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Sam stared at his reflection in contemplation. The brothers were going hunting this night. Not hunting as they did when they were children with their dead daddy but a new kind of hunting. It had been about a week since they tortured that demon and Sam was feeling a bit twitchy. He had not tasted the blood in the vial Ruby had given him but still it kept him up at night, the power inside calling to his tainted soul.

As a result Sam had been a bit hard to deal with lately and after he shot a waitress for bringing him fried chicken instead of grilled (causing them to have to leave town quickly much to his brother's annoyance) Dean suggested they needed to find a way to blow off some steam.

Which was why Sam was dressed in a tight red and black shirt holding a pencil of eye liner trying to decide if she should line his eyes with the smoky coal eye color. This new town they were in had a wonderful underground goth/steam punk club and Dean was excited to pick up a little goth girl and 'show her the true meaning of pain and death'.

"Mmm use it Sammy," Dean murmured against his brother's neck. "If we are going to this club we have to look the part."

After Sam finished getting ready Dean pulled him in for a dirty kiss full of promise.

"Who will be the bait tonight Sammy?" Dean whispered against his lips. "Do you wanna watch me trap some poor little girl?"

"I want to do it Dean," Sam said. "I'm feeling a bit restless; I want to be in the thick of it."

Dean grinned as he ran his hands down his brother's chest and stared at their reflections in the mirror. "Pick a pretty one baby."

Dean's hand began to slowly travel further south when the ruffling of wings interrupted.

"Winchesters," Castiel greeted them, his voice grim.

"Annoying angel," Dean sighed, turning to face him.

"Something is happening," Castiel said vaguely.

"Yes my patience level is severely dropping," Dean rolled his eyes.

"Demon activity is rising, they are planning something," Castiel continued.

"For the last time is this none of our business," Dean snarled at the stoic angel.

"You foolish mortals," Castiel sighed. "When will you learn your involvement is inevitable?"

"I've had just about enough of you," Dean growled. He strode over and swiftly buried a dagger in the angel's thigh.

Castiel barely flinched as the blade sliced the skin of his vessel. Very slowly, never breaking eye contact with the elder Winchester, he pulled the blade free.

"You would attack an angel of the lord?" Castiel asked quietly, gaze never wavering.

"I would attack anything I deem a threat," Dean answered stubbornly.

Castiel regarded the brothers with something akin to disappointment before his blue eyes started to glow and his impressive black wings spanned behind him.

"So be it," he said in a voice that seemed to echo. "You have made your choice. Dean and Samuel Winchester, heaven has forsaken you."

A chill seemed to fill the air as Castiel disappeared leaving Sam and Dean momentarily lost for words.

"Dean," Sam began, unsure of what just happened.

"We don't need heaven Sammy," Dean reassured his younger sibling. "We don't need anyone."

Sam nodded in agreement but didn't stop himself from pocketing the flask of blood before they left for the club…just in case.


"Almost there," The girl giggled, leading Sam by the hand.

Sam's brooding nature coupled with his intense eyes had worked perfectly at the club and he had lured several women and men to him immediately without much effort.

It was a tall red head in a leather bodice that had ultimately won Sam's attentions. Her sweet blue eyes had just the right mixture of shyness and sexuality; he was going to enjoy making them water.

It was the girl who ultimately suggested they go explore a nearby grave yard. She had giggled at the idea of continuing the goth theme and Sam had smiled at having such a convenient quiet spot to play. He kept one eye on the silhouette of his brother shadowing them on the walk to the cemetery.

"Doesn't being surrounded by all this death just make you feel so alive?" The girl asked stopping and turning to grin at Sam.

"You talk too much," Sam said, before sealing his mouth over her own.

Sam was just about to bite clean through the woman's lip when a harsh scream pierced the night. Sam would recognize that whiskey coated voice anywhere and immediately pulled back to aid his brother.

"Hold on there little Sammy," The woman smirked. She held on to Sam with an inhuman grip, gazing at him through black eyes.

Sam struggled as best he could but the grip was too strong and he was too distracted trying to seek out his brother. A few yards away Sam could see the unconscious form of his brother being dragged by three black eyes monsters.

"You boys have let yourselves get rusty since you left the game," the female holding Sam taunted.

"It still took three demons to take him down you rancid bitch," Sam hissed.

"Nuh uh uh," the woman tsked as Sam began to struggle again. "One false move and Dean-o over there is dead."

Once Sam quieted down the woman gave a nod to one of the demons holding Dean who then began chanting in Latin.

"What the fuck is happening?" Sam yelled when the ground began to shake beneath their feet.

"Azazel needed some insurance," the girl grinned, kicking Sam hard in the ribs causing him to double over.

Sam gasped through his pain as he watched the very earth open up around them.

"Devil's gate," the woman explained simply.

"NO," Sam screamed, attempting to scramble to his feet only to be kicked back down again. "No you can't take him!"

"A little message from Azazel pet," the woman smirked. "We are done playing nice."

The woman landed one more good kick to Sam's ribs, ensuring the man would stay down as she and the demons descended into hell.

Sam crawled as best he could over to the opening but it sealed up right as he reached it.

"NO," Sam screamed again, clawing at the dirt until his fingers bled.

Sam raked bleeding palms over the dirt, feeling tears fall down his cheeks for the first time in years. He and Dean had chosen to ignore their supernatural upbringing and because of it he found himself in a situation no amount of fighting could get him out of.

Sam allowed himself another few minutes of shattering sobs before he just got pissed. He couldn't think like that, he was a fighter dammit! He was a warrior, and he would find a way to save his brother. Suddenly he remembered the flask of demon blood he had with him.

Sam didn't hesitate to pull out the flask and begin chugging the blood like it was water. He felt the first sparks of power the moment the blood hit his tongue and it just made him drink harder. Never having been exposed to it before the power was consuming him, steadily building the rage he was already feeling. Sam snarled when he drank the last of the blood, he needed more.

"RUBY," he bellowed into the night, power thrumming along his skin. He wasn't sure how he did it but suddenly the demon was in front of him, looking confused and pissed.

"Your eyes," Ruby gasped, looking at the yellow shade Sam's eyes had turned.

Sam didn't even greet her. He snarled the moment he saw the demon and lunged at her, savagely tearing her throat open with his teeth. Ruby's screams began to fade as Sam drained her dry, his face covered in the powerful blood.

Sam felt full to bursting with demon blood. With a primal scream Sam plunged his hands into the dirt once more and let the dark power flow through him. He began literally ripping chunks of earth away but this time instead of being greeted with nothing he began to unearth the entrance to hell.

Demons exploded in Sam's wake as he dropped down into a dimly lit extravagant hall way. At the end Sam saw the woman who had conned him at the club and ran towards her.

"This isn't possible," she gasped as Sam tightened his hand around her delicate throat.

"You took what's mine," Sam growled. "Now you will take me to him."

"Allister's rack," the woman gasped. "Down the hall you can't miss it."

Sam growled once more as he ripped the woman's throat out, licking the blood off his fingers as he went where she instructed.

The end of the hall opened up to a huge room filled with a rotating rack of screaming people being horrifically tortured. In the center of the room hung Dean, a little worse for wear but still conscious.

"Well well," A man Sam assumed was Allister said. "What's this? Little Sammy come to-"

Sam didn't even let the demon finish his sentence before he exploded horribly, leaving little chunks on the ceiling.

"Dean," Sam gasped, running over to let his brother down.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, confused.

"Bravo Sammy," a voice interrupted.

Sam turned around and met the gaze of a demon with eyes as yellow as his own.

"Azazel I presume," Sam growled.

"In the flesh, so to speak," the demon grinned. "Now how about we stop the little temper tantrum and have a chat."

Sam continued to glare at the man with barely concealed rage.

"You have to notice how powerful you are," Azazel continued. "You are the anti-christ, the boy king, and under my care you will become more powerful than you could have ever imagined."

In a few powerful strides Sam crossed the room and wrapped his hand around the demon's neck, lifting him from the ground.

"It's time for you to die now," Sam whispered, watching as the life slowly seeped out of Azazel once and for all.

Once Azazel was dead Sam made his way back over to his brother, grabbing Dean's face and kissing him passionately.

"Are you alright?" Sam breathed against his brother's lips.

"Better now," Dean chuckled. "Sammy how did you get down here?"

"Dean," Sam began, staring into his brother's jade green eyes. "I would burn this whole world down for you."

Dean kissed his brother just as passionately for a few moments before pulling away and gazing at the people strung up sending hopeful looks their way.

"Well Sammy," Dean grinned. "Looks like we have a whole new set of toys to play with."

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