Chapter 2

Ty's P.O.V

Ok fine go ahead. I said waiting for his explanation.

"Well master every few centuries the guardians of the land, sea, and sky recycle the earth by destroying the world. But they also don't want to destroy humanity. So they infuse elf and human DNA and combine It with magic and you get me! A magic servant elf to help you help humanity recover..

I was in shock. My heart just kept beating harder and harder.

"Wait so they just decide when the word ends. Just like that "I yelled

"Ya pretty much" he said happy and cheerful.

"Why are you so damn happy do you even care that the world is gona end!" I yelled

"No not really I'm just happy that I finally get to serve you. I've waited my entire life for this!" He said with a big grin

"Wait that's all you've been waiting for your entire life?"

"Ya I know everything about you! I know your an awesome dancer, you have a sister named rocky, your best friend is deuce, and your gay. That's how I knew how to do that to you master. He said happy

I blushed when he mentioned that.

"Wait you said your half elf?" I asked.

"Ya well in my world elves are inferior creatures. But seeing how their body's can contain large amounts of magic they were the ideal race to use. They also used human DNA so I can blend in better."

"Wait what's your word called" I asked

"Well it's more of a dimension. It's called Sovranc."

"Wait if they don't live here what gives them the right to destroy my word." I ask angrily

"Well they gave the earth its resource. So when ever humanity corrupts the earth's resource they recycle everything and replenish the earth." He explained.

"No this can't be! The world can't end!" I yelled on the verge of tears

"Master don't cry" he said like he wanted to cry

"Why do you look like you want to cry?"

"Well this spell makes me feel your emotions it's so overwhelming."

"So I have to save every one?" pulling back my tears

"Well those you can master you can't save every single person" he said happily again

"Ty! You home?"I hear rocky yell.

"Oh crap! Rocky's home crap what do I do how do I explain this?"

"Hey Ty wana go t- oh who's this?" rocky said as she walked in my room

"Um this is um uh maxxie! Ya maxxie he's my um my uh?"

"Oh he's your boyfriend?" rocky said

"What! Wait how did you know I was well you know….."

"Gay?" rocky said confused

"I don't like that word"

"Well I had a hunch and plus I read your journal" she said with a smirk


"Hello maxxie I'm rocky Ty's sister nice to meet you" she said while holding out her hand for him to shake

"Hello there rocky!" he said all cheery shaking her hand

"Well I'm going to Crusty's to met Cece and Deuce. You wana come with?" rocky asked him

"Um you have to ask Ty" he asked nervously

"Why? It's not like Ty's the boss of you"

"Well actually h-" he began

"r-rocky well be right there just give us a minute" I interrupted"

"Ok whatever. It was nice to meet you maxxie "she simply said and with that she left

"So master is maxxie my name?" he asked

"You mean you don't even have a name?"

"No elves don't get to choose their names there masters do" he said kinda sad

"Oh well if you like it then ya. But you don't have to call me master. Just call me Ty "I said

"NO! I can't its disrespectful! "he said

"It's fine" I chuckled

"Oh and by the way since rocky said you're my boyfriend you'll just have to play along. Is that ok?" I asked

"Whatever you want mast-I mean Ty wow that feels weird I'm yours to command." he said cheerful

"Since you can't go out looking like that here. Here some cloths you can have" I gave him a black and yellow plaid shirt. Some black skinny jeans and some. Black and white converse.

"Thanks Ty" he said. He took off the cloth I previously gave him and put on his new ones. "Ok let's go!" I said

Travel skip (on the way to Crusty's)

We were walking down the street to crustys in silence

"So why are elves slaves?" I asked to try and break the silence.

"Um I don't know but that's how it's always been. The humans on my world have always had elf servants. It's just the way it is. I look completely different from the pure elves though."

"How?" I asked

"Well there usually a lot taller and they have black eyes red hair and have either gold or bronze skin. Me? I only have the ears in common with them. But both elves and humans hated me for being born by magic instead of naturally. People always threw rocks and food at me. They also called me an abomination for being half and half. So I spent every day alone. But I always knew that I would get to met you and help you save your world so I always kept my head up high and waited for the day" Maxxie said with confidence.

"Wow so you've had a rough life because of my huh?" I said feeling guilty.

"No no Ty helping you save the world has always been my dream. And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here.

"But you said they do this every couple of centuries?"I said confused.

"Yes but as soon as I was created our magic bond was forged. My personality. My appearance all came for you. That's why I was kinda shocked you didn't recognize who I was, plus I thought the guardian would have given you a message about me."

"No but that explains that weird feeling I had when I found you in that abandoned lot. How'd you get here anyway and how'd you know how I looked liked?

"I was in an abandoned lot? I had no idea one minute I was falling asleep in my bed. Next thing I knew it I was in your bed. As to how I knew it was you. Well I guess I had that same weird feeling you had" he said with a smile.

As we approach the pizzeria I asked Maxxie one last question. As he puts his hand on the door Handel I asked.

"Maxxie do you know when the world supposed to end?"

He stopped moving and said facing the door

"Yes the date is set for December/21/2012"


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