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Sam stood there helplessly, knowing he couldn't do anything about it as Brody confidently crossed the room without glancing in his direction and pulled Katherine into a kiss, pressing his lips hard onto her mouth. Sam closed his eyes and turned away, the sight was unbearable.

Katherine's eyes widened when she felt the unfamiliar man's lips on hers, a surprised noise escaped her involuntarily. She winced when a sharp pain shot through her ribs. Putting both hands onto his shoulders, Katherine gave him a firm shove. "Ouch, stop it!"

Brody sat down on the edge of the bed and chuckled as she grimaced, rubbing her side. "Sorry, Kitty-Cat. Still a little sore?"

She looked at him suspiciously and raised an eyebrow. That guy was... a jerk, putting it mildly. She flinched when it hit her, and she realized who he was.

This is my fiancé? Why on earth would I get engaged to someone like that?

"Don't call me that." Katherine said sternly, trying not to overreact and stay calm. After all, the man had come to visit her. But she couldn't help but glare at him when he grinned at her, obviously amused by her reaction. "I always called you that, babe. Don't you remember?"

"There are a lot of things I'd like to remember. I may not have my memory back yet, but I know for sure that I don't wanna be called Kitty-Cat, alright?"

She was upset, Sam could tell. It didn't happen very often, but when someone was cornering her in and pressuring her like Brody was doing right now, she had the habit of distancing herself instantly.

Brody seemed oblivious to her cold tone though. Alarmed, Sam took a step closer, ready to kick him out. He felt the urge to protect her, but then remembered he no longer had the right to, and he hesitated. Thankfully, Katherine seemed to be capable of handling the situation just fine.

"So, I take it, you're my fiancé?" It was hard for her to get the words out, Sam heard the disbelief in her voice and saw how she tensed at the thought.

Yeah, that's exactly what everyone's thinking, Katherine. What do you see in the guy? Sam sighed, cursing inwardly. He was jealous. He didn't want his girl to be with that guy. Brody was sitting way to close to her and Sam wished he were allowed to do something about it.

Brody placed a hand on Katherine's thigh, smiling at her. "Yep, that's me. I know you don't remember me, but once you're out of here and back at home with me, I'll take you to the bedroom and glady refresh your memory. Over and over again."

His eyes wandered slowly down her body that was covered by the hospital gown and the blanket. That was the last straw. Sam couldn't take it any longer, he snapped.

"You know, Katherine's still in a lot of pain. The accident was severe, she has a few broken ribs and suffered from a bunch of different other injuries. Her body is covered in bruises. So you might consider giving her some time to heal before you start... pounding the memory back into her." His voice was thick with jealousy and anger, but he managed to keep himself under control.

Katherine quickly looked over at Sam and when she saw the worry, hurt and anger in his eyes, she blushed. It was embarrassing that he was witnessing all this.

Brody turned to him, as if he had just noticed his presence. He shot him a dirty look, not happy at all about this unexpected rival. "What are you still doing here, Winchester?"

"Hey!" Katherine exclaimed angrily, his behaviour was despicable. "Sam's my friend!"

"Oh, please. You don't even know him, babe." Brody said indignantly.

Katherine looked at him agape, shocked how insensitive he was. The whole situation was awkward and tense, so she had figured he was just a little nervous when he had walked in and saw Sam there. Now he was simply rude though.

"I don't know you, either." She said calmly, gripping the blanket tight when her hands started to shake. She was fighting the tears. "At the moment, everyone's a stranger to me."

Katherine looked up, her eyes locked with Sam's and the vulnerability he saw there made his heart ache. She seemed so lost.

"I'm sorry, Kitty." Brody started again, interrupting their moment and Katherine reluctantly broke the eye contact with Sam and turned her gaze on him.

"I didn't mean it. I love you, baby."

Sam gritted his teeth, hearing Brody say those words to her. Katherine looked down onto the blanket and then hesitantly glanced at Sam and he understood.

"We're all here for you, you're not alone, Kathy." Sam smiled at her and stepped to the bed, so she could finally reach him. Katherine lifted her hand and took his hand in hers, surprising him. A pleasant warmth spread through him at the contact, making him smile even brighter. The last time he had held her hand was when she had been still asleep.

"We'll get through this together, promise." He added and Katherine totally forgot Brody was still in the room.

"I'm a little tired, this is all so... exhausting and confusing." She said hoarsely, squeezing his hand as if seeking some kind of comfort.

"Get some sleep, okay? " Katherine heard Sam say softly and her head shot up as she realized he was about to leave her. "No, Sam don't go." She panicked and tightened her hold on his hand.

Sam smiled at her warmly, feeling joy spread through him at her words. She really wanted him to stay. "You need to rest, two visitors are too much for you at the moment. I have to go, my brother's waiting. Besides, I think your fiancé wants some alone time with you." He added, looking over at Brody and he glared back at him, obviously dying to kill him.

"Oh, okay..." She whispered.

"I'll come back tomorrow if you want me to." Sam offered and she smiled wearily at him. "I'd love that... come here."

Katherine tugged at his hand to pull him closer and Sam had no other choice; leaning down he wrapped his arms carefully around her tiny bruised frame and hugged her. He allowed himself to close his eyes for a moment and revel in the feeling of having her back in his arms, smell her familiar scent. As he pulled away, he couldn't help it.

His lips brushed her cheek in a feathery kiss and Katherine felt her heart pick up pace at the warmth of his lips sending a little shock of electricity through her. She smiled brightly at him when he straightened up and Sam swallowed hard, his heart clenching in his chest.

"Thanks, Sammy." She said quietly and he nodded before turning around and leaving the room. When the door closed behind him Katherine continued to stare at it, not able to believe that he had left.

"Finally." Brody breathed out in relief, his voice pulling her violently back into reality. "Now that we're alone, I can kiss my hot, sexy girl."

Katherine chuckled nervously, feeling incredibly vulnerable for some reason. When he leaned in closer, she quickly put her hands on his arms and turned her head away.

"What?" Brody asked alarmed, trying to be patient. "What is, sweetheart?"

"I'm sorry, it's just... this is weird for me. I can't do these things with you..." She licked her dry lips, looking at him apologetically. "You're still a stranger to me, I'm not ready for - "

"You hugged Sam." Brody interrupted her, jumping up and taking a few steps through the room. Katherine ignored the venom in his tone, telling herself he was just hurt.

"That's different. He visited me yesterday and we talked a little today, but you... I've never even seen you before..." Katherine tried to explain helplessly. "I can hug you, if you want... all I'm asking for is not to pressure me. I need time."

Brody stood in the middle of the room, staring off into distance. "You're right. I'm sorry, Kitty." He sighed and then smiled at her. "I guess this is going to be a lot harder than I'd expected. But I'm here for you, babe. The most important thing right now is for you to get better, Kitty-Cat."

Katherine nodded, looking intently at him as she thought about his words. She couldn't figure him out. She felt no connection to that man whatsoever. Something didn't seem right here. She had this weird feeling that she couldn't shake. Katherine sighed, tiredness creeping up on her and she leaned back against the pillows.

But then another thought hit her and she sat up again. "Hey... fiancé?"

"Yeah?" Brody turned to her with a smile full of expectation.

"What's your name?"

Sam returned to the motel and walked through the door into their room, finding Dean sitting at the table with a beer and watching anime porn on the laptop.

"Hey, how did it go?" His brother asked, looking up at him. Hearing the moans, Sam squeezed his eyes shut and grimaced. "Dude, turn that off."

Dean rolled his eyes, but did as he was told and closed the laptop. "How the hell was I supposed to know you'd be back so soon." He grumbled.

Sam flopped down on the bed with a sigh. "It was good, we talked... she's a little worried she won't get her memory back, you know... but then her fiancé showed up."

Dean almost choked on his beer. "Her what?"

It was silent for a few moments. Sam stared up at the ceiling, recalling the events from the morning.

"I'm sorry, Sammy." Dean whispered, looking over at his little brother.

Sam sat up, so he could look at Dean, and leaned against the pillows. "It's okay. Of course, I was surprised at first, but now... the fact that Katherine's going to get married is the least of my problems at the moment. I just want her to remember everything..."

Dean nodded and got up, walking over to the fridge and taking out two bottles of beer. "You still wanna stay?" He asked, handing Sam one beer and taking his seat at the table again.

"Yeah, Kathy wants me to come back tomorrow." Sam said, opening the beer bottle and taking a sip. "You still cool about staying?"

Dean shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, sure."

Sam smiled, knowing his brother was already bored stiff. "We can look for a case nearby if you want. I won't be at the hospital the whole time anyway, I just wanna be there for her."

"Okay, sounds good." Dean agreed.

"You know, he's a douche... her fiancé." Sam suddenly said.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Sammy..."

"What?" Sam asked and then huffed when he saw the look on his face. "It's not that I'm jealous... he really is a jerk. He got pissed when the doctor told him about Kathy's memory loss and attacked the poor guy."

"Who is he anyway?" Dean asked.

"Dunno. Never met him before... Brody... Brody Jackson."

"Huh." Dean said, frowning. "I'm not sure, but the name sounds familiar... I think I've heard it before."

"What, you think you might know him?" Sam said doubtfully and then added, "The whole situation just doesn't make sense, Dean. Kathy's friend Rachel says she's changed completely. Kathy's been dating the guy for not even a year now and then suddenly got engaged and shortly after she gets in a car accident... Rachel is worried sick and thinks someone's trying to get rid of Katherine."

Dean heard the concern in his brother's voice and frowned, thinking about his words. He tried to calm him down, though he could practically smell that something was off. "Coincidence?"

"I highly doubt that." Sam replied. "You and I both know that this is too weird. No way in hell was that car accident an accident."

"I agree." Dean gave in and sighed. He looked down at his beer bottle, avoiding eye contact with Sam.

"So, Rachel, huh?" He tried to sound nonchalantly, but Sam noticed how curious he was. He always had had the feeling that something had happened between his brother and Katherine's friend Rachel at some point back then. He wasn't sure whether they had only made out at the bar that one night or went all the way and had had hot Impala-sex.

"Yeah, she's at the hospital every day to help and support Kathy." Sam replied, watching his brother's reaction. "Wanna go see her?"

"What? No, no." Dean almost jumped at the question. "She wouldn't be too happy about seeing me anyway."

Sam smiled, amused at how uncomfortabe his brother was. "Dean, I think we just found our new case..."

"Find out what the fuck exactly happened and who would want your girlfriend out of the way." Dean stated, ending the sentence for his brother.

"Dean, she's not my..." Sam started to argue, but couldn't get the words out. It hurt too much. His brother wasn't listening anyway.

"This is really bugging me, I've heard the name somewhere before... Brody Jackson, Brody Jackson..." Dean mumbled, deep in thought. He got up and started pacing the room.

Sam sat his bottle down onto the nightstand and rolled over onto his side with a heavy sigh, feeling suddenly indescribably tired. The turmoil of emotions he had had to endure since coming back to town and seeing Katherine again was finally taking its toll. He closed his eyes and forced himself to get some sleep, trying to get rid of the hurt, jealousy and concern torturing him at the moment.

Katherine was looking out the window, deep in thought as she thought about her situation. As hard as she tried, she couldn't remember anything... her life was not her life anymore. She had a fiancé and good friends it seemed, who genuinely cared for her. But she didn't know them, they were all strangers to her. She wasn't even sure whether she knew herself. Could someone truly know what they liked and hated if they didn't have a life, if their life had been brutally torn away from them?

Katherine had to start from scratch, gathering all the details piece by piece to hopefully be able to find her past. They had told her she had been in a car accident... and she didn't even know what car she drove and where she had been going to that day. For some reason the thought made her let out a bitter laugh.

"Who am I?" She whispered aloud, staring at her faint reflection in the window, and then sighed heavily. She had so many questions. A part of her wanted to know everything and the other part was indescribably scared of finding something out about herself, something ugly and horrible. What if she had some kind of dark secrets buried deep inside her?

The door to her room opened and pulled her out of her thoughts.

"Hey, Kath - what the hell are doing up?" Rachel exclaimed as soon as she saw her standing by the window, so pale and small. "Get back in that bed right now."

Katherine smiled wearily at her friend's bossy tone. "Stop smothering me, Rachel. I've been lying in this freakin' bed for days now, my whole body is numb and I needed to stretch my legs. I'm fine, really."

Rachel didn't listen to her though, storming through the room she gently laid a hand on Katherine's back to guide her back to the bed. Katherine didn't protest. Gritting her teeth, she slowly moved over to the bed. Walking was still a little painful and when she sat down, she couldn't suppress a groan as a bolt of pain shot through her slowly healing ribs.

"Son of a bitch." She mumbled quietly and grimaced as she tried to scoot back and find a better position on the bed.

Rachel couldn't help, but smile as her words reminded her of a certain someone. She knew Sam's brother was here with him and staying at the motel... Her heart started to beat rapidly at the thought of Dean. If she wanted to, she could easily go and see him again... no, she had to stop considering to visit him. So far Rachel had successfully avoided thinking about Dean ever since the Winchesters were back in town.

"Kath, you need to take better care of yourself, you got hurt pretty bad and it'll take a while for all the injuries to heal." Rachel stated determinedly, shaking the thought of Dean from her mind and concentrating on her helpless friend instead. Katherine needed her now.

"It's getting better." Katherine reassured, hearing the concern in the young woman's voice she barely knew. "But it can't be that bad since my fiancé is already talking about having sex with me."

"What?" Rachel exclaimed. "He said that?"

She rolled her eyes when Katherine nodded. "It's okay. I guess he was nervous. It's not easy for all of us at the moment."

"Still... how can he... what a jerk!" Rachel vented, feeling anger rise inside her at the thought of Brody. Then she met Katherine's eyes and felt bad.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean... I shouldn't have - " She quickly started to apologize, but Katherine interrupted her. "It's okay, forget it."

Rachel's reaction made her wonder though. Her friend wasn't putting on a show for her, her behaviour and reactions were real. Katherine could tell Sam wasn't acting any differently because she had lost her memory, either. Though she didn't know them, she was sure if it. Both her friends seemed to be genuine. Her fiancé, however... At least she knew his name now, but other than that she was clueless. He didn't seem like the type she would usually go for and wondered what it was about him that had made her want to spend the rest of her life with him. Brody was kind of fake, but since she didn't know the people who were part of her life, she was willing to give him a chance.

"So, you don't like Brody, huh?" Katherine met Rachel's gaze, smiling softly at her. She was determined to get some information.

Rachel hesitantly looked at her, clutching her hands in her lap. "I don't think..."

"Please, you can tell me the truth. I wanna know." Katherine encouraged.

Rachel sighed. "I don't know him very well, but... okay, so honestly, I was surprised when you told me about the engagement, because it seemed so rushed. Nobody had expected it."

"Really?" Katherine raised an eyebrow, feeling her hands get sweaty in anticipation. "Can you tell me more about him? He wasn't very talkative earlier."

"Uhm, yeah... I guess, I don't really know that much about your relationship, but I can tell you what you told me back then..."

Katherine leaned against the pillows and listened to her friend. The more she learned about her relationship with the man who apparently was the love of her life the more she got confused. Nothing seemed to make sense.