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Chapter 8

Puss's eyes opened to the sound of coughing and the sun in his eyes. He shook his head and looked over to the young female cat in his arms, " Shiara are you alright," he groaned. Shiara looked over at him with tired eyes," I believe so, are you alright?"

"I'm alive aren't I," He smiled a weak smile and stood up, he helped Shiara up as well and walked her over to a tree stump. "Where are we," Shiara asked.

"YOU my friends are here that is where you are," a voice came from behind the tree stump. Shiara screamed and jumped about 50 feet in the air, she ran to Puss and hid behind him. Puss reached for his sward but it was missing (knocked off from the storm) so he grabbed the closest thing he could reach for, a stick. "Come out with your hands up, I have a deadly... uh ..." he looked down at the stick and thought for a moment," WEAPON, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

A rabbit popped out from behind the stump and walked up to the two cats and shook Pusses hand, " Hello my friend I am Exilo Matrovian Rabbit but you can call me Exile, and your names are?" The rabbit had a slight accent to his voce... Russian?

Puss hesitated before answering the very energetic rabbit," Puss in Boots and this is Shiara Siamese," Puss waved and Shiara bowed very slightly. " Pleasure," Exile rushed to Puss the like a blur ran to Shiara and took her paw in his and kissed it,"Bonjour mademoiselle uh hu hu," he suddenly changed his accent, the two cats guessed he did that often. (Accent change to Australian)", crikey we don't get many visitors, welcome to uh... where ever it is we are, now to ask, were are you mates from." Both cats looked at each other before looking back," We're trying to get to Mexico City, do you know where that is," Shiara asked. "Oh Crikey mates you mean that city yah its about a week away," Exile said very excitedly. "Can you take us," Puss asked seeing Shiara's face light up. ( Change accent to Irish) "Yes it will be a grad adventure of a lifetime follow me." The rabbit began to rush towards the jungle that was just on the edge of the beach.

Both cats followed Exile beginning their journey once again, having no idea what dangers lie ahead they entered the jungle.

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