Okay so this was inspired by YGO abridged. By little Kuroboh. I know it's Japan and they don't celebrate the 4th of July. Lol. Jaden Yuki is in this, he's from another dimension where everyone knows what Yugi does. Jaden can dimension hop, thanks to Yubel and Yugi doesn't like him,well no one does. Kind of like Bakura who will eventually guest star.


"And once again brave citizens, Domino City is saved by the Dark Devil!"

A series of cheers, a pang of laughter and suddenly it's the fourth of July all over again.

Yugi Muto stays huddled in a corner, watching the spectacle before him with dull eyes. It's not like he's not happy, it does him good to see his friends and colleagues in high spirits, it's just he's seen it so many times he can practically predict their antics. Instead, he buries himself in the glass of bourbon he's been sipping all night.

He doesn't notice when one of his closest friends, Joey Wheeler inches himself closer to give Yugi a hearty pat on the back. Yugi jumps almost spilling the amber liquid all over himself. He looks up in time to see Joey grinning at him. "You saved the day again Yugi." He says in his fast paced Brooklyn accent. He pulls Yugi in for a bear hug while ruffling Yugi's hair with a free hand. "You know I'm beginning to think there is a brain under all this hair."

Yugi tries to growl but instead a chuckle bubbles to the surface. "Let me go Joey." It's like they're freshmen in high school again, palling around like they've known each other they're whole lives. It's not long before they catch the attention of Tristan and Téa, who come over to also congratulate Yugi on a job well done.

He can't help but laugh when he's surrounded by the people he loves the most, the only ones who know his secret.


The party lasts until 3 in the morning but Yugi leaves at midnight. He needs to get home.

He fishes for his key and finds his way to his room in the darkness where Yami is standing across from him, with a predatory look on his face. Yugi gulps. He's not used to this, not yet.

He looks like he's been waiting awhile. His eyes glossy black with untamed hunger. Yugi knows he should say something, anything to relieve the tension. But he can't.

The tall figure trails his eyes down Yugi's body while his lips curve into a feral curl. A second passes before Yugi finds himself pinned to the wall, hands above his head and cool breath against his skin. He curses as he feels his cheeks flush crimson, knowing the creature above him is enjoying the show.

Yami presses his nose in the crook of Yugi's neck, inhaling the musky scent of the city on his skin and Yugi curses again as he feels his arousal digging into him. He struggles to free himself but his efforts create an unnecessary friction, which causes the taller and far stronger other to press him further into the wall.

A chuckle that rocks Yugi's whole body erupts from the other. "You're dressed like a bondage slave." Comes the sultry lilt of his voice. It's teasing but Yugi knows better than to fall into his sense of humor. He tries to look at everything else except at the creature who has his hands in a death lock. "Give me permission." The silken voice whispers as an arm slithers around Yugi's waist to press their bodies closer. "I want you to beg me."

He can't help but roll his eyes at that. It's been probably two years since they made the pact and he still had to remind his other that he didn't need permission.

"Should I make you starve? Because I could."

Their gazes meet for the first time that night. The dark orbs flecked with gold are enough to make any human melt, and Yugi struggles to find the words.

He doesn't want to appear dramatic or desperate but he knows that it all goes out the window when he says, "Take me."


The next day at school, everyone is still talking about the Dark Devil. Apparently, Domino City is safe from another alien attack as long as he's around.

In class Yugi and his friends are the only ones who don't talk about it. They hide their knowledge behind smug smiles. He feels great though, to know that one of his ideas actually helped a great deal of people. It's enough to make him want to do it again.

They always say that being a teen hero's a big responsibility. Maybe, but it's worth it.

The teacher walks in. Her smile is a dead give away. She has a surprise. "Come on in." She says.

Everyone pastes a fake smile and looks up with mock enthusiasm as they wait for the fresh meat to reveal himself. But it's not a new face Yugi sees, the recognition makes him groan.

Jaden Yuki walks in wearing an all too familiar smile that grows impossibly wider as he spots Yugi. He introduces himself to the class, who's wonderstruck faces are as subtle as a snowflake in July, before making his way to Yugi's desk.

Yugi has many questions. Like, what are you doing here? Don't you know this is the wrong time? Please go away. He doesn't have time to say anything because his friends all pile around and study Jaden as if he's their shiny new toy. Jaden's unwavering smile just means he likes it.

Yugi blushes when even Téa comes over to inspect the hooplah. Jaden gives her his 300 watt smile and Téa's an excited school girl, despite the fact that they're all seniors.

"What are you doing here?" Yugi squeezes in through clenched teeth. He can't help it. Jaden's constant happiness is pissing him off.

"I came here so we can battle," his voice lowers into a whisper "I want to see how strong Yami is."

The only thing Yugi can think of is the look on Yami's face when he finds out Jaden is back.

"Wait a minute, are you telling me you came all the way here just to see if you can beat Yami in battle?" The tall dark haired boy nods with enough enthusiasm to make Ash Ketchum blush. "Jaden for your sake, just go home."

"Yugi Muto can I see you for a minute?" Mrs. Shojo's voice cuts in.

Glad for the interruption, Yugi makes his way up to her desk. "What is it miss?"

"Yugi, your grades are excellent, you never give any trouble, and you're very polite." He can't help but blush with embarrassment. "I think it would be great if you showed our new student around." Her proceeding smile doesn't lessen the impact of her words. If we show him around he won't leave. He wants to say but before he can, she's already calling Jaden up to her desk.

"Jaden, this is Yugi. He'll be showing you around." She waves an obligatory hand between them. "I hope you two become good friends."

Jaden grins like a character from a cartoon. Yugi can't help but feel the irony in this. He waves his friends goodbye before pulling Jaden into the hall.

"This is totally ballin'! The Dark Devil himself is my High School Homie." The human light bulb says fisting the air.

"Keep your voice down and I'm not your 'homie'. I'm just going to show you around and then I will begin shunning you for the rest of the school year. Just like old times." He lets out a sarcastic: "homie."

But Jaden as always, never notices. He hops up and down in hyperactive joy. "I can't believe you go here. This is the place you grew up in. I am living in history!"

"Yeah sure whatever."

Jaden manages to shut up and listen when Yugi pauses to explain what is what and where is where, but he sees the admiration on Jaden's face in the way he gawks at him. As if every word Yugi says is gold.

It's a blessing from above when the millennium puzzle around Yugi's neck begins to flash and he knows he has to go. He sticks Jaden with Tristan and Joey and disappears before anyone notices.

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