Cherubi Sitting

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Meloetta has to do the unthinkable... become a babysitter!

It was a nice, quiet Saturday afternoon in the world of Pokemon. Pretty clear blue skies with the normal white, puffy clouds... all right, is there any point to not make this sound generic?

Anyway, in the green grassy meadows, Meloetta was sitting on the green grassy patch, blowing some bubbles as she enjoyed the beautifully normal weather. Yep, nothing could go wrong for Meloetta...

...Nothing at all...



...Absolutely... nothing... this is going nowhere.

"TAKE HER! JUST TAKE HER!" A wild female Cherrim exclaimed as she handed Meloetta a sleeping female Cherubi, obviously a baby.

Meloetta blinked as she accepted the Cherubi baby, watching the Cherrim committing suicide by jumping off the nearby cliff. Meloetta blinked, looking down at the Cherubi, who opened her eyes.

"Ma-mammy?" The Cherubi asked as she blinked several times.

Meloetta giggled as she tickled the Cherubi. "Dawww, you're so cute! You're too precious!"

The Cherubi giggled back as she then felt a rumble in her stomach, belching loudly in Meloetta's face. Meloetta coughed as she shook her head, shaking the cherry gas of her face.

"Looks like someone needs a diaper change..." Meloetta admitted as she looked over the Cherubi, making an awkward face. "...If you had a lower part..."

Meloetta's stomach growled, causing her to gasp. However, Cherubi's stomach growled as well. Meloetta and Cherubi looked at each other, both of their stomachs growling.

"Already I'm hungry. Hmm..." Meloetta thought as she rubbed the back of her head with her right hand. "I know! I'll get some icing. How would that be, Cherubi?" She looked back, gasping as Cherubi was not in her grasp. Meloetta slapped her hands on her face, gasping in shock. "Uh oh! Where are ya, Cherubi baby?"

Meloetta looked around, only to hear a loud belch. Meloetta looked up, screaming in horror as Cherubi was eating part of the roof of her house.