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Spencer leaned back into the couch, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He was exhausted. In the week since they had brought Autumn home, neither he nor Derek had gotten much sleep.

But he wouldn't trade that for anything.

He had been so nervous about caring for his daughter, afraid he wouldn't know what to do. But the minute he held her, everything just came to him. He knew he and Derek would make mistakes, what first time parents didn't? But he was no longer as concerned about it as he thought he would be.

A shuffling down the hall announced the return of Derek and Autumn, returning from a diaper change. Spencer slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of the man he loved caring their baby, gazing down at her lovingly and babbling nonsense as she gurgled back at him. Derek sat on the couch beside Spencer, who leaned on his shoulder, smiling at Autumn. Her head was covered with a fuzz of thick, dark curls and her deep brown eyes darted around the room.

"We did good, pretty boy," said Derek, laying his free hand on Spencer's knee. "She's perfect."

Spencer's smile widened. "She is."


Penelope Garcia had to admit she rather enjoyed her first day at work. The bossman Hotch was a little unnerving, but she knew deep down somewhere in there was a smile. Maybe. Jason Gideon was the one who scared her more. She wasn't sure what to think about him. But JJ, who had introduced herself without hesitation and exclaimed how excited she was to have another woman around, her Garcia knew she'd get along with. She could see many girls' nights out in the future. There was one member of the team who was gone today, something about taking his kid to the doctor (which Garcia found strange because JJ said he was a doctor).

And then there was Derek Morgan.

Garcia was sure her heart stopped when she first saw the sculpted chocolate god that walked on this earth. She was sure she was drooling and kept wiping at her chin. When he flashed her that mega-watt smile, Garcia thought she'd faint. Now this was someone she needed to get to know better. Much better.

As Garcia shut down her last computer, she made up her mind. She would invite Derek Morgan out for dinner. She fixed the feathery bow in her hair and snatched up her purple purse, heels clicking as she headed out to the bull pen. She stepped in and glanced around, trying to spot that handsome-

Garcia turned, her train of thought interrupted as tall, thin man walked towards her. A young girl held tightly to his hand while a toddler was balanced on his hip, his head resting on the man's shoulder.

"Hello. Can I help you?" asked Garcia, smiling.

The man returned the smile shyly. "No, I was just- Jeremy, careful." The man gently pulled a silver chain from the small boy's hand, a ring hanging from it, flashing in the light. The man smiled at Garcia again. "I was just waiting for-"

"Pretty boy!"

Garcia spun at the cry, Derek Morgan striding towards them.

"Dad!" squealed the little girl, running towards Derek, her dark mop of curls bouncing.

Garcia's mouth dropped. Dad?

Derek scooped her up, hugging her tightly. "Hey, princess," he smiled. He walked up to the man, planting a kiss on his cheek. "And how's my little man?" he asked, rubbing the toddler's back.

"Ear infection," the man informed him.

"Daddy said we could have ice cream for dinner 'cause Jeremy's sick," cut in the young girl.

"Did he now?" smiled Derek.

"No, I said we could have ice cream after we have dinner."

Derek laughed. "Busted, Autumn."

The young girl just giggled at him.

Garcia watched all this with wide eyes. Derek Morgan was a dad. Of two kids. And-

"Derek, are you going to introduce us?"

Garcia shook her head, coming back to the conversation to see the Derek look over at her. "Course. Spencer Reid, this is our new tech wiz, Goddess of All Knowing, I believe I was told," Garcia gave a breathy laugh, "Penelope Garcia. And you, baby girl, this is Dr. Spencer Reid, our resident genius and my partner."

"Nice to meet you," Garcia said quickly.

Spencer gave a small wave. "You too."

Derek grinned. "And this beautiful princess is Autumn," he grinned down at the girl balancing on his feet, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. "And poor Jeremy there has just returned from a visit to the doctor." The little boy tucked his face further into Spencer's neck.

Garcia smiled at the little boy. "Did you get a lollipop?"

He shook his head, his eyes downcast.

Garcia tutted. "What kind of doctor doesn't hand out lollipops," she muttered, snapping open her purse. "Now, I might just… ah, here!" She produced a sucker from the depths of her purse and held it out.

Jeremy slowly took it, a shy smile breaking out on his face.

"Do you have another one?" asked Autumn excitedly.

"Of course," said Garcia, producing it another one.

The girl bounced excitedly as she took it.

"After supper," warned Spencer as Autumn went to open it.

Autumn pouted, stuffing the lollipop into the pocket of her jeans. Her face suddenly lit up. "Dad, can she come with us to dinner?"

Derek looked up at Garcia. "Sure. Why don't you ask her."

"Do you want to come with us to dinner?" asked Autumn, her brown eyes wide with excitement.

Garcia smiled. "I would love to."

Autumn grinned, rushing forward and grabbing Garcia's hand, pulling her towards the elevator. Derek and Spencer laughed, falling in step beside them, Derek's arm wrapped around Spencer's waist.

So, Derek Morgan was a father of two children with a male partner… Garcia could work with that. She could definitely work with that.

The end.

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