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"Girls, why are you calling?" she asked glancing around the room, her breath catching as soon as she saw her eldest daughter. "Prue you look beautiful." Prue smiled at her mother.

"We cast a spell to find an answer and it bought you."

"Mom, I had a Premonition when i touched a photo of all of us." Phoebe added on. Patty knew what was coming, she had dreaded this moment for over 20 years. Clutching at straws she tried to put them off.

"Oh? What of?"

"A young woman with brown hair being attacked by a demon." Phoebe told her.

"We just wondered why a picture of us would trigger a premonition like that." Piper said. A guilty look flashed across Patty's face which was not missed by the eldest Halliwell sister.

"Mom if you know something you need to tell us."

"Girls i'm not sure this is the right time."

"Whatever it is we can handle it." Prue urged.

"That girl is your younger half sister, Paige I think they named her." Piper and Phoebe gasped in shock.

"Paige..." Prue repeated detachedly as her thoughts crowded her mind. A hand on the small of her back jolted her back to reality.

"Prue are you okay?" Andy asked. She nodded.

"Why did you give her up?" Piper asked.

"Your father isn't Paige's father, Paige's father is-"

"Sam." Prue interrupted. Everyone turned and eyed her curiously.

"You guys were too young to remember, but this guy Sam was always around. Especially after mom and Victor got divorced." she explained.

"I still don't get why.." Piper pondered.

"We had to give her up. Sam was my Whitelighter and it was completely against the rules. We were scared that because we had broke the rules you girls would be denied your powers, your birth-right." Prue was the first to explode.

"How could you not tell us?! We're your daughters! You shouldn't have kept her from us!" Patty stayed calm.

"Prue, i know you're angry and you have every right to be, but if there are demons after her like Phoebe said you need to save her."

"Mom we know you meant well but you should have told us." Piper said.

"I cannot do this." Prue exclaimed, standing up.

"Prue..." Andy started but was interrupted.

"No Andy, i'm sorry but we're getting married today and we find out there's another Halliwell sister. I-I-I just can't handle this." she said storming out of the attic, ignoring everybody's calls to return.