Je T'aime, Link

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It had been a few days since their little 'date' at the Chinese restaurant. It was a weekend and both Ghirahim and Link had no classes to attend. Ghirahim was currently in a battle with his hair because somehow it managed to tangle itself while he slept and every morning he had to untangle it and get it hang in its natural curtain over his eye.

"Why do you always cover your eye with your hair?" Link asked, startling Ghirahim who had not expected the blonde to quietly sneak up on him so early in the morning.

"I like it like this," he responded, resuming running his hands through the long mess of hair.

Link came closer to Ghirahim and stopped him. "Wait."

Ghirahim looked at the blonde, mildly annoyed that his friend was interrupting his daily ritual. "What?"

Link suddenly began pushing Ghirahim's hair behind his ear, his expression serious before he grinned. "I like it like that."
Ghirahim looked back into the bathroom mirror to see that the blonde had pushed his hair back so that it wasn't covering half his face. He glanced back at Link. "You like my hair like this?"

Link nodded.


"It shows off your eyes."

The two stared at each other for a few seconds and without even realizing what they were doing leaned closer.

The door to their dorm room suddenly slammed open, startling the two apart, and a voice shouted, "Where the hell are you, Ghirahim? !"

"Oh, it's Shadow!" Link said happily while Ghirahim groaned.

Shadow was Link's twin brother. The only difference between them was that Shadow had night black hair and ruby eyes and was a vicious person; to Link, Shadow was merely 'always grumpy.'

Shadow suddenly appeared at the threshold to the bathroom, locking eyes with Ghirahim before grabbing the front of his shirt.

"You're comin' with me!"

"Ah, wait, Shadow-chan!" Link said as Shadow dragged Ghirahim out into the hallway. "Ghira promised he'd help me study my calculus!"

"I'll be back in a few minutes," Ghirahim responded, looking back at Link promisingly.

"Probably never once I'm done with him!" Shadow retorted.

Link sighed as he watched his friend and brother disappear around a corner.

"Okay, what's your deal?" Ghirahim asked once he and Shadow had gotten far enough away from his dorm. "Why are you so pissed at me?"

"You're in love with my brother! How can I not be pissed?"

"Who told you that?" Ghirahim asked in surprise before he scowled as he and Shadow replied at the same time, "Zelda."

"Look, it's just a crush." Ghirahim said. "That's all."

"Crush my ass! You're in love with him and you know it. Look, I trust you because my brother does the same. You've been friends with him longer than Zelda. Why don't you just tell him you like him?"

"I'm afraid of rejection, all right? My dad didn't like how I was when I was younger; Link was the only one who kept me on solid ground. Rejection once is good enough for me. I don't want to go back there."

Shadow sighed as Ghirahim glanced to the side before he scratched the back of his neck as he tried to think of something to say.

"Look, Ghira-"

"Just so you know, this feeling's taking control of me and I can't help it. I can't let her win now."

"Look just tell him you like him and I know my brother; he won't get it. Say you like him as more than a friend."
"What if he says no?"
"My brother likes you," Shadow put a hand on Ghirahim's shoulder. "When we were young you were all he talked about."

Ghirahim seemed surprised by that as he stared at Shadow. "Really?"

"I may be cruel, but I don't lie."

When Ghirahim came back into the room, he stopped when he saw Zelda and Link sitting at the coffee table in front of the sofa. He gave a low growl as he asked, "What is that doing here?"

"A few minutes after you left, Zelda came to help me with my calculus." Link said as if nothing were wrong.

Ghirahim gave a frustrated sigh. "All right, that's it. You wanna play hardball, Zelda?"

The blonde glared at him.

"Let's play hardball. Link, you have to choose one of us."

Link became confused. "What do you mean?"

"Which one of us do you like?"

"I like you both," Link replied with an innocent smile.

"As in more than a friend."

"Oh," Link said in realization.

He kept quiet for a few seconds, contemplating his answer before he said, "I guess it'd have to be you, Ghira."

That surprised Ghirahim because he had not expected Link to answer so fast; unfortunately, Zelda didn't feel the same way.

The blonde slapped Link, startling both him and Ghirahim as she stood up.

"Jerk!" Zelda snapped as she stomped out of the room.

It took a few seconds before Ghirahim moved toward Link, crouching in front of him.

"You okay?" he asked as he touched the blonde's injured cheek.

"Yeah, it just stings a little bit," Link chuckled like he had just not been slapped and nothing was wrong.

He couldn't help but say it as he stared into Link's sky blue eyes.

"Je T'aime," he murmured, not at all regretting that he had taken French in high school with Link (though he was still taking it).

"Je sais," Link replied with a smile as he put his hand over the top of Ghirahim's.

I love French. :3

Je T'aime-I love you

Je sais-I know

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