Tezuka was never one to be emotional or nervous. He'd always looked down on the people who would shake and jump up and down every time something important was about to happen, but today, he could see why they did it. He was going on a date with Fuji, and it was hard to repress his excitement. Oishi definitely noticed when Tezuka woke up with faint smile instead of his normal morning glare, but didn't comment.

During last night's dinner, Fuji had suggested meeting at ten, which gave Tezuka two painful hours to wait in excitement. He left to practice, but he was so distracted that even music couldn't calm him down.

At exactly ten, he walked onto the tennis court swinging his old racket nervously. The racket itself was old and was too small for Tezuka large hands, but it was still useable. He was barely there for a minute when Fuji strolled in not looking nervous at all. In fact, Fuji looked completely relaxed.

"You ready to play?" asked Fuji with a warm smile that made Tezuka's brain melt.

"You don't need to stretch?"

Fuji shrugged and stretched his arms, "Not really, I had dance earlier, so I'm already warmed up"

Tezuka nodded, tossing his racket between hands.

He couldn't decide which hand to use. He should use his stronger left hand, but what if Fuji wasn't that good at tennis. It wouldn't be sportsmanlike or friendly to show no mercy. On the other hand, Fuji could be really good and then Tezuka couldn't underestimate him. In the end, he decided to stick with his left, just in case.

"I'll serve first', said Fuji grabbing a tennis ball from the basket. Tezuka nodded and watched carefully as Fuji served.

The ball was almost too fast to be seen, and Tezuka let out a noise of surprise as Fuji declared happily, "15- Love"

The next serve was just as fast, but this time, Tezuka was ready for it. He lunged and sent it flying back. Fuji laughed softly and said, "I didn't expect that. You are good"

Tezuka nodded confidently as Fuji prepared to serve again. This time they volleyed for several minutes before Fuji spun the ball so that it vanished and reappeared behind Tezuka.

That's when Tezuka decided to get serious. He got so focused on the game that he didn't even pay attention to the score until Fuji sighed in defeat.

"6-Love. You win"

Fuji looked upset that he lost, saying, "I guess, I'm just really out of practice. Maybe if we'd played back when we were both on teams…"

Now that the adrenaline of the game was wearing off, Tezuka began to feel his muscles aching and the sweat beading on his forehead. Fuji was an unbelievable player, but Tezuka just happened to be better. The violinist hadn't been able to let his guard down for even a second during that game.

"You're really, really good", muttered Tezuka as encouragingly as he could. I bet if we played again, you'd win."

"Now you're just feeling sorry for me," snapped Fuji.

"No, I'm saying that I've never come so close to losing a game"

Fuji glanced at his watch and said, "I guess I can play one more match. But don't you dare go easy on me. I can't stand winning by default."

"Don't lose anything on purpose", replied Tezuka seriously.

Then the next match began. What felt like thirty minutes later, Tezuka realized they'd been playing for three hours and it was long past lunch time. They'd played three matches; all won by Tezuka, and Fuji was looking increasingly annoyed.

When the final game of the fourth match ended with Tezuka winning 6-4, Fuji seemed to give up completely. "I guess I'm just out classed," he said with a false smile.

Tezuka winced. He'd intended to get closer to Fuji not piss him off. The genius glanced at his watch and said, "Sorry, I have rehearsal in ten minutes, I have to run. I guess, I'll see you around"

As the dancer ran off, Tezuka sighed in agitation. Maybe it would have been easier to just let Fuji win instead of being so stubborn.

He walked slowly back to the dorm only to be interrupted by Atobe.

"What have you been doing?"

Tezuka replied shortly, "I was playing tennis. Excuse me I need to shower now"

Atobe grinned suggestively saying, "I was planning to shower too. Want to join me?"

"No", replied Tezuka quickly before beginning to walk away.

Atobe didn't take the hint and followed Tezuka through the hallways. "So, how's your date with Fuji go?"

"How did you know about that?"

"I have my ways", Atobe brushed off the comment easily.

"Well, it's none of your business", snapped the violinist.

Atobe chuckled knowingly. "Not good then. What did you do wrong?"

"I didn't do anything wrong. It just didn't go well. What do you want?"

"I told you. I want someone to shower with. It's been a while since I had a good fuck."

Tezuka arrived at his room and tried to shove the door in Atobe's face, but the boy stuck his foot in the door saying, "Don't be that way. And don't tell me that you've never considered it"

"I haven't considered it," lied Tezuka. He'd obviously considered sleeping with Atobe before. Everyone had, but actually going through with it was unthinkable.

"Then maybe you'd consider it now", suggested Atobe smoothly.

Tezuka rolled his eyes and opened the door wide enough to push Atobe back before slamming the door shut. He'd have to come out soon to shower, but Atobe didn't have the attention span to wait for very long.

Sure enough, less than a minute later, there were voices coming from the hallway and Atobe and the passing stranger walked away quickly. It seemed that Atobe found someone willing to sleep with him.

Tezuka quickly showered and returned to his room to do his homework.

After an hour or so of work, he drifted off to sleep, the tennis game taking its toll on him.

He was woken by the sounds of sirens screaming through the air. He rose and walked out of the door calmly. It wasn't the first time ambulances had been called that year. Usually it was some dancer that fell and injured themselves.

As he strolled onto the lawn of the school, Eiji ran up to him in saying, "Did you hear what happened?"

"No, did you?"

Eiji shook his head and looked around. Everyone around them seemed just as confused as they were as more students flocked to the sirens. It wasn't until Eiji swerved through the crowd and pulled out a dancer with short red hair that they found anyone who knew what happened.

Eiji asked, "What happened, Gaukto?"

The boy sighed and replied, "It was Fuji. Apparently he practiced too long because he fell during rehearsal"

"He just collapsed?" asked Tezuka nervously.

Gakuto shook his head and said, "No, he twisted his ankle, fell, and hit his head against the wall. But, he should be fine"

Tezuka and Eiji stared at the boy in confusion. Eiji asked, "He hurt his ankle and his head in the same fall?"

Gakuto nodded and walked away to talk to another dancer as Tezuka tried to keep the nerves from showing on his face. Kikumaru didn't try hiding anything as he bit his lip asking, "Do you think he's gonna be all right?"

"Yes, he's probably fallen before. The ambulance is probably just a precaution", Tezuka muttered not convincing himself.

As if to prove that what Tezuka had said was a lie, the ambulance pulled away and it quickly spread through the crowd that Fuji had been in the vehicle.