The school year had been so short. From Edd's point of view at least, his 2 best friends had complained that it had been way to long for their liking but for Edd it had been a wonderful time of learning, pranking, and scamming.

But it would all be over soon. He knew it in the back of his mind whenever a day went by or some momentous event happened. There was always some nagging feeling that he should cherish it before it all went away, and today was that day. Edd was sitting by his 2 best friends Eddy and Ed, the ones who he had spent his entire childhood with and would continue to go on with for as long as it took because now that high school would start tomorrow, he knew he would lose a lot of friends and time with them, but he refused to lose these 2 people.

"Dang, why does summer always go by so fast," Eddy complained, even though they had done every kind of scam known to man.

Ed looked a bit gloom. "Yaaa it's not fair,"

Of course Edd had to be the voice of reason, he stood up putting an arm around each of his friends "Gentlemen I think we've had a very industrious summer," He pat them on the shoulders to emphasize his statement, and to partly get Ed's attention he was looking at a butterfly.

"Ya well this is still stupid," Eddy grunted, standing up and shaking Ed's arm off "school still sucks, even if we did have a good summer it aint gunna make up for school."

Ed tackled Eddy, sending them both flying away from the hill of garbage they were previously sitting on. "It has to Eddy!" Ed whined, his eyes watering as Eddy flailed under him. "I don't want to forget the summer!"

"Get off me Ed!"

"Eddy I don't wanna cry!"

"Then don't cry stupid!"

Edd rolled his eyes at his friend's antics, both which seemed funny and just weird at the same time. He decided that once again he would have to break this one up.

"Eddy, Ed," He called, calmly getting their attention. "Instead of fighting each other, why not just sit back and relax, we've barely done that this summer." He got a grunt from Eddy, who squeezed himself from underneath Ed, and a sad look from Ed who still didn't want summer to end.

"Come on lumpy, for once Sockheads right we haven't relaxed in a while,"

That comment momentarily stunned Edd. He still wasn't used to Eddy maturing. Sometimes it just shocked him to see Eddy agree with him at some points, or to help him with a scam, it was just native to him. But he didn't voice that as Eddy and Ed sat back down next to him on the hill, staring at the setting sun and thinking about the future that was sure to be hard, but Edd knew it would be well worth it because he would be living that future with his best friends.

He just knew it.


Eddy dramatically slammed his hand down on his digital alarm clock that for some reason rang instead of beeped. At first he shut his eyes again and tried to drift back to sleep, but then he remembered what day it was and groaned.

First day of being a freshman.

He knew what that meant. His brother had told him a long time ago what happened to freshmen, they were bullied pranked on, beaten up even, just so the older kids could feel better. Sure he'd do the same thing in his position, but getting dunked in a toilet looks a lot different when you're the one dunking. These thoughts haunted him as he walked down the hallway to the bathroom. He smiled, the hallway always looked weird ever since he had gotten too big for his old room and now had his brother's.

"EDDY IM MAKING BREKFEAST!" His mom's shrill voice stole his smile away but it returned when he looked in the mirror.

He had gotten taller during the summer going from 4 foot 11 to a whopping 5 foot 10. No longer was he the smallest Ed. That was all Double D now and he never let him forget it. He flexed shirtless in-front of the mirror, he had also toned out too, his chubby look had now gone into a lean toned teenager.

Eddy stepped into his shower after he had stripped his clothes off, enjoying the hot water wash over him and warm his body. He poured the shampoo in his jet black hair, running his hand through the somewhat spiky hair that had matted itself down over the summer and almost gave him bangs yet still had a certain spikiness to it.

He walked to his closet which held many different kinds of clothing. He put on blue baggy jeans and a white long sleeve shirt, lastly came a blue short sleeved shirt that had a red stripe going down it like his old shirt had. Looking back in the mirror he smiled at himself.

Yup he defiantly had changed, and it was all for the better.


Edd was already up and ready by the time his clock had started its alarm. The only reason he had stayed in his bed was because of a force of habit that he had. He quickly got up and pressed a button on his controller that he kept by his bed, and the robotic arms buzzed to life creaking and cracking as they moved around the room.

He had installed them during the summer to help him shave a total of 10 minutes off his usual time. Edd ran into his restroom, neatly folding his clothes before he walked in the shower, letting the robot arm turn it on, another brush his teeth, while the next one washed him with soap. When he was finished he put his hat on his raven black hair, which fit perfectly around his head. The feeling made him sigh. His hats had tightened during the summer and now since the company he bought them from didn't sell them any longer he would have to find a replacement for his hats soon.

He sighed again his bodily changes were really starting to become a detrimental part of his life.


Ed broke yet another siren clock as he woke up. Cracking his back and grunting when he rolled off his bed and onto the cold floor, at first he was stunned, but then he shot up and threw his covers off of him.

"C-c-cold," He breathed, shivering slightly.

He managed to get to the restroom and jump into the bathtub turning on the water and letting it hit him, still dressed in his underwear and wife beater. The warm water sprayed over his shaggy orange hair. He had gone in the shower only for the warmth, because what else could showers be used for? He finished, throwing his wet clothes in the shower for his mom to get and putting on his own clothes a white t-shirt with a brown jacket and brown cargo pants. He had to get rid of all his old clothes because he had outgrown them all, and by outgrown he meant they looked like baby clothes. He was 6 foot and everything had to go including the green coat that he had loved so much.

He walked over to the mirror checking himself. He still had that lean side to him but he had gotten wider and defiantly looked stronger and bigger. It didn't really matter to him how he changed, he was still the lovable oaf everyone had come to love after the whole Eddy big brother adventure, the kids still liked hanging out with them all. That's why he would miss the summer, because it was the first where everyone was happy and hung out together.

He almost cried as he walked away from the mirror, into the living room.

The bus stop on the sidewalk that had waited the 3 best friends was quiet. Dented, scarred, and places where the cement was removed where signs that they had been there at one point, but no longer would they wait there. The 3 boys walked past it un-knowingly pushing past their childhood memories of the place.

Eddy walked with forced pride in his steps, getting ready to walk in Peach creek high school like he literally owned the place, while Ed walked cautiously, each step scaring him more and more. The bus stop was farther, and he dreaded every extra step. Edd on the other hand was actually somewhat excited about school, after learning so much during the school year and in the summer he would just be re taught everything he had taught himself.

They waited by the bus stop, or the 'new weird looking bus stop' by what Ed called it. Eddy was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and Ed was crying his out. Double D had decided to calm Ed down because he knew Eddy wasn't so good at that (judging by past events in life).

Eddy sat down on the ground. "Wow, this is sad I'm waiting for a bus to take me away to a place I don't even want to go to," He raised his hands in the air to emphasize his statement "school! who configured them!"

Edd sat down by Ed and pat him on the back. "Well actually Eddy if you think about it school started whe-MPHL." Edd was cut off by a giant lovable oaf hugging him.

He hugged tighter, suffocating poor Edd. "Say it aint so!" He cried, hugging impossible harder.

Edd finally managed to squeeze his head out of his grasp. "ED! Personal space next time please," He gasped rubbing his face, hoping the smell would rub off as well.

Ed whimpered, staring at his friend with sadness that broke his heart. Edd grabbed Ed and pulled him closer patting his back again. "It's ok Ed everything will be alright, you'll like school," while comforting him Edd looked over at Eddy he had been to quiet.

What he saw surprised him. Eddy was in deep thought staring at a part in the ground and tapping his finger on the cement. Without stopping his patting Edd called out to Eddy softly, trying to get his attention.

"What do you want," Eddy snapped, quickly glaring at him. "I was thinking of something important here."

"That's what worried me," Edd smiled.

"Ha-ha-ha who made you Mr. Comedian?"

Double-D looked back at Ed before he spoke again. "What were you thinking about Eddy?"

"Stuff," Eddy whispered, looking in the opposite direction.

Edd smiled, this was a first. Eddy being worried didn't happen a lot, especially when it came to something so trivial as school. Then again he knew that he had learned a lot more than the 2 people at his sides and he was coming in confident, while these two were probably a little anxious and stressed. Maybe that's why they were acting weird today. Before he could finish thinking Eddy slapped his back.

"Stop thinking so much," He smirked, some kind of glint in his eyes that even gave Edd hope. "We'll be fine, I don't know how we'll do it, but it'll get done somehow." his smirk never wavered and Edd knew he was telling the truth.

"It's fine. I know you 2 will get through school all right, but that's because I'll be tutoring you guys for the rest of the high school years," it was Edd's turn to smirk now, he had been waiting for the right moment to spring this on them, and he guessed that this would be that moment.

Both Eddy and Edd looked at him surprised by his comment. Sure he had somewhat helped them last year but now he was really committed to it, he wanted them to learn and get out of school with good grades. Apart of him knew it was also a little selfish, he just wanted them to get good grades so they could go to the same classes but it was a win win situation for them all.

"Well it'll be easy since we're all in honor's," Eddy's smile widened, somehow Ed and Eddy had gotten in honors and he was still ecstatic about it "well except for math at least cause your too smart for our math." it was true Edd had gotten into a higher math and would be away for one of the classes it was 5/6 which was still good.

"It'll be easy!" Eddy voiced, putting his hands behind his head and leaning back on the sidewalk. "With your brain, Ed's brawn, and my overall awesome leadership we'll pass this year with flying colors."

Ed, for once in a long time smiled "Really Eddy do ya really think so?"

"Course I do lumpy, as long as it's us 3 there's no limit to what we can do."

It was with that uplifting comment that the other kids started to show up at the bus stop, each looking tired and for some mad. Everyone talked like they had in the summer, and it was like there was no school at all, everyone was just happy to see each other and be able to tell their own cool little stories. Edd noticed that both Eddy and Ed seemed very happy to talk to everyone, and Edd was just as happy if not more so, because now he had something else besides brain coming in to high school. As the bus approached and stopped in-front of them he knew he would be fine, like he had known this whole time, because all of his friends would be coming with him, and that made it all the better.

He just knew it.