2. Time For Action
By Rurple101

Chapter One

Private Franklin D. Donut looked down at his hands whilst he sat in his bedroom at the Red base in Valhalla, and sighed; they were all worn out and sore. They were raw and red and itched madly. He cleared his throat.

"Sarge! Have you seen my hand-cream?" he called to his superior officer.

"What?" Sarge bellowed back, whilst sitting on top of his base, bathing in the dazzling sunlight, his eyes tightly closed as if he couldn't hear the pink armoured solider yelling at him.

Donut sighed and rubbed his arms subconsciously. Why did he feel so lonely all of a sudden? Just because he couldn't find the hand-cream?

Even now he would have welcomed Grif taunting him about how he sounded like he was bi (which he was, but more bent than he let on, if you can believe that) but ever since Halle had shown up at Valhalla, Grif had been busy trying to win her love.

The last he'd seen Grif was him running across the valley, towards the Blue base. Donut sighed and sat down on his bed and closed his eyes, imagining having someone hold their arms round him and give him a well-needed hug.

Halle had been really sweet, the nice kind of girl that he'd wanted around as she assured him about his sexuality and understood the trauma he went through sometimes. She was, in a word, a sweetheart. She was always there to give him a friendly hug and cheer him up.

He didn't fancie Halle; she was too focussed on Grif anyway.

Donut chuckled to himself; those two were so blind to not see that they were in love with each other.

He lay down and his bed and sighed, surprised to see tears trickling down his face and blinking as he wiped them hastily.

There was a loud knock on his door and he got off his bed, walked over to it and pulled the door towards him.

It was Simmons.

"Hi Simmons, "he said, annoyed that his mood was being shown in his voice.

Simmons noticed.

He raised an eyebrow and his almost human 'cyborg' eye rotated in the socket and gazed beadily at the pink private.

"What's up, Donut? You sound really down."

Donut sighed and shook his head; "Nothing Simmons. Do you know where my hand-cream is?"

Simmons rolled his eyes and turned away. "You're moaning about hand-cream?"

"No" Donut said hastily. "I'm just asking about that as well."

Simmons ignored him and walked away. Donut sighed louder this time, slammed his door shut and stomped outside to the warthog.

He'd had a feeling he'd left it there. He took it and rubbed it into his skin, smiling slightly as the moisture soothed his aching palms. Putting the cream into his pocket he sat in the warthog and gazed up at the sky.

It was the normal brilliant bright blue and seemed to stretch furfur upwards as he looked more and more at it. He saw the crystal aqua bolt fly from the top of the base and shoot upwards into the sky. He closed his eyes and before he knew it, he was quietly sleeping in the driver's seat of the 'Puma'.

He was drifting, drifting along the mountains that surrounded Valhalla, enjoying the sounds of his feet crunching upon the ground. He could smell cinnamon in the air and he could hear metallic clicks. He turned a corner on the cliff path and stuttered to a halt.

Simmons was squatting upon the dirty ground, moaning and whimpering in agony. Donut rushed forwards to help him.

"Simmons? Are you ok? Speak to me Simmons!"

Simmons looked up at him and at once his expression changed into a softer and tender look. Before Donut knew what was happening, Simmons had lurched up at him and grabbed his face in two sweaty hands.

Donut looked down at Simmons and then leaning forward, they kissed hungrily and they both fell to the dirt ground, none of them caring what was happening and where they were. Simmons reached down and ran his hands from Donut's bum to his member, which was still trapped within the pink armour.

They both started stripping off the clothes, desperate to get at each other's skin and feel the heat and passion run through their veins.

Donut broke the kiss and looked at Simmons…whose eyes were gazing at his.

Simmons, now naked, laid down and wrung his legs rounds Donut. Then, as Donut lowered himself, a gun shot at them and Simmons lay before him, dead and his eyes lifeless.

Donut screamed…


Donut lurched awake and looked around widely. It was darker than it normally was and Halle and Grif stood in front of him, both in normal clothing and with worried looks on their faces.

Donut looked around and saw he was in his room, with the covers on the floor. He was panting frantically and as he looked at Halle, he noticed that she was walking towards him.

She sat down on his bed and gave him a tight comforting hug. Donut; still scared about his nightmare, sank into her hug like she were his mother and started balling.

Halle patted his head and rocked him back and forth like he were a baby, making soothing sounds as she did so. Grif just stayed where he stood and watched as the love of his life comforted Donut.

Donut, inhaling her strong and sweet scented fragrance, calmed down and came back to breathing normally. Halle pulled back and wiped the sweat off his forehead and kissed his forehead. "Better?"

He nodded and smiled gratefully at her. She got up and Grif imminently took her hand in his.

Donut smiled happily "Are you together now?"

Grif (in an odd change of character) blushed the colour of the team flag. Halle giggled.

"Yes, he finally had the balls to kiss me."

"Hey!" Grif said playfully, pretending to be hurt. "You don't play fair Soph!"

"Never said I did, sweetheart" she smirked and then kissed him on the lips briefly.

Donut beamed "I'm happy for you guys!"

Halle's face turned serious as she turned back to him. "Are you going to be ok now, Frankie?"

Donut nodded and sighed. "I have no idea how I reacted like that. How did I even get here?"

"Well when we came back, you were completely passed out in the Puma. Then Simmons came out, and seeing as I wasn't willing to let go of Halle…" Grif smirked at his girlfriend. "-Simmons carried you in here.

Donut's head was buzzing; why the hell did I have that dream? Do I really want that with Simmons? That was sweet of him to bring me here…

"Tell him thanks, if you see him" Donut said and Halle kissed him on the cheek before departing with Grif behind her.

The door closed and Donut collapsed back onto his pillows with his hands over his face.

What the hell?