Hello again! Here, The Beast is introduced. Personally, I think she's the cutest little ferret in the whole world! The transformer toys do not share this opinion.

"Ohhhh, Freefellll…!" I called to my sister in a singsong voice, "Is our adorable-yet-vicious little ferret awake?" A brief pause.

"No, Seekjei," she answered, "Why?" I grinned evilly, like the demented little psycho that I am. This'd be fun…

"Oh, just wondering," I replied innocently. Smirking, I carried Prowl with me as I skipped merrily back to the box.

"Now," I purred, "Let's see… Who would like to play with Zorra?" I knew that Prowl would hate to see any of his friends being injured in any way, especially by the ferrety Beast. After much consideration, I delicately plucked up TF Animated Arcee.

I knew it was cruel, but I said to her, "Prowl wants you to go play with The Beast, Arcee. You get to be a pointy little creature's new chew toy. Isn't that right, Prowl?" And with that, I pranced downstairs to the Cage Of The Ferret.

The cage was several feet tall, with multiple levels inside. Near the top, Zorra slept in a pyramid-shaped cloth hammock-thingie, with her dark, fluffy tail sticking out of the round opening on one side. It was suspended above a thick plastic ledge that was connected to the sides of the cage.

Opening one of the large cage-doors, I carefully placed Arcee there, right in front of the napping Beast. Then, I slowly, deliberately closed the door, so that it would seem ominous. I think it was, since I'm pretty sure I saw Arcee shiver.

"Now then," I said to Prowl, "Shall we wait for The Beast to wake up on her own? Or shall awaken her myself?" No response. Sighing, I reopened the door, stuck in my hand, and poked the furry creature.

The pile of dark fur twitched, then shuffled around until a pointy little face was looking out at me. The whiskery little being opened her mouth wide in a yawn, exposing long, pointed teeth. Then she placed her curled-up paws on top of her head, raking them down her face to her twitching nose while she yawned again. (I'm serious. She actually does this, and looks like the kind of person you'd imagine looking at a can of fallen soup, yelling in a strange, dramatic voice, "NOOO! THE HORROR!" So funny.)

Zorra blinked and noticed Arcee, who must have been terrified. After sniffing for a couple seconds, Zorra grabbed the femme's arm in her powerful teeth. I heard a small moan beside me: Prowl seemed in actual pain at being unable to help his friend.

Barely a second later, as Zorra yanked on Arcee's arm again, I just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed Zorra's scruff (which made her yawn again), picked up Arcee and Prowl, closed the cage-door, and stomped upstairs.

I put them back in the box and muttered, "Fine! I can't convince either of you to just move or anything. Happy now? I give up!"

*GASP* I've given up! How very disappointing…