Beauty and The Beast


Sasuke is a spoiled Prince who has been cursed by an enchantress. Naruto is a stable boy who is madly in love with Sasuke but is too shy to tell him. When an annoying village girl, Sakura, comes to the castle Naruto decides to help his master any way he can; even if it means letting the annoying and selfish girl have him. But Sasuke doesn't want her, Sasuke wants him.

Chapter 1-

Sakura smiled to herself as she stepped out of her two story hut and into the fresh air. She stretched her arms over her head before she walked down the walk way that lead to the gate leading out of her yard towards her village. Once she got to the village she walked into a flower shop, "Good morning Sakura!" Her best friend called holding a bundle of white lilies.

"Good morning Ino." Sakura said skipping up to the girl and grabbed her arm almost making her drop the lilies. "Come on Ino, I want to go get a new dress, papa gave me my allowance this morning."

"Hold on Sakura, Naruto is about get here!" Ino cried as Sakura pulled her arm making her drop the lilies, this made Sakura stop and turned to look at Ino.

"Who is Naruto? Is he your boyfriend?" Sakura asked smirking.

"No." Ino said pulling her arm free from Sakura's grip and bent to pick up the fallen lilies, "Naruto is a servant of the Prince, and he comes to town once a month to get food and other things for the Prince." she said with hearts in her eyes as she thought of the mysterious Prince that locked himself away in his castle five years ago.

"What! Does that mean that the two of them are close?" Sakura asked and Ino gave her a look that read 'Are you that stupid?'

"Sakura, what part does 'Naruto is a servant of the Prince' not make sense to you? Naruto is a servant and the Prince is, well, a Prince. Those two will can and will never be close to each other." Ino said slowly like she was explaining something to a little kid, but Sakura ignored her too deep into her own little world to actually hear her.

"If those two are close then if I get close to this Naruto then he can introduce me to the Prince. And once the Prince sees me he will fall madly in love with me and take me as his queen!" Sakura squealed.

"What fantasy world do you live in? This is not Disney, the Prince will not magically fall in love with you." Ino muttered as a young 19 year old boy opened the door to the flower shop only to find the two girls blocking the way.

"Excuse me." Naruto said gaining both girls' attention.

"Oh! Naruto, are you here for the Prince's roses?" Ino asked.

"Yes, and please hurry, I'm late as it is already." Naruto said and Ino ran to get the roses ready. Sakura took this chance to look over the boy, he was wearing an oversize dark gray cloak the pooled around his feet and had the hood up. All that she could see of his was that he had the brightest sky blue eyes that she had ever seen, he had three whisker like scars on each of his cheeks giving his cute, baby like face a cute fox like appearance. Sakura instantly hated him for being too cute, once she was queen she was going to get rid of this boy, she did not want her Prince to fall for his cute charms. But for now she would tolerate him, after all she did need him to get close to the Prince. As if hearing her thoughts, Naruto turned his eyes to look straight into hers, Sakura gulped as she saw that his pupils were a little slanted and fox like.

"Uh, um, hi. I'm S-Sakura." She said and began to get nervous at his intense stare. Naruto looked her up and down as if judging her. "It's rude to stare!" She said annoyed.

"Hn." Naruto looked her in the eyes again make her straighten up her back a little, "I was only returning the favor."

"Here you go." Ino said returning with a bundle of different roses, "Sorry it took so long, I was trying to hurry while getting all the roses you always get. Now, that will be $50." Naruto took out a frog wallet from the basket he had hidden in his oversize cloak. He paid Ino the money before gently placing the roses in the basket then quickly covered it back up with his oversized cloak.

"Good day ladies." Naruto said with a small bow then left the store as quickly as he could. Sakura went to follow him but was stopped by Ino.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked annoyed at the girl.

"I'm stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life." Ino whispered.

"What?" Sakura asked. Ino glanced around them to make sure that no one else was around, she had been told by her parent to keep this a secret, but her best friend needed to hear this before she made the same mistake that the other girls had done.

"Many other girls from the village have tried to follow Naruto back to the castle, but they have always been drug back by either Naruto or the wolves that live in the forest that surround the castle. All the girls have claimed that the Prince is an evil beast that tried to kill them, and if it wasn't for Naruto they would have been dead. They then begged the major to go to the castle and save Naruto before the Prince kills him." Ino whispered and Sakura looked at her like she was crazy, "That is also why I know that Naruto and the Prince are not close, if the Prince is willing to kill Naruto then they are not close."

"The girls only said that because it is obvious that they were not meant to be with the Prince if they could ever see him as an evil beast." Sakura said.

"And what, you are meant to be with the Prince?" Ino asked.

"Of course I am." Sakura said then turned to try and find Naruto but he was long gone.


Naruto sighed happily as he stepped into the carriage, "Lets go home." He said shutting the carriage door. He felt the carriage get up and move, he closed his eyes sad that the horses he had once taken care of had all been turned into carriages by the curse. So now that he had no horses to take care of Prince Sasuke had allowed him to stay in his room so that he could take care of him. As soon as Naruto saw the beautiful trees of the forest that he had to pass through to get to the village turn into the black gnarly trees of the cursed forest that surrounded the castle he took off the hood of his cloak to reveal his cute sun golden fox ears that matched his sun golden hair. He sighed and leaned back into the seat watching the scenery fly by. Soon they had made it to the gate of the castle, the gate squeaked opened and Naruto caught a glimpse of the wolves that were once the guards of the castle. Naruto smiled at them and shook his head telling them no one was with him this time, they nodded and hid in the shadows once again. The carriage stopped in front of the main doors of the castle and let Naruto out, Naruto petted the carriage in thanks before going inside. As soon as he took one step into the castle he saw a small clock, a lantern, and a tea pot rush up to him.

"What took you so long Naruto?" The clock asked.

"I'm sorry Iruka, there were more people there today." Naruto said setting the basket down and took off his cloak. He handed the cloak to a coat rack who took it and walked off.

"The master is waiting for you brat." The tea pot said.

"Tsunade, Naruto is not a brat!" Iruka cried, but everyone ignored him since he always said that.

"He is?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, he is up in y'all's room having a huge tantrum because you are late. You might want to go up there and stop him before he breaks everything again. You know, he is being a big baby, you aren't even ten minutes late and he is throwing a tantrum." the lantern said.

"Kakashi!" Iruka gasped, "How could you say that about our master?" Naruto didn't hear Kakashi's response because he was running up the stairs towards the west wing, the Prince's wing. He was halfway to the room when he heard a loud roar and something breaking, Naruto sped up. He threw opened the door to the room and saw a beast with black fur, sharp claw, long sharp fangs, black horns, and a tail standing in the room that was torn to pieces. As soon as the beast heard the door slam open he turned his angry red eyes towards the door.

"What the hell took you so long!" the beast roared. Naruto quickly took five steps towards the beast and gently wrapped his arms around the beast's neck and pulled him down so that the beast's head was nestled into the crook of his shoulder.

"Shh, my Prince, shh. I'm here now." Naruto whispered soothingly into the Prince's ear, he felt the Prince wrap his arms around his waist. Naruto wasn't shocked or scared when this happened, he was used to it, this always happened when he came back from the village late.

"You are never allowed to go back there." The Prince said nuzzling his nose into the crook of Naruto's shoulder his tail coming to wrap around Naruto's waist pulling him closer. Naruto rolled his eyes, Sasuke always said that but in the end always allowed Naruto to go back since he was the only one who could go into the village and not cause a riot.

"Come, let us get you into a nice warm bath and I will clean this up. And after wards we will then go to the library and read something while Chouji cooks us up something to eat." Naruto said and began to move away from the Prince, but the Prince growled and pulled him back. "Sasuke, let me go, I needed to draw you a bath."

"No." Sasuke said stubbornly, Naruto looked into Sasuke's now black eyes.

"Yes." Naruto said and Sasuke narrowed his eyes at him.

"No." Sasuke growled. Suddenly Naruto brought his hand up to Sasuke's nose, and before Sasuke could stop him Naruto flicked him on the nose. Sasuke yelped and let go of Naruto to cover his now hurting nose, Naruto used his distraction to turn and head for the Prince's bathroom, but before he got very far he felt a tug on his tail. He looked over his shoulder to see that Sasuke had wrapped his tail around his. Naruto looked up at Sasuke's face to see he had the sad, kicked puppy look that tugged at Naruto's heart. Naruto smiled a gentle, loving smile and held out his hand for Sasuke to take.

"Come on then." Naruto said, Sasuke smirked and took Naruto's hand and let the younger male lead him into the bathroom. When they got to the bathroom, Naruto lead them to a huge bath tub and had to drop Sasuke's hand to fill the tub. Not liking that, Sasuke wrapped his tail around Naruto's waist again, Naruto didn't even react since he was so used to it. After the tub was filled, Naruto stood up and turned towards Sasuke and began to unclasp Sasuke's cape-like cloak. He folded it neatly and sat it aside, then he unbuttoned and unzipped Sasuke's pants. He pulled then down and found himself face to face with Sasuke's huge erection and blushed. He quickly stood up folding the pants and was about to help Sasuke into the tube.

"Naruto." Sasuke moaned, "Please." Naruto knew what the Prince wanted and got back onto his knees and gently took Sasuke's erection into his hands with a deep blush. No matter how many times Naruto did this for Sasuke he could never get used to it, this was something that should only happy between lovers, but Naruto wasn't Sasuke's lover he was just his servant. "Naruto." Sasuke moaned again and ran a hand through Naruto's soft golden hair. Naruto looked up at Sasuke and opened his mouth to let his tongue lick the tip. "Ngh." Sasuke moaned, his legs giving out on him causing him to fall onto his ass, yanking his erection from Naruto.

"My Prince!" Naruto cried out in worry, that had never happened before, Naruto crawled over to Sasuke and sat in between his legs.

"I can't take it any more." Sasuke growled.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked and before he could react Sasuke ripped Naruto's clothes off. "S-Sasuke?" Naruto squeaked before Sasuke slammed his mouth onto Naruto's shutting him up. Naruto hesitantly kissed back shutting his eyes blushing, this was Naruto's first kiss.

"Naruto." Sasuke moaned when he pulled back from the kiss, he let his hands run over the beautiful skin that belonged to Naruto.

"S-Sasuke?" Naruto asked trying not to moan, this was so wrong, but it felt so right.

"Shh Naruto, I'll make you feel real good." Sasuke purred into Naruto's ear. Naruto remembered Sasuke saying that to some of the maids when they were human. Naruto didn't want to be another notch on Sasuke's belt, if he was going to do this with Sasuke then he wanted it to be because the Prince loved him, not because the Prince needed a good fuck. Naruto pushed Sasuke away and ran from the bathroom.

Sasuke groaned and fell onto his back, he wished he knew what his little fox was thinking. Did his fox love him or did he not? There would be times where it seemed that Naruto was madly in love with him, like when they would cuddle in bed at night, and then there were times where it would seem that he didn't have any feeling for him at all, like just now or when ever he tried to show his love for the fox. Yes, Sasuke was in love with Naruto, but he wasn't going to tell the boy until he was absolutely sure that the boy was in love with him.

Sasuke sat up and glared at his erection bringing him back to what just happened. He knew that the boy thought that he was going to just fuck, that wasn't true. He had planed to just give Naruto a hand job to pay him back for all the times he had given him so many hand jobs and blow jobs. Yes, he knew that Naruto knew that he had had sex when he was still human, but that was when he had been a hormonal 16 year old boy, now he was a 21 year old man/beast. Yes, he still got horny, but that was when Naruto did something sexy, he couldn't help it he was a man after all, and the boy was fucking hot! But Sasuke wasn't just going to fuck him like he did with those whore of a maids, no, he was was going to wait until he knew Naruto loved him and then woo him. And then when Naruto was ready, that was when he would finally claim him as his.

Sasuke sighed then stood up and got into the tub. It was best to get this bath over with, he hopped that as he bathed Naruto would calm down enough to let Sasuke comfort him. He really did love Naruto and didn't want to frighten him away.