sonamy lemon one-shot its was a really hot summer day in station square, and we find amy rose shopping with her bestie cream.
"look amy! theese shoes are so cute! and there your size!"
"cool ill buy em' "
after bout an hour cream went off with her boyfriend tails, and went to the movies. and amy decided to go home. not just her home, the whole teams home.
then she remembered sonic, her blue hero was the only one home! so she ran home wanting to see her big blue hero.
when she arrived she said "im home!" even though sonic was the only one there sitting on the couch.
"yay" said sonic sarcasticly.
"thank you"
so amy just sat beside him.
after afew minutes she hugged him.
"get off"
"you know you love it!"
"fine be that way gosh!"
"i 3 you!"
"of course you do" "yup i do"
"then come catch me" sonic then ran upstairs aqnd amy ran after him.
when she entered her room, where she saw him go in, he wasnt there. she kept looking for him, when all of a sudden he sprung out of kno0w where and pushed her agenst the wall.
amy was shocked but then he kissed her straight on the lips and amy squeled. then sonic parted and started laughing.
"w...whats so funny?..."
" you...*laughs* your face, hahahahaha!"
"but...wh...why did u just...?"
"kiss you? cuz i wondered wat u would do" he says as he smirks amy starts blushing." ur so mean!"
"i know" saying that he pushed her down on the bed and got ontop.
"wh...what are you doing!" then suddenly he just started making out with her! amy was shocked, but soon closed her eyes and kissed back.
then it got a little more kinky...sonicsorted to take off her shirt... and amy didnt even notice when it came off...then he slid off her skiny jeans, and when they were off, thats when amy noticed...
"sonic! what on earth do you think ur doing!" he smiled and said "you" he kissed her again and started to play with her bra strap. and soon amy decided to just relax. sonic stopped playing with the strap and just unhooked it.
he started to play with her mounds, still kissing her pationetly. he finally just slid down her panties and threw em at the broke the kiss and whispered in her ear "you ready?"
amy nodded, and he slowly started to enter, as amy winced a bit. then he reached her 'virgin wall' and whispered...
"hold on tight..." and amy gripped his shoulders as he broke her virginity, and amy winced. he kissed a tear that fell away and whisper so soothingly "dont cry, i wont hurt you anymore.
he started to slowly make his move in and out of her, and amy moaned, wich made sonic smiled. after about 3 hours of love, sex, and passion, everyone else came home. knux and rouge went upstairs and were about to enter amys room butt... * moan*
"what was that rouge?..."
"shhhh...we dont wanna know..."