Meloetta watched in horror as the baby Cherubi was about to jump off from the cliff. Meloetta jumped after the Cherubi, but she missed, falling off the cliff instead. Cherubi watched as Meloetta tumbled into the raging ocean below. The Cherubi glanced down, giggling as she closed her eyes.

"Oh... I'm soaked again... this time, I'm salty..." Meloetta murmured as she emerged from the ocean waves, walking onto the shore, shaking herself as her hair hung down further, due to the water holding it down. She looked up, to see an angry mob of the Pokemon that inhabited the formerly existing village. She crossed her hands together. "Uh oh... looks like I'm in trouble..."

Arceus teleported to the area, looking at the angry villagers and then back at Meloetta. He looked to the north, seeing the baby Cherubi, glancing back at Meloetta. "Mel, are you taking care of that baby?"

Meloetta nodded as she sniffled, beginning to cry as she rubbed her eyes. "Yes... but that baby is troublesome...! She caused so much trouble, and I was just trying to keep her safe!"

Arceus sighed as he closed his eyes. "Let me guess, the mother just handed you her? What happened to her, anyway?"

Meloetta shrugged, replying as she began bawling, "I don't know! I think she killed herself because of the baby being a troublesome pest!" She then hugged Arceus tightly, crying as she buried her head onto his front legs.

Arceus sighed, turning to the villagers as he stated. "I'll take care of all this, rest assure."

The villagers muttered to themselves as the Cherubi continued watching, giggling to herself as she farted, causing her to be knocked unconscious from her own stench.