Thorns II:

Finding a Bluebird

Summary:- Semi-AU, Sequel to Thorns. Two years later, Ciel lives between his manor and Sebastian's one. The queen has issued an order for him to investigate the 'Cursed Church of Sorrow'. Just from the name of it, Ciel could tell something was wrong. Really wrong.

Chapter Six

'Little Bluebird, Little Bluebird…'

Ciel eyes flashed open, his vision hazy as his hands reached up to clutch at his head. He wasn't too sure what had happened. He could remember seeing Angela, and then everything had stopped. It was confusing. Was it all a dream maybe?

Sitting up slowly, Ciel froze when he felt silk brush off his legs, and as he looked down, he paled. He was wearing those clothes. The long, pale white shirt with the cross right through the centre, the four balls in each section of the cross, making it look symmetrical.

Now, the question was, where was this? It couldn't be the church, right? The church he was in was run-down and growing mould, this place looked well-tended to and looked like the paint itself was shining and glittering. Ciel hated to admit it, but the place actually really did look pure, for lack of a better word.

The sudden petting of his head caused him to flinch back, his mismatched eyes looking at the angel who was smiling at him, but it was a person he never would have thought it to be.

"Hello, little master," she chirped, Ciel going pale. "Are you ready to learn your violin today?"

"Amelia Simon?" the angel nodded, taking a step back and stretching her white wings, silvery-blonde hair brushing along her shoulders as she giggled.

"Mistress Angela told me that when you woke up, she wanted you to have the most human day possible before the moon rises," she said, folding her arms before pouting. "And she told me I had to teach you violin in the morning, so I need to feed you and cleanse your hands and feet."

"No, you'll be staying away from me," snarled Ciel, getting to his feet and looking round. "Where's Sebastian? Tell me!"

"I can't tell you that!" she clicked her tongue, before letting a smile grace her lips. "Mistress Angela was going to let you see him later, before night-time fell~!"

Ciel narrowed his eyes, but didn't argue over it. If he ran off, then he might not get to find out where Sebastian is. Getting to his feet, he made a small uncomfortable noise as Amelia pulled him to the bathroom, filling up a glass basin with swirly, warm water.

It was when she tried to strip him of his shirt that he got defensive, stepping away from her.

"Aww, little Ciel is self conscious," she teased, causing the young teen to glare at her. She stepped forwards, grabbing his wrists with one hand and then grabbing the end of the shirt with her other, pulling it over his head and allowing it to fall to the floor, making him increase his struggles. "I can't have you walking around in a shirt you slept in! Mistress Angela would scold me and then I wouldn't get to pinch those little cheeks of yours~"

She reached over, grabbing and bit of Ciel's cheek and squeezing it gently to prove a point, causing his hands to twitch in the sudden want to slap her. He was already conscious of himself as it is, and he had sworn he'd never let a woman (apart from Lady Nina who made his clothes) look at him without clothing, but he was kind of forced into this one. He blinked, feeling a shirt slip over his head before he noticed she had moved his arms.

He stayed still, still having the urge to slap her as she weaved a wash rag through his fingers, the strange water making his skin glitter slightly as he stared at it. He took a guess it was Angela's idea to make his skin glitter, probably to do with making him look more 'innocent'. He gave Amelia a sharp look when she brushed the wash rag up his arm, considering she said she was only doing his hands and feet, but he didn't make a comment. He had to behave to see Sebastian, to make sure Sebastian was ok.

After all visible skin had been scrubbed down, Amelia reached up and started rubbing at his face, a sudden smirk appearing on her lips as she brushed his hair away from his face.

"You may look in the mirror now~"

Ciel turned his head, looking at the tall mirror in disgust before he paused, his eyes wide as he started at his face. His seal eye looked totally different, as if marked.

"What the hell did you do to my eye?" said Ciel suddenly, his voice oddly calm despite the fact he was furious. "I knew something was wrong, I thought I couldn't sense my seal with Sebastian. What did you do to me?"

"Mistress Angela put a human chain on you," said Amelia thoughtfully, causing Ciel to freeze. "She said it was the right way to make you pure again and that she could keep you forever if she left it on."

"But leaving that stupid chain on will mean I can't die!" yelled Ciel, causing Amelia to blink her big blue eyes in surprise. "No offense, but I do eventually want to die, happily, and see my parents again, not live forever with the person who killed them!"

"You really a stubborn child," said Amelia softly, before putting a blue, shining clip with a gem in his hair. "But I wonder… how stubborn you'll be once he dies."

Ciel bit at his lip before staring at himself in the mirror once more, staring at his seal eye that had the same design as his shirt glowing within the small orb. This wasn't good, not good at all.

Curled up in attempts to keep warm, Sebastian kept his head bowed, shivering lightly as he tried to ignore the chains that were blistering his wrists and ankles and the shrill cries of demon children around him. He couldn't tell if these children were actually people like him with a demon sealed inside, or if they actually were demon children.

"Human! Why is there another human down here!" screeched one of them, confirming Sebastian's belief that one of them wasn't like him. "It's like that stupid human boy that was here! He got to live while we have to die!"

"We should kill this human too!" Sebastian ignored them, knowing the couldn't even move from where they were shackled on the wall. That dodgy angel known as Ash told him that he had at least a chance of getting to live while these demons were going to get slaughtered. He was born human, therefore he should have the chance to live as a human, or so Ash said.

Tugging at his chains more, he let a hiss escape him before he stayed still, eyes narrowed. Apparently he was worth more than these demons so he was part human, so why was he being treated like scum? Probably the work of Angela. He looked round, looking at a little female demon whose red eyes just stared at him.

If anything, the young female demon looked totally innocent. Her blood-red eyes looked like rubies and she was quite, docile. It was quite surprising the angels even knew she was a demon, but then again, Sebastian did learn that demons and angels did have that sense that they could find them if nearby. The only reason he was found was because he was near Ciel, and that really was just a coincidence.

Angela was just a stubborn bitch who needed to get a life. Sebastian looked at the young female demon once more, whose eyes had never left him.

"You should know that angel Angela isn't going to let you live," said the female demon quietly, causing Sebastian cocked his head to the side. "I saw it in my dreams last night. I saw you being brought here with a young, human boy. You were meant to go through the cleansing procedure, which is being bathed in holy water, but Angela sabotaged it so you would get killed. You are going to die."

"Pleasant to know," grumbled Sebastian, watching the demon girl give a yawn before tossing her head back, short black hair ruffling slightly.

"The future can sometimes change," she said suddenly, causing Sebastian to look at her once more in askance. "My dream was hazy last night. Hazy dreams mean something unexpected will happen. What that is, I can't tell. My dream about myself was clear as day, so I'm going to die."

"You don't act very demonic, do you?" asked Sebastian, trying to make conversation with the girl, as if unconsciously trying to ease her worries about death even if she was a demon. She gave a laugh, a laugh that sounded like bells chiming.

"I was human, once," she murmured, causing Sebastian to grow confused. "I made a contract with a demon. She told me she was going to devour my soul, but then something happened as she tried to devour me after my revenge was complete and then… I became a demon. I tried so many times to kill myself after that, not wanting to live such a life, but I couldn't find a way."

"Then how did you find a way?" asked Sebastian, the raven-haired girls eyes glinting as she looked down.

"I didn't find a way. The angels found me and knew how I wanted to die. They said I'd be granted my wish," she said solemnly, causing Sebastian to pause as he looked at the girl, who now hiding her eyes with her bangs. "They told me I could have a quick, painless death since I was a humane demon, but my dreams told me I was going to suffer a lot. It was angel Angela that was going to claw out my eyes and rip out my no longer beating heart before letting them re-grow and doing it all over again."

"That's sounds disgusting," commented Sebastian, watching the girl shiver lightly before he coughed. "What's your name?"

"Lucy," she murmured. "I'd prefer not to give out my surname. I don't want to soil my family name because of what I am now."

Sebastian nodded, allowing his head to lean against the cold wall as a shudder wracked his body, causing Lucy to look at him with a curious expression.

"Is there something you desire to know?" Sebastian paused for a moment before sighing.

"You can see the future without having to sleep?" asked the raven, still resting his head against the wall as Lucy gave a small 'yes' in response. "Can you tell me what the future looks like for Ciel Phantomhive?"

"Ciel… Phantomhive…?" she murmured, before closing her scarlet orbs and creasing her eyebrows. "… I see a cross. A cross with four balls. He… He's sitting next to a water fountain, the angel Angela sitting beside him and running her fingers through his hair. He appears to be laughing, yet his eyes look dead. His skin is pale, and it's sparkling in the light as he splashing his hands in the fountain."

"Are you sure?" Sebastian didn't think that would be Ciel's future at all. He expected something grim, something unpleasant, something-

He stopped thinking when Lucy froze, her expression turning into a scowl as she focused harder.

"He has a human chain on him," she said, "The angel Angela has forced him to become stuck in a continuous time loop, never to grow older. He's speaking about someone he misses. He said… Sebastian?"

"That would be me," chuckled Sebastian sadly, causing the demon girl to open her eyes and then look at the raven-haired male sorrowfully. "I saved him a while ago, he was starving on the streets."

"I have had many dreams about that child," mumbled Lucy, letting out a yawn. "Angel Angela has forced me to predict that child's future over and over, until she figured out how to get him in her grasp. I think she's upset since she wants Ciel to be her son, not the son of Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive."

Sebastian remained quiet, but he was thinking deeply. The future of Ciel was hard to figure out, and quite frankly, Sebastian didn't like the sound of it. It sounded peaceful, but too peaceful for it to be normal.

"Oh, my darling Ciel, you look adorable in those clothes!" Ciel tried to remain calm as he felt Angela pet his head fondly, resisting the urge to shiver as her pointed nails ran down the side of his cheek affectionately. "Did you learn anything new on the violin today? Did you have a pleasant lunch~?"

Ciel remained quiet, his mismatched eyes looking around at the outside of the church. It looked exactly the way it did in his dreams, yet when he saw it in real, it was run-down and crumbling. Why was that? Was there any particular reason why it looked beautiful with angels around yet run-down with humans around? He was human, so why did it still look pretty.

"Come, Ciel~" he looked up, blinking as Angela ushered him towards the water fountain and sitting him down the ledge, grabbing his small hands and placing them in the water. "Doesn't that feel nice, Ciel~?"

He wanted to say no, but being cheeky could lower his chances of being able to see Sebastian, so he remained quiet, staring at his reflection while nibbling at his bottom lip. He felt fingers run through his hair, closing his eyes as he felt his shoulders loosen slightly. Just because she relaxed him slightly didn't mean he was going to like her. Ciel was, for an eternity, hate Angela's guts.

"Is there something you wanted to ask me, Ciel?" asked Angela suddenly, causing Ciel to blink and then look at the angel with a suspicious expression. She seemed serious, although her eyes were soft and there was a lazy smile on her face.

"Don't hurt Sebastian," it wasn't a question, it was more a statement, an order, and it made Angela's smile turn upside down. Her fingers continued running through his hair as she thought about his statement, before a crawl crossed her lips.

"What do I get, in return of letting that thing live?" asked Angela smoothly, causing Ciel to stiffen. What could she possibly want now? She already had him here with her, and there was nothing he could do to escape this angelic world.

"I'll let you look after me, without protesting," said Ciel quietly, causing Angela's fingers to stop moving through his hair. "I'll stay here, with you."

"Hmmm~" Ciel couldn't see it since he was too busy looking at his own reflection in the water, but Angela had allowed a smirk to cross her lips, her fingers beginning to move through his hair once more. "Will you act like the son I've never had~?"

Ciel stiffened, closing his eyes. For once, he had to let his pride go. No matter how much he wanted to kill her over killing his parents, he wouldn't let someone else close to him die again. He bowed his head, feeling those pointy fingernails trace soothing circles in the back of his neck.

"Yes," he mumbled, causing Angela's smirk to turn into a smile. "I'll stay here and be the son you've never had."

"Good," she said, before little a giggle fill the air. "Why don't you let Amelia bathe you~? I'll go make sure Sebastian is let free~"

She rose to her feet before walking off, her wings flapping as Ciel opened his eyes, staring at his reflection once more. He wasn't happy about the decision he made, but he had no choice other than to make that decision. If he hadn't, Sebastian would have died, and he wouldn't- couldn't- allow that to happen.

Sebastian was important to him, very, very important to him.

Lucy, remaining curled up in a ball with her eyes closed, suddenly jolted forwards in shock before her demonic eyes opened, blinking in confusion.

"The future has changed-" she stopped when she saw Sebastian no where in sight before tugging on her chains, but got nothing from it. Her head turned from side to side, looking at the bawling demons near her before gritting her teeth.

She saw the future, one that look brighter for one yet more terrible for the other. Ciel Phantomhive was going to be trapped here forever, yet the image was still hazy, meaning that there was still a chance for the whole thing to change. However, for Sebastian…

They were letting him go?

He couldn't breathe. The angel gripping his hair had kept him under the water to long, and his lungs were hurting. It was a few moments later that he was brought back to the surface, gasping for air as he struggled uselessly at the angels kept him pinned down, preventing him from leaving the bath they had forced him into.

It made his skin burn. It hurt. His red eyes were glowing brightly as he let out low growls, which he wasn't too sure if it was him or the demon inside of him. He closed his eyes in preparation for being dunked once more before he heard the room door open, causing many of the angels to freeze and turn their heads.

"M-Mistress Angela…!"

"You may release him now," said a sharp, clear female voice, causing most around her to grow confused. "I have what I desire, I have no interest in killing him."

"But Lady Angela, our goal is to destroy all demons! You can't just let him free! He'll breed and-"

"Our goal? I made you all believe a foolish lie," spat Angela. "You truly think I had any interest in destroying them? No, I was only interested on getting my hands on the little Phantomhive. Killing demons has more or less been a sport to me."

Sebastian felt numb, and the only reason he had noticed the angels had let go of him was because he felt himself sink under the burning water again. He saw up abruptly, gasping and then looking round to see that no one else was here other than him and Angela.

"Get out and get into clothes. I'll let you see my darling Ciel one more time before you can go live your pathetic life."

Stone, marble doors open, and as Sebastian looked around, his red eyes spotted Ciel, who was sitting next to the waterfall with a book in his hands.

"Ciel?" the boy looked up, causing Sebastian to freeze when he saw the strange mark in the boys eye, but he didn't make a comment. He ran over, giving the boy a hug before frowning when he didn't get a response. The boy remained still, as if uncaring about Sebastian's show of affecting as he held onto his book. "Ciel? Are you ok?"

"I'm perfectly ok," replied the boy quietly, his eyes averted to the ground. "I just want to get back to my book."

Sebastian turned his head to the side as Angela tapped his shoulder before pulling him away, making Ciel get to his feet and running her fingers through his hair.

"Is there something you would like to tell Mr. Sebastian, my little pure Ciel?" Sebastian watched as Ciel closed his book, folding the page and placing the book on the ground and staying at Angela's side, clinging to her side as he stared at the ground, a slightly upset expression on his face.

"Sebastian," the raven nodded in acknowledgement as Ciel clenched his eyes shut, burying it into Angela's shoulder. "When you go back home, tell everyone that Ciel Phantomhive is dead."

Sebastian remained still, not believing what he was hearing or seeing. Ciel was standing there, Angela's arms wrapped round his back in a motherly fashion as he… he told him to tell the others he was dead?

"I'm sorry, but what?" Sebastian couldn't, wouldn't, believe what Ciel had just said. He was alive, he was well, and the boy was going to get to go home, right?

"I said, go back home and tell them I'm dead," said Ciel softly, clinging to Angela in a childish manner to calm himself. She merely smiled, petting his head. "And that's… an order."

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