AN: Before starting I should say that I know nothing about dance. I am a musician and I can play a few instruments really well but I can neither dance nor have I ever taken any dance classes so excuse me if I'm clueless about that.

This story is kind of inspired by tenimyu. I just find Tezuka dancing and singing extremely amusing for some reason because that would never happen in the anime. Maybe I'm just weird like that.

Tezuka just knew taking ballet was a bad idea. He'd been avoiding having to get his one credit of dance since freshman year in the hope that he could talk his way out of it, but to no avail. Perhaps the only good thing was that he wasn't in the silly beginner's class. No one even dared suggest that Tezuka Kunimitsu would go into any beginner class because Tezuka Kunimitsu was good at everything even things he'd never done before.

Still that didn't stop him from regretting not following his friends Kikumaru and Oishi when they signed up for the hip-hop class. Instead he had followed Atobe which was always a bad idea. At the time, the arrogant boy's persuasion had made complete sense. Those who did ballet were much more flexible than the people who took hip-hop classes. Yes, Atobe always managed to turn everything into something sexual.

Tezuka entered the classroom already regretting his decision. Atobe followed and immediately gestured to some girls that were warming up across the room. One dropped effortlessly into a split and leaned down to touch her nose to her leg. "See what I mean? Imagine what you could do with a girl like that"

Tezuka rolled his eyes and refrained from reminding his friend that he was gay and that not all people were willing to sleep with every student in the school, disregarding age, gender, attractiveness, or personality.

However, Atobe noticed his eye rolling and grinned. "I forgot, you're not into that", said the silver-haired boy calmly, "But I think that they might interest you", he gestured to two boy that were chatting nearby.

Tezuka's breath caught when he saw them. One, he recognized immediately. Yukimura Seiichi, the most attractive boy in the school. The pale boy had soft blue hair and a thin shapely body that would make anyone, even the boys that claimed to be straight, drool. He was wearing a shirt several sizes to big that came down to his knees. Tezuka vaguely wondered if the boy was wearing any shorts because all he could see under the shirt was pale shapely legs.

The other, Tezuka didn't recognize. It seemed impossible that he'd never seen the boy because he was downright beautiful. The boy's soft brown hair surrounded a perfect, kind face. His eyes were closed and a warm smile graced his perfect lips. To add to that, the boy was dressed very differently from Yukimura. He wore a very well-fitting shirt that outlined his lean muscles and very short shorts. There was very little left to the imagination.

Atobe swatted Tezuka annoyed that the stern boy was ignoring him. "You're drooling"

Tezuka blushed scarlet, but didn't hesitate to ask, "Who's the guy talking with Yukimura?"

Atobe pondered give the beautiful boy a critical look. "How should I know? If you want I could…"

Tezuka immediately said, "I do not want any of your meddling. Last time you tried to help me, I was injured so badly that I couldn't play for two months"

Atobe snorted but didn't disagree. "The first violin section sounded fine without you. Would you stop holding it over my head?"

Tezuka was about to send a particularly nasty comment back when he saw the beautiful boy stretching out of the corner of his eye. The boy pulled his leg up to his forehead in a way that made his lean muscles stretch so enticingly. The stoic boy felt his mouth drop open as he watched intently.

Atobe pulled him back into the present roughly by shaking him. "You are totally going to fail this class if you can't keep your eyes off other guy's asses for more than ten seconds."

Before Tezuka could reply, Yukimaru coughed politely and everyone fell silently in either awe or fear. The gentle boy spoke softly but firmly as he explained, "Most of you have probably heard that several of our dance instructors have become pregnant recently, and to make sure that classes can continue while they're on maternity leave, Fuji and I will be teaching this class."

The only part of the introduction, and the speech that followed, Tezuka heard was the name. Fuji. It fit the beautiful boy perfectly and Tezuka had no problem with referring to him as Fuji in his head. While Yukimura outline grueling, painful class plans, Tezkua snuck glances at Fuji.

Fuji's eyes were still closed and he didn't seem to be paying attention to the lecture that was going on as he bobbed his head in time to a song only he could hear. Tezuka let his eyes wander down to the boy's chest. He was definitely skinny, but the muscles in his chest stood out distractingly with the overly tight shirt. Tezuka didn't dare let his eye wander lower for fear that he might actually start drooling at those perfect legs.

Without warning, speech time was over and the others were all standing and moving around. Tezuka glanced at Atobe who said, "What would you do without me? We're about to start basic exercises. Just watch the others"

Tezuka nodded and found a spot near Atobe where he could watch plenty of others. He took a deep breath and told himself that there was nothing to worry about, dance would be easy.

One hour later, Tezuka realized just how wrong he was. He was sweating and in serious pain even though the others seemed to be almost bored with the class. Tezuka had spent the entire class stumbling around, a beat behind the others, attempting not to look like an idiot.

To add insult to injury, Atobe, who was barely short of breath, commented dryly, "You are the worst dancer I've ever seen. You look like an elephant trying to dance on a tightrope", when Tezuka glared at him, Atobe amended his statement, "Sorry, that was insulting… to tightrope walking elephants"

"You were hardly the pinnacle of grace", muttered Tezuka cleaning of his fogged up glasses.

"You must be joking", laughed Atobe, "I was able to do these simple moves effortlessly. I'm sure I'll be one of the best in the class when I actually learn the names of all these moves"

Tezuka groaned again. The moves just made it all worse. He could barely get his legs to form the positions, let alone remember what first position was. He hadn't even known that there was a first position in dance. He'd always assumed first position was only used in string orchestra. Speaking of orchestra, he was going to be late for Philharmonic Orchestra. It was unheard of for any concert master to be late whether it was the lowly string ensemble or the Philharmonic.

Their conductor, Ryuzaki, made no comment as Tezuka and Atobe ran into the practice in the middle of warm-up, but many of the players giggled, making stupid jokes. Tezuka ignored them as he tuned his violin silently, but Atobe reacted with equally stupid comebacks as he took his place as head of the trumpet section.

As Tezuka sat down, he stand partner said dryly, "Considering your disheveled appearance, your lateness, and the amount of sweat on your face, I'd say that there's a 69% chance that you have just had your first dance class."

Tezuka rolled his eyes at the tall boy asking sarcastically, "Only 69%? What's the other 31% percent?"

Inui grinned rather evilly saying, "There was also a 30% chance that you were having sex with Atobe"

Tezuka blushed darkly and was about to start chewing his stand partner out when Ryuzkai tapped her baton on the stand clearing her throat. They all snapped to attention as she began speaking, "Since this is the first day of a new semester, we have a few new members that just moved up from the Symphonic Orchestra. Echizen Ryoma's is our new first violin. Kamio Akira's is our newest percussionist, Akutagawa Jirou is our new trumpet. And Fuji Shusuke is our new violist"

Tezuka looked up at the last name and then immediately ducked when Fuji's gaze, or the direction his closed eyes seemed to be looking, passed over him. In a moment of true grace, Tezuka's head hit his stand and sent the stand and his music flying backwards and his glasses flying out of sight. The whole orchestra laughed as he rubbed his head ruefully. He snuck another glance at Fuji who was smiling quietly.

Inui said, "You seem 47% more jumpy than normal today."

"I don't know what you're talking about", replied Tezuka quietly as he bent to pick up the papers and searched desperately for his glasses. His face felt like it was glowing with heat as he returned to his seat. Inui was giving him an odd look, but he ignored it.

In a very kind move, Ryuzaki refrained from any jokes and immediately began practice. Tezuka made sure that he played every song perfectly just in case anyone suspected that something was wrong. Even so, his eyes kept wandering to the back of the viola section where Fuji played quietly with eyes opened wide for the first time. His eyes were bright blue and intense as he alternated between his music and watching the baton.

It wasn't until the end of practice that Tezuka realized that Fuji had practically had his music memorized on the first day of class. When Atobe walked up to him after class with the intention of mocking the stoic violinist, but Tezuka cut him off saying, "I think that Fuji might be a genius"

Ryuzaki overheard and asked, "How did you know? He's a musical prodigy, but I heard that he's only interested in dance. I was lucky to get him to agree to join orchestra"

"He wasn't in any groups before?" asked Atobe in surprise.

"No, but don't tell anyone", said the conductor happily, "I don't want people knowing that there's a way to just skip to the top"

They both agreed because she was right. Musicians always had to work their way up the groups no matter how good they were. No exceptions were made. Somehow that made Fuji seem even more alluring and beautiful to Tezuka.

AN: Fuji plays viola because all violist are awesome and viola is the best instrument ever (can you guess which instrument I play?). And I really like making Tezuka seem like a clumsy idiot because it's just so cute.