Hey lovely readers...

This is a short chapter - because school is killing me!

A/N: I chose to make Lux at bit more experienced, than she might come off in the series. (The FWB thing is not to make her look promiscuous at all!)

"So, are you gonna be able to go on friday" Tasha asked Lux as they walked into the loft.

"I don't know yet, Cate wanna do this whole family thing but I might be able to get out early" Lux replied putting her keys down on the table by the door.

"Hey Paige what's up?" – Tasha asked making her way to the chairs by the kitchen counter.

"Oh, not much Tash, you?"

"Just trying to get Lux to go to this killer concert on Friday, will you convince her please?"

"Sure I'll try later…"

"You almost done unpacking?" Lux asked while getting situated on a chair next to Tasha across from Paige who was standing behind the counter.

"Yeah almost…"

Tasha was just about to speak when Paige interrupted; "Oh my god"

"What?" Lux wondered out loud.

"So, I heard that you got caught in a very interesting situation today."

"Oh god… They told you?" Lux raised her eyebrows, and then looked over to the three guys watching a football game and drinking beers on the couch.

"Yeah, what was up with that? You and Jones?" Paige continued intrigued.

"Nothing we're just friends." Lux said, trying to play it down.

Tasha jumped in. - "Yeah right. Naked friends…" Lux turned her attention to Tasha with raised eyebrows.

"So what you're just…?" Paige questioned again, looking to Lux for an answer.

"We're having fun, you know…" Lux finished Paige's sentence. – "Nothing serious, no strings, we're just… Just benefitting…" she said, quickly realizing that she didn't make herself look very good right now.

"Oh, so it's just sex?" Paige asked, putting it all on the table.

"Paige, please!" Lux interrupted her, and shot her a please-keep-your-voice-down look and nodded in the guys direction afterwards.

"Sorry, I just didn't know that that kind of thing was for you… I mean, are you sure it's such a good idea? When you're that intimate with someone it's only gonna be matter of time before feelings are gonna get involved…" She held her tongue for a long moment. Lux didn't respond. The truth was that she'd been over this in her mind quite a few times, but for now she was good. They both were. Their arrangement worked, and she knew that it wouldn't if she started to overanalyze it.

"You know, unless it's really bad… Then you might not have to worry about feelings getting in the way." Paige asked, for fun, looking for another explanation.

Lux answered, knowing it was just girl talk. - "Well, it's really good… like really, really good… amazing! - And just for the record, none of us wants a relationship, so this is working out fine, for both of us." – she said trying to justify the situation in a weird way.

Typical Paige, Lux thought– she didn't stop; "Don't get me wrong, sex is healthy, but are you sure that a sex-driven relationship is right for you right now?"

"It's exactly that. We both just wanna have fun, you know, stringless fun." Lux concluded. She got off the chair, and looked at Tasha. – "You wanna help me do laundry?"

"Sure" Tasha replied bouncing off the chair.

Lux walked towards her room to get the clothes. Tasha was about to follow when Paige stopped her.

"Tash…" Paige asked with a low voice.

"Huh?" – Tasha breathed out turning towards her.

"Maybe it's just me but this is totally gonna backfire right?" she wondered aloud.

"I have no idea…" Tasha paused. – "Stay tuned…" she said with a twinkle in her eye, and left the kitchen to go help out Lux.