Fully Alive

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The bell rings and they all rush out, happy to finally be done with school for the day. Tea trills giddily beside Yugi, Jaden, Joey, and Tristan, talking about the guy she likes and other girl things.

Yugi's mind wanders but still keeps up with the little stuff she says. Mainly because this is the only way he still feels grounded, despite all the chaos that is his life and also because he feels ten years younger being around these strange, goofy people.

The guys tease Tea which earns them each a good hearted punch in the arm. Yugi laughs and for the first time this week, it's actually a real hearty one.

It's Friday and to be honest, he's quite glad. He's been looking forward to the weekend ever since that dreaded Monday morning when he got his ass kicked. Luckily, enough the week hadn't been that bad and there was no need for Joey to reassure him with "you win some you lose some."

There was at least one more bank robbery and Yugi was able to save the day and keep his identity hidden. His only mishap was with a gun man who took several hostages, the guy almost got away, almost.

Without Yami this all could never be possible of course. Thanks to Yami, Domino City has hope again. Whether you love or hate him the DD was a blessing in disguise, literally.

They head to the mall, where according to Tristan, nothing bad can possibly happen and the rest of the day passes pretty nicely.

That is until Yugi gets home and realizes that he has a fever of 102 degrees, which wouldn't be so bad except Yami has a kink for fevered blood and drains him for most of the night.

They have sex too, and it's heated and passionate and Yugi really shouldn't take advantage of the animal Yami's become but it's so intense that Yugi can't really choose, especially when Yami pushes him up against the wall to take him again and again, rough and fast the way he won't admit to liking before dragging him over to his bed to complete another round.

The bizarre thing is Yugi's pretty sure he likes this side of Yami, this dark, possessive, seemingly irreversible side better than his usual overly concerned, loving self. And there should definitely be something wrong with that.

Like psychologically or something. Oh, well. The sex is good at least.

Yami eventually tires out but not before leaving an angry hickey on Yugi's neck that practically screams mine. Yugi's goes out pretty much after that basking in the after shocks of his many orgasms, tired but satisfied.

Only sometimes does Yugi think back to the day he first met him. It had been a terrible day. Domino City was being destroyed by some Dragon that got loose from probably Seto Kaiba and all of the citizens, including him were running for their lives.

Yugi was sure they were all going to die, but what was worse was amidst the chaos he somehow got separated from his friends. He was lost, he couldn't find his grandpa and soon he was going to lose his childhood home.

Thus, it was simply fate that led him to the dark alley, where a mysterious person seemed to be eating- more like devouring something with rapid pace.

Yugi was sure it was a person- he could see the silhouette of a head with almost the same amount of hair as his own. The person however was crouched down much like an animal after a kill.

Everything screamed at Yugi to turn around. To find somewhere else to hide as this dark and creepy alley was already taken by a deranged hobo. Yet, Yugi's feet did no such thing.

In fact, he was very tempted to sneak a peek at this hobo, if only because it seemed like he wasn't aware of Yugi's presence. With an ounce of bravery Yugi took a step further.

The monster person thing only kept feeding. So Yugi took a step closer. And that's when it looked up.

Yugi was met with the most piercing black and gold eyes. They seemed to say he was unwelcome, until the person, Yugi still wasn't sure, stood up on his two feet.

Despite the blood covering his mouth and shirt, and the focused way his eyes studied him, Yugi could tell that he was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

He was hot, and Yugi was sure that if he didn't know he was gay before he was definitely certain now.

The tall man extended a hand to Yugi beckoning him to come nearer and Yugi, like a fool, did.

"My name is Yami. What's yours my friend? Don't wince for I shall not harm you." Came the deep voice, getting a little embarrassed when Yugi looks at the kill below them. "Dinner." He said, revealing the most perfect white teeth that shun like LED lights in the dim alley.

Yugi who had never been anything but compassionate, started to feel sorry for the strange man. "This is your dinner?" He asked incredulously, before realizing there was more serious matters to attend to.

"You have to come with me," Yugi said grabbing his arm. "there's something coming for us."

But Yami made no effort to move.

"Come on. You'll die out here and there's nothing super special awesome about dying."

This earns him a chuckle from Yami, but the handsome rogue still didn't budge. "I don't think I have to worry about that."

Yugi was sure he was crazy and if he weren't so compassionate he would've left his ass right there, but Yugi couldn't. "We have to go. How is it that you'd prefer to die here? Are you suicidal?"

Yami just smiled. "Show me what it is you fear and I shall vanquish it for you."

A pang of trepidation rang through him. Just how crazy was Yami and was he dangerous too? "Um, a dragon is attacking us?"



"Well really there's nothing to fear. If you were me you'd have bigger problems. Starting with your soul."

"My soul?" This was starting to be a bad idea.

"If you get bitten like me, and you were bad in your past life, you become soulless and thus turn into this." He gestured to his blood stained shirt. "An animalistic killer with the power to do anything you want."

Yep, he was crazy. As Yugi took a step to walk away, the weirdo was in front of him in lightning speed. "I'm serious."

"How did you do that?"

Yami shrugged. "Easy, like this." He said and he did it again. "It was nice to meet you Yugi, is it? I see you are busy with your running and stuff."

"Wait! How- wh- can I do that?"

But Yami was already walking away. "Wait! You said something about your soul?"

"Nevermind, I see yours is too pure."

Just then the sound of a roar tore through the atmosphere. Yami didn't seem phased. But Yugi was on to something.

"What if we made a trade? You don't have to live in an alley anymore. If you help me stop this thing then I will give you blood."

A confused expression cracked on Yami's face. "What makes you think I want blood?"

Yugi huffed. "Because this is Domino City, if it isn't aliens and dragons it's vampires."

For a second Yami seemed impressed with Yugi's logic. "It's dangerous. My spirit isn't tamed."

Yugi could only think of the years the city had suffered from the plague of monsters and he became desperate. "Please, if only for this one time."

And the rest is history. For all Yugi remembers is a bit of pain and suddenly he was able to tear down the dragon, saving the day and giving birth to the Dark Devil.