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19 Days

January 28, 2012

A New Host Club!

"…You guys are crazy."

Hikaru looked the small café up and down, noting its need for refurbishing and a serious new paint job (according to the hideously bright pink shudders). A harsh chilly breeze had him pulling the baby he held, all bundled up and barely visible, closer to his chest. His nose was starting to run and he could practically feel his cheeks already chapping as white powdery puffs began to drizzle from the sky, smooth and graceful movements like a trickle of water or the bat of a butterfly's wings.

The young man sniffed, gathering his bright red nose up in a small grimace. "And I certainly can't believe milord wrapped you into his crazy schemes, Kyouya-sempai."

The aforementioned ebony-haired man smiled, so sweetly devious but also affectionate, and turned toward his younger friend. "I think it's a fun idea," his eyes darted back to the blonde prince, "and frankly I miss being so busy taking care of this crazy club while taking over the world in my spare time."

The brunette next to him snorted. "You know, sometimes sempai, I believe you grow fangs at night and simply hypnotize your victims into unsuspecting corporal take-overs," Hikaru said with a smile, studying the building once again. "But you're right…starting the host club again actually will be fun."

Tamaki skipped over, his signature child-like grin lighting up his entire face. "Alright! Kyouya, Hikaru," he addressed them, clapping his hands, "now I know everybody couldn't make it today, but the first new Host Club meeting must go on!" he declared.

"Yes…about that," Kyouya interrupted, the golden-haired king's face visibly dropping.


"We bought the café in hopes of entertaining guests on weekends, however most of us will have schedule conflicts it seems," the Shadow King brought up, looking through his little black notebook. "It's an absolute miracle that I was able to make it."

Hikaru nodded. "Yeah Tamaki…don't get me wrong, I love the idea, but I kind of have a kid to take care of now," he rocked Kaoru a little as if to exaggerate his point, "and we're all grown up, we can't make the Host Club our first priority anymore."

Tamaki deflated, his smile falling instantly and lavender-shaded eyes losing their brilliant glow. He pursed his lips, resting his chin on his fist as if in thought. "I suppose you're right…"

A small smirk. "I do have an idea, however, Tamaki," Kyouya said, a gleam in his glasses.

Tamaki grinned. "And what would that be?"

The youngest Otoori looked at Hikaru for a moment, silently requesting his approval of the idea as well. "Why don't we simply hold try-outs for new hosts?"

Hikaru scowled slightly—he did not like the idea of some newbies coming up and screwing up their beloved club. "No way! Whoever's chosen to be the 'new hosts' will just get cocky and start doing whatever they want!" he protested, eye brows narrowed.

Tamaki chortled at him. "Kind of like you did, Hikaru?"

Hikaru grimaced further. "I-it was different when Kaoru—" the name slightly burned his tongue "—and I did it! We actually respected you, Tamaki (somewhat), and didn't plan to steal the club away—we don't know what the newbies could plan to do!"

"And that's why we're going to have try-outs," Kyouya interrupted, "besides—we own the building and will be supplying our new, employees I suppose, with their paychecks. With seven bosses they'll be too afraid to pull any type of anarchy over us." A slight purple glow started to surround the Shadow King, and Hikaru could swear he heard the cawing of crows and the screams of young hosts in the back ground. "I'll make sure of that."

Tamaki did a small giddy hop. "I think it's a perfect idea, Kyouya! A new generation of hosts!" The blonde French boy then turned towards Hikaru with a reassuring smile. "I'm sure it'll be fine Hikaru, we have an Otoori on our side!"

Hikaru could feel a grin poking at the tips of his lips. "I suppose you're right…"

The elder gripped his shoulders. "And think about it! One day little Kaoru there could take over for us, and the Host Club could continue for ages!" Tamaki mentioned joyfully, bending slightly and caressing the sleeping baby's cheek with his pointer finger. He swelled as Kaoru made a content hum in his sleep.

Hikaru chuckled. "Alright, alright, might as well."

Kyouya smirked cunningly, "Perfect."

Tamaki clapped his hands once again, as if officially adjourning the meeting. "It's final then—we'll have try-outs next week!"


Yup—you guys get to decide who will replace each host 'type' for the new host club! And who better than to choose other characters from all of our favorite animes? :3

I have chosen two or three other characters for each type, and I will list them below, but if you have another character you would like to nominate, let me know! Some of the types I had a hard time with, so the more characters the better! Those new nominations will then be seen during try-outs.

Here's the list:


Soul—Soul Eater

Sebastian—Black Butler

Yuki—Fruits Basket



Ayame—Fruits Basket

Raikou WITH Gau—Nabari no Ou (Stay with me here, we need some pairing to replace Hikaru and Kaoru ;) and I have great ideas for these two! If you haven't seen this anime, WATCH IT. WATCH IT NOW. These two will be your new favorite pairing. Seriously. )


Hiro—Fruits Basket

Death the Kid—Soul Eater



Italy—Hetalia (I had to put him in here somewhere!)

Ciel—Black Butler (That loveable douchebag!)


Senri- +Anime (the only other silent character I know of…)



Miharu—Nabari no Ou

Momiji—Fruits Basket (HE'S A BUNNY FOR GODS SAKE)


Alright! There's my ideas, now you guys throw in yours!

Now I know some of them you probably looked at like 'WTF that makes NO SENSE' but work with me. A week for anymore nominations, and then you guys will read their try-outs and decide who you like best! Then you vote, and that character will probably become a regular character for Butterfly Child! :3 So choose wisely! ;)

I will be on va-cay for a week, so I won't be able to update until next Monday probably. But until then, think about who you would like as a host! :)