Puss an orange tabby cat who wore boots and a hat and lived in a little town called San Recardo on the Continent of spain, had been traveling for days now getting farther and farther away from San Recardo. Ever since kitty Softpaws had dumped him for some kittypet tuxedo cat. He hadn't even noticed ho far away he was from home. Puss turned around and gasped he could not see his hometown anymore, all there was, was a never ending desert and a few cactus. Puss's eyes filled with tears, he sat on the ground and cried, now he would never see his mother or Kitty again.

Just then, Puss heard a splashing sound coming from behind a sand dune in front of him. He stood up and walked closer to the dune and saw a small green thing waving in the wind of the scorching desert, grass. Puss ran up the slope and beheld a grand sight, woods of palm trees trees as tall as the buildings in San Recardo. Puss knew now where he was, he was only a two day run back home, so he turned around to begin his hot run home.

But then Puss heard a scream come from the woods behind him. Puss's instincts kicked in and he rushed into the woods to rescue whomever was in danger. Puss stopped when he reached a clearing in the woods. The clearing was a meadow of long grass and palm trees. A small oasis sat smack in the middle of the clearing. Puss stood in astonishment as he walked into the meadow, but quickly ducked into the long grass when he heard a splashing noise come from the oasis. Puss quietly watched the sean. When nothing happened, Puss glided through the tall grass to get a better look at the water.

Puss gawked over his discovery. A beautiful female siamese cat, she had navy blue eyes and the most slim figure for a cat Puss had ever seen. It looked like the feline was running from something, but wasn't making much progress in the water.

Suddenly, Puss saw a large figure jump into the water, it was a smelly, horrible, stupid, DOG! The K-9 was a bulky German Shepard that had two different colored eyes, one was dark brown and the other icy blue. The blue eye had a slash across it. Puss recognized this dog, he was the dog that had tried to take over San Recardo two years ago, but puss had stopped him and gave him a warning to never come to San Recardo again, the slash across the dog's eye was his warning.

The Shepard was chasing the feline. Puss jumped from the grass and pounced on the dog. The cat chaser fell to the ground but when he got up to attack his attacker he froze in his place,"Y-you" the dog whimpered. "Yes' senior it is me now that we are done with the meet and greet, would you be so kind as to stop chasing this lovely lady" Puss meowed.

The cowardly dog took off running after puss had finished his request, tail between his legs. Puss was laughing to hard to notice the female had fallen to the ground and was staring up at him. Puss finally turned and bowed to the feline, hat in hand,"Please, excuse my rudeness sinioita, but my name is Puss in Boots, and your name would grant me the greatest pleasure" Puss looked at the feline sweetly. "My name is Shiara Siamese" The feline purred,"My hero."