Things to know before reading:

Cate and Ryan are happily married (for now)

Baze is in a committed and stabile relationship with Emma, and often stays over at her place.

Lux and Bug broke up the same way as in the series, and she met Eric in the bar too. He took her to see the ocean and they kissed. After they found out that he was her teacher, they don't pursue their feelings, but Eric is still deeply fascinated by her.

Eric begins dating Paige (like in the series), and not long after they start dating they go on a spontaneous trip together. They travel together for almost two months.

(Paige lived at the loft before the trip – and still does)

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Eric pushed the door to the loft opens with his foot, because of all the boxes he was carrying. Sonic Youth's Kool thing was blasting out the stereo so obviously someone was home, even though the bar was empty downstairs. He stopped between the couches and the kitchen and dumped the boxes, so did the guys behind him. He turned the stereo down with the remote on the kitchen table. All of a sudden, in the same moment Lux bounced down the stairs from her room, not knowing that the loft was suddenly full of people. He was completely shocked – so was she.

"ARGGGHHHHH!" She screamed, and her face showed that she was totally shocked. Time suddenly stood still when he realized that she was standing there, looking at him only wearing her underwear. In that little time he managed to get every detail of her petite body. Her hair was up in a messy knot with curly little locks hanging down. She was wearing black hipsters, a dark purple very hot lacy bra and a white satin robe that was totally open. "Oh my god! What are you doing here?" she continued.

"What are you doing there? Oh god oh god! Sorry Lux!" Eric said, not knowing where to look.

"It's okay it's okay…" she responded, while she closed her robe and tied the long ribbons.

Just as Eric was about to say something, the bathroom down swung open and a blond tall guy, only wearing a towel low on his hips practically ran over to the group.

"What? What? What happened?" his face showing that he got a pretty big scare from the screams as well.

"Nothing it's okay, it's okay…" Lux told him, and his face changed to normal with a little smile.

"Jezz you scared the crap out of me!" he breathed out loudly. Only wearing a towel he was dripping on the floor and the steam was rising from all of his muscular upper body. A million thoughts were going through Eric's head, seeing this naked guy right beside the practically half naked Lux.

"Sorry, it's nothing …" Lux smiled at him.

"Sorry, hey guys…" this attractive blond guy looked over to the three guys standing with boxes at their feet, not knowing what was going on.

"Jones…" Eric nodded as a hello. Eric's mind was about to explode. Was this really happening? Jones standing here – being here – even showering here at the loft with Lux.

"Mr. Daniels…" Jones greeted him right back. As the looks were getting awkward he quickly continued - "Okay well im just gonna go…" he headed for her room, only a few steps away.

"Yeah me too" she said with a smile and followed him.

Eric felt sick to his stomach. His skin felt like he was on fire, everything felt wrong and upside down.

"Hey dude, what just happened here?" one of the friends asked with a smirk, and snapped him out of his train of thoughts. "Uh, that was nothing." He replied.

"Whatever. Where do you want the boxes?" the other guy asked.

About ten minutes later, the music was turned back up and people were unpacking.

Paige standing in the kitchen watched, subtle of course, as Jones and Lux came out of her room and headed towards the door.

"I'll call you later." Jones said while he picked up a gym bag by the door. Quickly kissing her cheek, she smiled and responded with a flirty "byyyeee".

"So how are you, my little niece?" Paige asked, as Lux walked over to the counter.

"Oh fine, just fine. How was your trip?" She asked happily, still feeling kind of weird about the situation.

"Oh it was great. We have pictures for you to see later." She replied.

"Oh cool." – great! She thought to herself. How am I going to get out of that? "Want some coffee?" Lux asked changing the subject. - "Sure."

While pouring into the cups, three guys appeared from Paige's bedroom.

"So the bags are all up here, and the van should be here later." Eric told Paige, not noticing that Lux was standing behind the counter. "Great." Paige said, giving his arm a squeeze as he walked up and stood beside her - sitting on one of the bar stools by the counter.

"Hey Lux, how've you been?" Eric asked taking her by surprise.

"Uh good, you?" she didn't think he'd be addressing her that fast.


"Well, that's good." She looked down to the cups not making more eye contact than absolutely necessary.

The quiet moment felt like forever, and before things got too awkward between the five people in the room Eric turned to guys. "Sorry guys, this is Lux. She's Baze's daughter… Lux, these are my friends Kyle and Tyler."

The guys nodded at Lux and she held up her hand with a single wave. "Hi there."

Paige jumped in - "And her mom is married to my brother Ryan, so she's also my niece."

"Oh, cool" one of the guys responded. The other one who had this cool-guy grin quickly jumped in - "Yah, so was that your boyfriend?"

"Guys seriously!" Eric uttered, really not wanting to know for himself. He looked back at Lux, realizing how he had responded to the question.

"Uh no. He's not my boyfriend. You guys want some coffee?" Lux asked really wanting to change the subject. "Sure." The guys replied in unison.

While pouring the coffee, Lux and Eric kept a weird persistent eye contact.

Looking at Paige, and desperately wanted to get a normal conversation going. "So what's with all the boxes? I don't remember you having so much stuff before the trip." Lux asked really pretending to be interested.

"Well, Eric's moving in here." Paige announced happily.

Having just taken a sip of her coffee Lux loudly coughed into her cup. "Really? That's great for you guys… really… congratulations!

"Thanks!" she said, while stroking Eric's arm.

"So you'll be living together? Like in Jamie's old room? That's so small." Something came over Lux, she didn't know what she was asking until she was done. The questions shot out of her mouth like little darts. And Paige's giddy little answers were just shot right back.

"Noooo, it's cozy." She continued.

"Yaaah…" Lux breathed out, not knowing where to go from there.

"It's totally cool right? I mean Jamie's room's just sitting there, and your dad could use the extra rent. I already talked to him a few weeks ago, and he was cool with it."

"Sure, it's cool." Lux took another big sip of her coffee.

"I know this is a surprise, but I promise we won't go like, crazy and paint the walls or anything. And at least you don't live here. Can you imagine? Im gonna be alone with three guy-roommates."

"Don't count on it."

Lux's answer got Eric's attention and he quickly looked up, and caught her eyes.

"What?" he jumped in before anyone else.

"Well… - I actually moved in here last week." this is so not how this should go, Lux thought to herself while announcing this weird information.

"Really?" Paige asked with a big smile.

Starting to explain, Lux continued. - "Yah. Well, mom and Ryan are restoring the house, so it's not exactly livable. So right now they live at the Carlisle hotel for god knows how long, and it just wouldn't make any sense for them to pay for two hotel rooms when I could live here for free. And things with Dad have been really good lately, and it's close to school, so I just figured why not?" How the hell is this gonna work – she thought to herself.

"Oh well, this is just perfect!" Paige squealed while jumping off the high chair. "I get to have my favorite girl around all the time!" She continued while bouncing over towards Lux. She threw her arms around her neck and kissed her cheek "ah! Im so happy!"

Lux embraced her hug and continued - "Okay, well I have somewhere I need to be so, I'll see you later guys" she said while, she walked slowly towards her room. The guys in the room, followed her move, noticing that she had changed from the revealing outfit to a pair of baby blue pajama shorts and an oversize grey jumper with a hoodie.

"Okay, but celebratory dinner tonight; 7.30!" Paige informed her.

"Sure, I'll see if I can make it."