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Naruto: Fairy Tail Chronicles

Chapter1: Dying Wish

Shinobi World: Forest of Dead Trees

This was going from bad to worse as the fight went on and it seemed like things were finally coming to head. Hatake Kakashi was renowned as the Copy Ninja of Konohagakure no Sato and was thought to be one of the strongest shinobi of the village. But compared to the monster they were facing now even he had to admit he couldn't possibly win.

The organization known simply as the Akatsuki—a group of S-ranked criminals—had been hunting down Jinchuuriki for months. Two of their members had come to capture Konoha's Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and Kakashi had led the three remaining members of Team Asuma into battle against them. Nara Shikamaru had taken on the one called Hidan and the two had left the area. Now Kakashi stood beside a caught Yamanaka Ino and Akamichi Chouji as the Akatsuki agent called Kakuzu—a man whom had said he had fought the Shodai Hokage himself—readied himself to administer the killing blow.

"This is it," Kakuzu said as the two white masks imbedded in his shoulders charged up. "Katon: Zukokku! Futon: Atsugai!"

"Kamui," Kakashi whispered and the Sharingan spun wildly.

"Futon: Rasengan!" "Suiton: Hahonryu!" "Gufu Suika no Jutsu!" Naruto and Yamato exclaimed as they arrived on the scene and combined their jutsu into a single spinning tornado of water and wind between the two combatants.

'What is this?' Kakuzu thought as his chest started to convulse and the space in front of him distorted into a spinning vortex. 'Doujutsu, oh crap,' he quickly tried to evade but he was pulled into the vortex.

'Oh shit!' Naruto thought as too was pulled in.

'Damn it...I can't properly control the position and size of the barrier space,' Kakashi thought as he clutched his now bleeding left eye. 'Naruto...' his blond student couldn't escape the vortex's pull and Yamato had already jumped back after his and Naruto's previous combination jutsu.

Kakashi felt the webbed threads around him slacken and he quickly broke free before lunging at Naruto in the hopes of throwing both of them free of the vortex. The pull was too much however and both of them were pulled in instead. Time slowed as the world distorted around them and they both fell through space and time...

Suddenly the two fell to the ground with a pair of echoing thuds. Naruto groaned as he pushed himself back to his feet and spotted an unmoving Kakashi a few feet away. Naruto quickly rushed over to his fallen sensei with a worried look on his face.

"Kakashi-sensei, are you alright?" Naruto asked as he crouched beside the Copy-nin.

"Naruto..." Kakashi strained while lying on his back. He had used too much chakra...far, far too much.

'Considering all of the jutsu I've been using today I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did,' Kakashi thought grimly. 'Using Kamui on top of that must have drained the last of my chakra...I don't have enough left to live through this,' he looked up at the face of his student and spoke. "Don't...worry...about me. Watch out for Kakuzu...he's a member of the Akatsuki for a reason."

"You've cost me quite a bit of trouble," Kakuzu spoke up as he walked out from the trees. "Your heart belongs to me Hatake Kakashi."

"It's time for you to get your ass kicked," Naruto growled out with his back to the Akatsuki agent.

"Yeah, yeah," Kakuzu waved off the comment. "I'll have it out with you another time."

"You're too careless," Kakashi mused.

'What?' Kakuzu thought as an orange blur descended from the trees behind him.

"Rasengan!" Naruto exclaimed as he slammed the spiralling sphere down into Kakuzu's back.

"Damn," Kakuzu winced as he was blown forwards and slammed into the side of a nearby tree with an echoing boom.

"Naruto...be...careful," Kakashi rasped out.

"I got this," Naruto said as he formed a familiar hand-seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" two shadow clones popped into existence beside him a moment later.

"I won't fall for your tricks again boy," Kakuzu sneered as he stood up and his body convulsed, spewing more black threads including some from his mouth.

"He...must be...preparing to fight you," Kakashi spoke.

"Charge!" Naruto yelled and his clones shot forward, only to be destroyed by Kakuzu's black threads a moment later.

'He's using his shadow clones to gather data on the enemy,' Kakashi mused as he watched on.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto quickly summoned another three clones and had two of them start directing chakra to his hands. "I'll end it with this!" he yelled as a bell-like screech filled the air. A moment later he held up a spinning white chakra shuriken with what looked like a Rasengan in its center.

'What...is that?' Kakuzu thought with a shiver. "So this is the power of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki...well the jutsu certainly befits the beast."

"Come here!" Naruto yelled as he and his clones shot forward.

'The clones are irrelevant,' Kakuzu thought as he jumped into the air. 'If this jutsu is anything like the one he used before then he will need to get in close to use it. As long as I take out that jutsu and the main body then will be over,' he thrust out his black threads and impaled Naruto through the chest and arms. "I won't fall for you tricks!" a second later 'Naruto' disappeared in a poof of smoke. 'A shadow clone?'

"Wanna bet?" Naruto shouted as he and his clones appeared behind him with another chakra shuriken in hand. "I've got you now!"

'He mixed his real body in with the clones?' Kakuzu thought in surprise.

"Futon: Rasenshuriken!" Naruto exclaimed as he slammed the spinning chakra shuriken into Kakuzu's back.

It spun wildly for a few seconds before propelling Kakuzu forward and expanding into a large spinning sphere of wind and power. Kakuzu screamed as his body was ripped apart until with a blast of wind the sphere exploded. After the dust cleared Kakuzu's unmoving body could be seen in the center of the newly formed crater.

'The number of times the wind slashed at his body was more than even my Sharingan could see,' Kakashi thought amazed. 'What a magnificent jutsu...it seems he's finally surpassed me. Jutsu that were even beyond you Minato-sensei are well within his grasp.'

"Kakashi-sensei...I did it," Naruto laughed softly as he clutched his bleeding right arm.

"Nicely...done...Naruto," Kakashi gasped out and slipped into unconsciousness.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto cried in worry. Just then he heard a rustle from the nearby trees and turned to see what it was. "Who's there?" he demanded.

"Calm yourself, young man," an elderly woman emerged from the woods with pink hair of all things.

"S-Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked upon seeing her hair.

"Sakura? My name is Porlyusica," the woman responded. "I heard the explosion and came to investigate."

"Please...you have to help my sensei," Naruto pleaded. "He's dying."

"...I will see what I can do," Porlyusica conceded and crouched down beside the white-haired man. "Come with me...my home isn't far from here."

Earthland: East Forest / Porlyusica's House

Truthfully Porlyusica had only gone to investigate because she had felt an unusual disturbance similar to Anima and wanted to see what had caused it. When she had first arrived at the scene she wasn't surprised to see that the three combatants had already finished their battle. One of them was dead and from what she was able to understand the nucleus of every cell in his body had been destroyed by whatever had created that crater she had found him in.

The blond boy also had a similar but noticeably less amount of the same damage in his right arm which she had bandaged up and healed to the best of her considerable ability. Finally the white-haired man was on his deathbed which seemed to be caused by the lack of life energy in his body. She had tried to augment his rapidly depleting life force and he had regained consciousness but sadly creating life was beyond even her powers...

"You're going to be fine," Naruto tried to reassure both himself and the Copy-nin but Kakashi just chuckled at his words.

"I think we both know that's not true this time Naruto," Kakashi leaned his head back and sighed. "Naruto...I have something to ask of you," he gasped out as he looked up at him.

"What is it?" Naruto asked with tears falling down his face.

"I want you...to take my Sharingan," Kakashi answered.

"Sensei, I can't-" Naruto started.

"Take it...take it and use it. It's a tool I was entrusted with...now I'm entrusting it to you Naruto," Kakashi interrupted. "Please...grant a Shinobi's dying wish...you of all people should understand a dying wish, Naruto."

"...Yeah," Naruto nodded remembering another dying wish, though that one was ignored by the people of Konoha. "Save your strength sensei," Naruto told him.

"No...not yet...Sasuke...when you run into him again...he may not be the boy we once knew. As his friend I want you to stop him from falling even more into darkness than he already is...I fear what he may become if you don't stop him before that happens," Kakashi whispered and the blond pulled back.

"Damn it...why is this happening?" Naruto cried.

"Porlyusica-san...my left eye...I want you to remove it and implant it in Naruto," Kakashi said as he turned his head to look at the elderly woman.

"Are you sure?" Porlyusica asked curious. That red eye of his must be something special if he was asking her to transfer it to the blond boy.

"I'm sure...You need to do it now Porlyusica-san," Kakashi told her and she reluctantly nodded.

Kakashi didn't feel a thing as she numbed his eye socket and suddenly his vision in his left eye turned into a dark void. Naruto didn't move as she repeated the process with him by removing his left eye and slowly inserted the Sharingan into the eye socket. Naruto blinked several times and covered his left eye with his hand.

"It's done," Porlyusica said finally.

"I leave the rest to you...Naruto..." Kakashi whispered before darkness finally claimed him.

"Kakashi-sensei," Naruto sobbed as his master passed away.

Porlyusica watched on silently and after a few seconds passed by she quietly exited the room, leaving the blond boy to mourn his master's passing. An hour later she returned to the sight of Naruto with his head resting on the side of the bed with red streaks down the side of his face, clearly asleep. She sighed at yet another death happening within her lifetime and pulled a small blanket over Naruto's still form.

Perhaps there was something she could do for the boy...

Naruto's Mindscape: Jinchuuriki Seal

The next day Naruto rested Kakashi's body on a small bonfire and set it ablaze as per protocol. Upon death and in the event that shinobi's body cannot be returned to the village it was to be burned to keep the body's secrets from falling into enemy hands. A week passed since then and Porlyusica had explained to Naruto where he was. At first Naruto didn't believe he could possibly be in another world entirely but that changed when he confronted the demon within him.

"So my jailor finally returns," Kyuubi spoke mockingly as he watched his container approach the cage doors. "I knew you would come back."

"I want answers fox," Naruto said with a glare. "Where the hell am I? And how do I get back to Konoha?"

"I do not answer to you, boy," Kyuubi snarled back. "Do not ask questions to which you already know the answer."

"So the old hag was telling the truth? We really did end up in another world?" Naruto asked.

"You seem surprised," Kyuubi mocked. "Surely you remember what that master of yours told you about his jutsu."

"Don't you dare mock Kakashi-sensei," Naruto glared back.

"Even if he did give you that accursed eye of his you are still nothing before me," Kyuubi sneered. "One day this seal will weaken completely and I will break free. When that day comes I will devour you and I be wreak havoc on this world...and this time I will not be manipulated by those disgusting Uchiha."

"When this seal does finally collapse I will kick your overgrown furry ass and take your power once and for all. That's a promise," Naruto shot back and turned away. "Just you wait fox...we'll settle our score then," he walked out of the chamber and vanished from the mindscape.

"...I'll be waiting...Naruto," Kyuubi said darkly as its massive red eyes closed and it drifted off to sleep again.

Earthland: East Forest

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed and slapped his hand down on the ground. A large seal matrix spread out across the ground and a second later a large human-sized toad appeared in a poof of smoke. "Yo Gamakichi," he greeted the toad.

"Bro! You're alive!" Gamakichi exclaimed. "When we didn't hear anything from you we were beginning to worry; your friends returned to Konoha and reported that you and your sensei were pulled into his jutsu along with the enemy."

"That guy from Akatsuki...Kakuzu I think his name was...he's dead," Naruto explained. "I'm fine but Kakashi-sensei...he didn't make it."

"...I see," Gamakichi nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry."

"...So am I," Naruto said finally.

"Your eye..." Gamakichi trailed off upon seeing Naruto's leaf headband covering his left eye. "Don't tell me that sensei of yours gave you his Sharingan."

"Yeah he did," Naruto replied. "It was his dying wish...I've burned his body so no one else can get anything from him," he added. "Anyway, can you help me get home?"

"I could reverse summon you to Myobokuzan," Gamakichi mused. "And then we could summon you back to Konoha from there."

"Let's do that," Naruto nodded.

"Jiraiya thought that you might actually summon us to get into contact with Konoha so he wanted to speak with you," Gamakichi told him. "Once I reverse summon you too Myobokuzan I'll then reverse summon Jiraiya and you can talk about what to do from there."

"Sounds like a plan," Naruto nodded.

"Alright then," Gamakichi said and disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"So you're going home?" an aged voice spoke from behind him.

"I don't know if I'll be coming back," Naruto said without turning round.

"If you do I look forward to our next meeting Uzumaki Naruto," Porlyusica spoke sternly and a second later Naruto disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Summon Realm: Myobokuzan

"So this is where you live?" Naruto asked as he looked around at the strange toad village.

"Yes it is," a small elderly looking green toad spoke from ahead. "I am Fukasaku; this place is really a separate world from both the Shinobi World and Earthland, where you found yourself sent during your last fight."

"How many worlds are there?" Naruto asked the elder toad.

"Many," Fukasaku replied cryptically. "I know of only four more."

"How many people know about this?" Naruto inquired further.

"Just the other animals that inhabit this realm," Fukasaku answered. "Our territory borders the snakes and slugs. There are also numerous other summon contractors in this world. Ours is one of the only worlds that allow travel between others."

"What about Earthland?" Naruto asked.

"We haven't had a summoner in Earthland for centuries," Fukasaku replied. "That's dragon territory," he added.

"Dragons?" Naruto asked in surprise. "They're real?"

"Of course they are," Fukasaku shrugged. "Though they may have died off, I don't know...like I said we haven't had any contact with Earthland for centuries."

"You sure had Tsunade-hime worried brat," a new familiar voice spoke up from behind him.

"Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asked in surprise.

"I heard what happened to Kakashi," Jiraiya nodded. "And judging by the way your headband it placed I think it's safe to say you have his Sharingan now."

"...Yeah," Naruto nodded sadly. "I won but it was already too late."

"...I have good news, bad news and worse news," Jiraiya spoke again after a moment. "The good news is that your old pal Sasuke has killed Orochimaru."

"Sasuke...killed Orochimaru?" Naruto blinked in shock. "Then he's coming back to Konoha, right?"

"That's the bad news," Jiraiya spoke grimly. "He's putting together a team of his own and appears to be going after Itachi, directly."

"...That idiot," Naruto gritted out as his fists clenched at his side. "I need to go after him."

"And that's the worse news," Jiraiya continued. "Tsunade-hime told me that if I ever contacted you I was to give you orders to send you into hiding."

"What? You can't just expect me to hide while Sasuke is out in the open and the Akatsuki are hunting me!" Naruto yelled.

"Think about it," Jiraiya shot back. "The Akatsuki are after the Kyuubi and if you remain in Konoha then in all likelihood the Akatsuki will launch a direct attack just like they did in Suna months ago. As Hokage, Tsunade cannot risk the safety of the village over one man no matter what; you of all people should understand her position."

"...Damn it," Naruto gritted out in anger and turned away. "Fine," he conceded.

"I'll have Gamakichi send you back to Earthland," Fukasaku spoke up. "You can summon Gamamaru to maintain contact with Konoha."

"...I'm sorry Naruto," Jiraiya said sadly.

"I know."

Earthland: East Forest / Hillside

At the edge of a cliff, overlooking a large forest and a pair of mountains in the back stood Naruto with the front of his jumpsuit open and waving in the wind. He breathed as his eye closed and he turned his head down to the ground.

"So you're back," Porlyusica said from a few feet behind him. "I take it something came up," it was a statement more than a question.

"...I've been given orders to 'hide' in this world from my enemies back home," Naruto answered her unasked question. "It seems like no matter how hard I try or how strong I get, I still can't do anything."

"Are you running away?" Porlyusica asked him.

"...I don't run away from my problems," Naruto replied. "I face them head on and never give up."

"But..." Porlyusica trailed off.

"I couldn't stop my best friend from betraying me and everyone I care about. I couldn't even save Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said as he brought his hand up and pushed his headband out of the way of his left eye. "My dream is to become Hokage...but maybe...I've really been running away from what I really want."

"And that is?" Porlyusica inquired.

"To be free," Naruto snapped his head up at the sky and opened both of his eyes revealing one ocean blue and the other spinning red.

"I think you'll fit in well at Fairy Tail."

Author's Notes:

I'm back and with a new story too. I think I've already thought of all the problems concerning this crossover but if there are any issues that I've missed, please tell me. Below are a list of specific issues, namely different powers and the direction of character development.

Normal Chakra = A mixture of mental and physical energies inside the human body. Said to be the essence of life itself and allows a body (be they organic or puppet/doll) to live.

Nature Chakra = Elemental Affinity of Normal Chakra

Magic Power = Spiritual energy from within the body that is connected to the natural energy of the world itself.

Natural Energy = The energy of the world itself and can be gathered by sages who are then able to wielded its nearly infinite power.

Naruto = What's there to say about him, really? He is the 'Child of Prophecy' said to bring about a great revolution...but the prophecy never dictated where this revolution would take place. He and his team were just a second too late to stop Kakashi from using Kamui during the battle with Kakuzu and thus ended up sucked in by being too close the vortex.

Kakashi = Naruto's teacher and—unknown to Naruto—the last surviving student of Naruto's own father. Upon his deathbed after the battle with Kakuzu he asks that Naruto take his Mangekyo Sharingan with the hopes of it allowing Naruto to tame the Kyuubi and carry on Obito's vision of the future.

Porlyusica = A mysterious old lady with considerable medical ability capable of creating and implanting eyes. She once created a new eye for a young Erza Scarlet and has now transplanted Kakashi's Sharingan into Naruto. She knows that Naruto is different from others and knows that he is not quite what he seems...


Kage Bunshin no Jutsu = Shadow Clone Technique
Rasengan = Spiralling Sphere
Futon: Rasengan = Wind Release: Spiralling Sphere
Futon: Rasenshuriken = Wind Release: Spiralling Shuriken
Suiton: Hahonryu = Water Release: Tearing Torrent
Gufū Suika no Jutsu = Typhoon Water Vortex Technique
Kamui = Might of the Gods
Katon: Zukokku = Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work
Futon: Atsugai = Wind Release: Pressure Damage
Kuchiyose no Jutsu = Summoning Technique

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