Possible tear jerker. Not much but its... okay, I really don't know. I just hope you like it!

"I'm sorry Mr. Spencer but I have some bad news." Shawn looked up and the doctor. "The cancer has spread deeper into the brain. I'm really sorry, but you only have two weeks more to live."

1 week And 6 Days Later

So here he sat, Shawn Spencer at the beach watching the sun set. His phone was off and was in the ocean. After he had found out that his brain cancer had gone far enough that he only had two weeks to live, he finally told Juliet how he felt about her. That night they had wild and uncontrolled sex, and every night for the next week until he was too weak to do little things. He told his dad and Gus that it was the Flu and that he would be better soon. They believed him, so did the Chief and Lassie, Jules on the other hand knew something was wrong.

She got out of her car and spotted him sitting on a blanket in the sand. She walked over to him and sat next to next to him.

"Shawn, what's going?" she asked. "I haven't heard or seen from you in almost a week," She continued when he didn't answer.

"Jules I have something to tell you…" He said softly looking down.

"What is it Shawn?"

"I'm dying." He said looking away from her. Juliet covered her mouth with her hand and stared at the man she had come to love.

"Shawn what are you talking about? Stop joking," He wiped the tears from his eyes. "Shawn you're really scaring me now," Her voice quivered. He couldn't be dying. No, not when they just started a relationship.

"A year ago they told me I had a brain tumor. But by then it was too late to really do anything, it was already so aggressive, but I went to chemo anyways. Two weeks ago they told me I was going to die and two weeks…" He was unable to finish the sentence.

"Two weeks… tonight is two weeks." she finished for him and Shawn nodded his head. "Is that why you told me what you told me?" She asked, again he nodded. "Who knows?" She whispered.

"No one but you, the doctors, and me."

"Shawn, why didn't you tell anyone? Why didn't you tell me?" She questioned. She was angry at him for not telling her sooner, she was angry at the damn cancer. Hell she was angry at everything. "I didn't want you to worry or know," He grabbed her hand and lay back in the sand. She laid her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. She moved her head off his chest and into the sand.

"Jules… I love you," He told her gripping her hand.

"I love you too Shawn," She said watching the sun finally set, after a couple of minutes of silence in the dark she sat up. "Shawn I…. Shawn?" She looked down, Shawn's eyes were closed; he looked like he was sleeping. "Shawn?" She asked again. She placed her hand on his chest right above his heart ,but no beat was beating.

"Oh Shawn," She cried. She rested her head on his stomach and cried. She stayed all night crying on his unmoving body. The next morning she called the paramedics and told them of Shawn. They came and put his body in a body bag, she kissed his soft lips one last time before they zipped the bag fully over his head and walked him away.

6 Years Later

"Mommy come on," A little boy grabbed his moms hand and rushed her onto the beach.

"Calm down honey," she said looking down at her son.

"Uncle Gus!" The boy screamed running to Gus.

"Hey little man," Gus said giving the five and a half year old a fist bump.

"Hey Uncle Gus, can I have some pineapple?" The boy asked.

"Sure, come on." Gus took the little boys hand and walked him over to an ice cooler.

"Juliet," Juliet turned, Henry Spencer was walking towards her. "How are you doing?" He asked hugging her.

"I'm okay and you?"

"I'm good," he said smiling.

"Evan come say hi to your grandpa!" Juliet called to her son. Evan Shawn Spencer came running up to his grandfather.

"Hey kid," Henry picked the boy up and hugged him.

"Grandpa can we play that game?" The boy asked, Henry smiled and nodded.

"Cover your eyes," He said the boy did. "How many hats?" Henry asked. Juliet smiled at the exchange. She had found out she was pregnant three weeks after Shawn had died. When he was born she knew she was going to call him Evan, with Shawn as his middle name. He looked and acted so much like his father.

Every day on April 23 at 8:00 PM they all came to this little spot on the beach. The spot where Shawn had spent his last moments with her on this earth. Everyone came, meaning The Chief, Buzz and his wife Francine, Maddie, and even Carlton Lassiter. Around eleven Juliet would walk down the beach alone. But tonight she found that her son had followed her.


"Yes baby," She picked him up.

"Do you miss Daddy?" He wondered.

"Of course I do," she answered. Evan laid his head on her shoulder and fell asleep. She sat down on the sand, carefully lowering the sleeping child so he wouldn't wake.

"Oh Shawn if only you could be here. He looks and acts so much like you," Juliet said wiping her eyes. It started raining slowly but a warm gust of wind blew her hair and she knew Shawn was watching over them.

Continue this? I think maybe, what do you think? Was Evan a good name? I thought about naming him "Shawn" after his dad but... I didn't.