Thorns II:

Finding a Bluebird

Summary:- Semi-AU, Sequel to Thorns. Two years later, Ciel lives between his manor and Sebastian's one. The queen has issued an order for him to investigate the 'Cursed Church of Sorrow'. Just from the name of it, Ciel could tell something was wrong. Really wrong.

Chapter One


Ciel leaned against a wall, frowning. He was trying to remember why his parents allowed such a child in their household. He wasn't exactly useful and he was like a sack full of hyperactive beans.

Question was, where the hell was Finian right now? 6:00am in the morning and Ciel was awoken from the playful squeal of Finian, who was probably amused by a deer or something. Why the hell would someone be interested in that?

Ciel shook his head, walking back to his office before sitting down, flicking a chess piece over before looking at his accounting records. While his manor was in the middle of getting rebuilt just over two years ago, Ciel had visited the bank with Sebastian to see what his family had left behind for him.

A lot of money and a business under the name of 'funtom'. He never knew his parents owned such a well-known toy company, but it explained why he got toys a lot when he was younger.

His profits had sky rocketed after he took over, designing intricate dolls at first before starting to focus on the board-game sector. Popular games were chess and this game under 'Monopoly', which he could vaguely remember finding at Sebastian's house.

Counting in his head, Ciel was growing, irritated at the amount of numbers he was forced to count. Perhaps he should hire a tutor or something. He wouldn't mind starting to play the violin again-

"Master Ciel!" Ciel looked up and narrowed his eyes when Finian broke into his office without knocking, dragging a chuckling Sebastian with him. "Mr. Sebastian is here! You also got a letter from Lady Elizabeth!"

Ah. Elizabeth. After taking up the Funtom Company once more, some woman had come through and then started spouting that her daughter was his Fiancée and… Well, Ciel just grew confused. He'd already told the woman that he wasn't interested, but 'apparently' it had been decided since the day he was born, so it made no sense whatsoever.

"I believe you should leave your manor for now Ciel." added Sebastian, red eyes glinting as he chuckled. "Lady Elizabeth is in London right now, so I think she intends to give you a surprise visit."

Great. Another distraction. Getting to his feet, Ciel rubbed at his temples as his heeled boots clicked softly off the leg of his chair.

"Tell that butler of mine that I'll be out for a while." muttered Ciel, referring to the butler that Sebastian had found. Old and kind, Tanaka was just…

Ciel wasn't willing to go down this road right now. Grabbing his jacket, he slipped it on, sloppily buttoning them up until Sebastian intervened, doing it for him.

"You still treat me like a little kid." Mumbled Ciel, feeling Sebastian place a top-hat on his head.

"You are only fourteen years old." Said Sebastian, red eyes blinking as his pale fingers redid Ciel's necktie. "To me, that is like a child, but you are a child in his teenage years."

"Shut up and let's go." Ciel rolled his eyes, getting to his feet while grabbing a wrapped sweet off his desk, trying to discreetly put it in his pocket. He knew he failed when he heard Sebastian chuckle, but it was beside the pint.

The Queen's guard-dog will not be mocked. Not ever.

Name: Ciel Phantomhive

Age: 14

Class: Aristocrat


Height: - 159cm

Weight:- 7½ stone

Bought at an underground auction, Mr. Ciel Phantomhive seems to be a shy, nervous young boy. When questioned about his parents, he ran into a separate bedroom. When asked where he used to stay, he remained silent.

Quite fragile and easily restless, Ciel Phantomhive is often plagued by nightmares and tends to wake up screaming through the night and looks for the sharpest object he can find in the room. Whether or not it is to harm others or himself is difficult to decide.

On further date, Ciel Phantomhive is now the Queen's watchdog, and has managed to survive his first task from the Queen, but just barely. He is sure to become one who will always be remembered.

Cases solved:- Demon of Phantomhive Manor. Jack the Ripper. Illegal Indian spices. Tea ship transporting drugs.

Current Case:- Cursed Church of Sorrow. Other information is N/A.

Ciel kept still as he hid behind Sebastian, watching his 'meant-to-be' fiancée run past him, not even recognising who he was as the demented woman known as her mother walked past, eyeing Sebastian carefully, but didn't seem to notice Ciel behind him.

"Sebastian, is it just me, or is London… a bit too quiet?" Ciel said suddenly, looking round at the empty stalls and the little amount of people scurrying about. Sebastian nodded, but still had a smile on his face.

"I'm sure it is nothing," said Sebastian, pulling Ciel along. "Come on now, you do not wish to get caught by Lady Francis, now do you?"

Ciel shuddered, but then nodded, walking down an alleyway and then back into the street, taking a sudden left and then kept walking for another ten minutes, appearing at Sebastian's town house, which made Ciel blink in confusion.

"If I went to my manor, then Lady Francis would catch us. She took the liberty of figuring out where I stayed if she ever needed to find you." Ciel rolled his eyes before nodding, entering the building and then looking around. It was still a nice place, but it wasn't anything compared to a manor.

Better being here than suffer spending time with Elizabeth for a long time.

"Did you find out any new information about the case you've been given?" asked Sebastian pleasantly, causing Ciel to look at him suspiciously. Although the Queen had granted him permission to allow Sebastian to help him, he was always defensive about the jobs he had to do.

"No," muttered Ciel, shaking his head before sitting down in an armchair, pretending to look at his nail before sighing. "It appears I am stuck. Did you find out anything?"

"Nope." Ciel scowled. He had to be so… blunt about his answers, didn't he? Sighing, Ciel blinked when tea was offered to him, before his eyebrow twitched. Sebastian was getting too fast for his liking.

"Sebastian, no human can make tea that fast," muttered Ciel, causing Sebastian to blink innocently at him. "I hope you haven't been using that demon's speed outside of your own home or in front of people."

"Of course not," replied Sebastian, a smirk crawling onto his face. "I would never do that."

"Sure you wouldn't," said Ciel sarcastically, sipping at his tea. "I gave the seal to you since you deserved it, but don't use it like that. Use it for when you need it."

Sebastian nodded, but Ciel could tell that he was going to use the demons powers behind his back. After checking Sebastian over for a category, he was surprised to see that he was under category 1 and 3, Intelligence and strength with Natural abilities. Originally Ciel thought he was going to have to label Sebastian under 'common', but that didn't appear to be the case at all.

He was also shocked to find a demon chain linked to Sebastian's soul. The demon had forcefully hidden in Sebastian's body as a child and was now trapped inside due to the soul seal that Ciel had placed on him.

There were a lot of confusing things in life these days. Ciel glanced to the side before suddenly covering his nose, watching a cat come up to him and rub against his leg. Sebastian tilted his head before the young Phantomhive chose to explain himself.

"I'm allergic to cats," muttered Ciel, looking at the snow white cat before hissing as it decided to use him as a climbing post to get to Sebastian. The raven haired male blinked in an innocent fashion, nuzzling the fluffy creature and hugging it to his chest, listening to it purr. "I need to go, I can't stay near that... that thing."

Sebastian watched Ciel walk off before he chuckled, stroking the cat affectionately while his ruby-red orbs glinted. That was another thing to put in Ciel's record.

Sitting down in the room Sebastian had allowed him to stay in, he opened the closet to see that clothes fit fitted him had already been placed there. He looked over to the desk and paused to see a doll he had started designing over a year ago, his eyebrows furrowing. He had started making a model church and he was in the middle of designing an angel.

The angel that haunted his dreams so much. Getting to his feet, Ciel sat down and pulled open a drawer, taking out his paints, brushes and sharp carving knife out, examining the doll quietly.

Short, shiny silver hair, light aqua-violet eyes, pure white wings outstretched and a carefully designed silk dress that he had Maylene help him with. After harsh research, Ciel had figured out how to keep the dolls wooden, but made their limbs movable. Crafting a twisting ball in the shoulder, elbow and knee was quite a difficult task, but he figured it out. It should make good profits if he can find good enough crafts men to make it and-

"Such a pretty model of me, my darling Ciel." Ciel froze before whipping his head round, feeling a chilly wind hit his face as a woman identical to he doll he made, only the doll was nothing compared to the real person, stood right there. "I never thought you admired me so much."

"It's a product nothing more." said Ciel sharply, getting to his feet while glaring coldly at her. "How did you get in here without me noticing? The window was locked, there was no way-!"

Ciel took a step back and slapped the angel's hand away when she tried to pet his cheek.

"Get out of here before I kill you for what you've done here Angela!" Ciel moved when she reached out for him again, but her fingers caught the lace strap from his eye-patch, pulling it off and causing him to yelp as his purple eye flashed open in panic.

"Didn't I tell you not to follow the tracks your parents?" she said, her voice sounding too innocent for Ciel's liking. He was being overly cautious, sensing something off. He blinked when he heard a cat screeching and then a knock at his door.

"Ciel? Is something the matter?" Ciel paled and Angela glared coldly at the door, her wings fluttering slightly as she growled, causing the door to open, Sebastian walking through before stopping and looking at the female angel, his red eyes flashing before calming themselves.

"I didn't know you had a visitor." said Sebastian calmly, feeling his eye twitch from being in such close contact with her. "Should I leave you in peace?"

"Sebastian, just lea-!"

"Filthy, unclean demon!" screeched Angela, bringing out a red glowing chain out of nowhere as Ciel darted across the room, appearing in front of the angel as she hurled it at Sebastian, the chain hitting him instead and knocking him to the floor. Reaching for his neck, he scrabbled at the chain that was burning at his neck. "Foolish child! A human isn't meant to be hit with that!"

Ciel choked and Sebastian snarled, about to attack Angela, but Ciel hissed at him angrily, still pulling at the chain.

"S-Sebastian! Get out of here!" shouted Ciel. "She'll kill you!"

The cat on the raven's shoulder hissed and then lunged at the angel, only to get knocked to the floor as Angela approached Ciel, grabbing the chain and tearing it from him, narrowly dodging Sebastian when he tried to hit her and grabbed Ciel by the hair, pulling him across the floor and forcing him to his feet.

"You have become so impure!" screeched Angela, lifting Ciel off the ground before flapping her wings, flying to the other side of the room as Sebastian tried to hit her again and again, but not managing to hit her at all. Red eyes widened as he saw the angel about to throw Ciel out the window, but another angel appeared in the room and grabbed her by the arms, stopping her and making her let go of Ciel.

"Angela, you were here to catch the demon, not kill a human boy."

"I don't care! My pure Ciel is no longer pure! I destroyed them! He shouldn't be like this Ash! He's just-" she started screaming when Ciel disappeared from her feet and appeared at the other side of the room, clinging to Sebastian as he held him tightly, glaring daggers at Angela was glared right back.

"Angela, we'll deal with this later, you need to calm down." said Ash, dragging Angela by the wrist and jumping through the window and making sure the oddly silent angel was still behind him.

Sebastian stayed still as he let Ciel cling to him, moving his hand slowly and pulling at the collar of Ciel's shirt, looking at the dark red burns that went round in loops on the boys' neck, whispering quietly to Ciel. Mismatched eyes glanced up at Sebastian got to his feet, making sure to move carefully so not to hurt Ciel further.

Sitting the smaller male onto the bed, he undid the top buttons of Ciel's shirt, tracing gloved fingers over the burned flesh before pulling them back as Ciel winced.

"I heard the other angel say the name Angela." said Sebastian gently, causing Ciel to close his eyes. "Is it that Angela?"

Ciel nodded, turning his head to the side and looking at the white feathers scattering the floor. In his hand, he held the model Angela tightly, biting at his lip. He nearly died over trying to protect Sebastian, but Sebastian refused to move right after it, so he could have still gotten killed. Clenching his fists tightly, Ciel mumbled, opening his eyes and looking a Sebastian with bitterness.

"Promise me something." said Ciel, nibbling his lower lip as Sebastian nodded. "Promise me you'll be careful. She's going to come back and she's going to try and kill you. I don't have my doubts that she will kill me too."

Ciel reached for his face, his fingers hovering over his purple eye as he trembled lightly, feeling Sebastian's hand pet his head soothingly.

"She'll do to me as she did my parents. She's going... to claw my eyes out."

A/N: I know Ash and angela are the same person in the anime (didn't want to load the sequel with OC's so I used this person by splitting them into seperate ones. So Angela and Ash are just twins :3

It feels like forever since I last wrote, so I wrote this out... I hope it turned out well :)

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