Alois started talking about Hannah and Luka and how he waited to see them, but Ciel wasn't listening. "Even he doesn't love me…" He thought. His chest started to hurt when he thought about it. It was painful to him: all his life with Sebastian he had tried to pretend that he didn't care about anyone. That he didn't love anyone or need anyone… It was all lies because there was one person Ciel needed and loved more than anything and he was Sebastian, his butler.

"How silly and pathetic of me to have fallen in love with another man and what's the worst thing: to a demon who only stays with me because of the contract." One lonely tear started its journey down on Ciel's cheek. "But…at least I can give him something he really wants and when he eats my soul… I can think that a part of me will be with him forever…" Ciel smiled a little to that thought. "Yes that's how it has to go…And I'm more than happy to give my soul to him because it belongs to him already. Everything in me would belong to him if he wanted it all… I really love him so much…" Ciel's thoughts were suddenly stopped when he heard a part of Alois constant rambling:

"… and now you'll be free because of my wish to Hannah so that no one can take your soul…"

Ciel paled. He didn't want to believe his ears and he forced himself to ask with a trembling voice:

"What…What do you mean?"

Alois stopped speaking for a moment and glanced towards Ciel until he answered:

"Oh. She makes you a demon so that no one can take your soul. Great, eh?"

Alois asked and started laughing cheerfully.

Ciel didn't answer, he couldn't. He just stared ahead blindly. All his thoughts were in a mess. He felt like crying but he couldn't. "Sebastian…Sebastian…" He repeated the name in his mind again and again… He had wanted to give his soul to his loved one and now he couldn't. He loved him but his butler didn't know that, and he was sure that he would only laugh at him if he did tell him. He had kept it a secret and just pretended that he didn't love anybody. It had been quite easy because the truth was that he didn't care about anyone… of course minus Sebastian, the only exception. Still to Ciel it had always been enough that he knew that Sebastian would stay by his side and after his revenge he could give his soul to him. He had decided that it was enough, it had to be enough. He didn't want Sebastian to leave because he might think that Ciel was weak or disgusting because he loved him… and now everything was ruined.

Alois stopped Ciel's thoughts again when he stood up. Ciel looked at him over his shoulder. Ciel didn't show any of his feelings even thought he would have wanted to strangle the blond behind him.

"Good bye and good luck Ciel!"

Alois said and smiled happily when he vanished: Hannah had taken his soul.

Ciel also stood up and stared up to the darkness. His heart was aching painfully.

"What are you going to do now when you can't have my soul, Sebastian?"

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