Eight Kiss

Warning: Genderbend, Mild Language, maybe cutest, crappy grammar, OC's, and sucky spelling

Summary: Sam and John eight times when they share a kiss.

Disclaimer: I don't own I Am Number or the character


Kiss on the Stomach:

After many years of fight in the war John can finally settle down. His plan is to head back to Paradise, Ohio but he is not heading home by himself. He is heading home with his new wife. Sam Goode everyone was shock even he was because he thought he will end up with Six or Sarah. Better yet he was surprise that Sam was girl, but somehow six knew that Sam was girl. It doesn't matter now John finally with Sam.

"Where home, Sam." John said as he nudges his wife. Sam slowly woke up.

"What city are we in?" Sam asks as she raises her head.

"Where in Ohio?" John replay as he got car. Sam follows John and she saw John's old home that Henri and he live.

John got idea his smile grew twice as big. Sam had feeling that her new husband has a crazy idea. Sam try to escape but fail John pick up his wife and carry his new wife. When they got into their old house the first thing John did place his wife on couch and kiss on her tummy knowing that little Lorian on it way.

A/N: Sorry if I have to delete the entire story because some parts are missing. Please no flames.