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I stood outside the club that my mother had instructed me to run to if something should ever happen to her. It was the middle of the day and they didn't open until nightfall.

Penniless and cold, I made my way down to the Toys R Us and wandered the aisles as I waited for the sun to set.

I lounged in the men's room in the handicap stall reading a novel about the American Civil War. I tried hard not to think of my mother and the fear on her face as she yelled for me to run. "Run baby... Run... Don't look back... Just run... Run until you get there." I angrily wiped a tear from my face as my stomach growled hungrily. As the signs of first dark approached I washed my face and cleaned up as best I could.

As I walked to the back of the bar my heart sped up and I became scared. Mom had always told me stories; some I believed were wise fairy like tales. I knew she always intended to bring me here, but her own fears overwhelmed her. I knew without a doubt that she had my best interests at heart. I was unique, a phenomenon, a supernatural mystery that my mother had worked hard at not exposing.

I squared my jaw and tried to push the fear from my body, as I approached the back entrance and knocked as hard as I could.

I flinched when the door was pulled open and I straightened my spine trying to make myself taller. At eleven I was still on the small side. Dr. Ludwig believed it was because they were having trouble figuring out my proper diet.

"What do you want?" A dark headed woman snarled at me impatiently.

"I need to speak with the Sheriff." I said, quite proud that my voice was even though I felt a tad faint.

"And how does a child know of the Sheriff?" She questioned startled.

"I need to check in." I said repeating the words my mother had coached me to say in case I had to make this trip alone.

I stared blankly as the woman looked me over disgust written across her face before she turned around and snapped for me to follow her.

I took a deep breath and scurried behind her as she led me into the empty bar. "Sit, don't move or touch anything and I'll be back with the Sheriff."

I focused on my breathing as she twirled around and disappeared. I stood there trying to push the longing for my Mom to the side. I could feel my heart hammer in my chest. I was scared out of my mind that Eric Northman wouldn't believe me and I was going to be momless for the rest of my life.

My head snapped up and I looked in the direction of where the woman had taken off and I watched as Eric Northman approached me.

"Your name?" Eric stated as soon as he was standing in front of me.

"Erikson Abel Stackhouse" I said thrusting my small hand out towards him, manners, my mother was all about manners and I wasn't about to disappoint her.

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