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Seventeen year old Spencer Reid glanced around, asking himself how the hell he got into this situation.

Oh yeah, it's Ethan's fault.

Spencer was not one for parties, especially some random house party of a person from the university who he had never met. Or maybe it was a group of people? Spencer honestly didn't know. He had heard whispers about the party circulating around campus, but he had had no intention of going.

That was until his roommate, Ethan, had talked him into it. "Come on, Spencer, it's a Halloween party! You love Halloween," Ethan had reasoned. "And I promise to not leave your side the whole night!"

Right, that's why Spencer was standing alone against the wall, surrounded by a mass of drunk college students. The room was hot and stuffy, the stench of sweat and alcohol thick in the air. No one was wearing costumes, and the music most definitely was not Halloween. In fact, the only reoccurring theme Spencer could find in the songs was sex.

Spencer pushed his damp bangs back off his forehead, looking through the crowd to try and spot his friend. No, roommate. He decided Ethan didn't deserve the "friend" title at the moment.

A slight tingle raced down Spencer's spine as he suddenly found his gaze locked with a pair of deep, brown eyes. Across the room, a handsome, dark skinned, young man was staring at him. Spencer gulped, and hurriedly looked away.

He had moved further down the wall to continue his search for Ethan, when he felt a hand grab his shoulder. He spun around, expecting to find his roommate and planned to give him a piece of his mind. But the words died on his tongue when he found himself face to face with-

"Hey there, pretty boy."

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