Her Black Shadow

A RomeoxJuliet Fanfiction

by Tomoyo-chan

Disclaimer: I do not own, but I do love. Even if it makes me cry.

His Lady was too soft. She hesitated in those crucial moments, when it was either end a life or be stabbed in the back. That was why he existed he supposed, to be the one to do so for her. To be the sharp edges that she lacked. There was no softness in him. Not since that day. His mother, his father, his sisters, his softness died with them.

His Lady, his little cousin, was all that remained of them, of his family. And he had to protect that, soft edges and all. He would follow her anywhere, do anything it took to make sure she remained alive. Betray anyone, including himself. His life existed only for her.

The first time she saw him kill, really kill, he felt what he hadn't in a long time. When she cried into his shoulder, his heart opened just the smallest bit in response to hers and he felt... remorse. Not at killing, but the fact that he had to. That he had to tarnish her innocence in order to keep her safe.

He didn't often follow her around. It wasn't really necessary with all the other protectors in her everyday life, but he was glad when he did. Those nights that he took care of her enemies behind the scenes. When he was her black angel, raining death. That old man, Conrad, never even knew how many enemies were after his charge. Tybalt took care of all of them.

One day, he thought, he would be able to end his work. One day, he would be able to dissolve into the shadows and never have to think again. He looked forward to that day, when he really would become nothing but Juliet's shadow.

Just some vague idea I had while watching RomeoxJuliet. Wrote this before we really got far into Tybalt's backstory, so some things are defiantly off, but I was writing this from some vague memories of h.s. Shakespeare class, where they are cousins if I remember right. They're related somehow anyway. This story is just so sad, please excuse me while I go watch some more and cry. ~Tomoyo-chan