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*What the hell is taking them so long*

Dean hunched in the furthest corner of the basement, thankful there was no lights and no obvious sounds that could irritate him at that point.

Slowly but surely he was losing his grip on human reality and sinking deeply into the depths of his new found Vampire self.

Left alone with his thoughts, Dean couldn't help but mull over what Sam had suggested and wondered why his younger brother was so quick to hand him over on a plate.

Dean thought maybe he was over thinking the situation and maybe Sam is just desperate to see Dean get cured…but something nagged at the back of Dean's mind, something that told him there was an alternative motive.

He didn't trust Sam.

Not anymore and that terrified Dean, but he had caught sight of Sam earlier that night. He seen Sam stand back and do nothing before Dean was about to be turned, from that moment he knew trust wasn't on the cards anymore. How could he do that to his own brother?

Dean started to pace frantically, until a sudden scent hit his nose and he stopped dead in his tracks. There was somebody new in the building, somebody strong.

The scent filled Dean up from the inside out…blood, powerful, fresh and so strong that it could have been in the same room as him.

Something familiar about the smell tapped into Dean's mind and before he could think it over, there was a sudden very loud rushing sound and Castiel appeared in the basement.

He stood on the opposite side of the room, not making a move towards Dean and just staring intently in his direction. Dean felt his stomach lurch; he didn't want Cas in here.

Dean was pretty sure his control would have held out for a little while longer around Sam or Samuel…but Cas, his scent was stronger…different somehow and it worked something up inside of Dean.

"Cas? What the hell are you doing here…you need to leave…NOW" he yelled angrily in Castiel's direction, but made no attempt to move.

"I'm not leaving Dean. Sam told me what you are…"

"Then you know…you shouldn't be here…please Cas I don't want to hurt you…but I can feel myself slipping away…please…" Dean begged, now shaking uncontrollably.

The need to drink every last drop of Castiel's blood was becoming too much and it was taking every ounce of his human person to hold him back.

"I am not going anywhere Dean."

Dean felt the anger bubbling inside of him…

*Why the hell won't he leave*

He desperately wanted to smack some sense into Cas, he didn't understand why the angel wouldn't leave…was he gunning for a bloody death?

The combination of anger, frustration and blood lust pushed Dean over the edge.

He lunged across the length of the room rapidly, grabbing Castiel and slamming him hard against the wall.

Castiel stared right into Dean's eyes as a challenge and not even attempting to get away.

"I don't understand you…why are you doing this…"

Castiel knew if he explained the circumstances to Dean, he would be even more reluctant than he was right now.

"I just needed to see you"

"You're insane" Dean hissed out.

Dean held Castiel firmly in place, his hands gripping the angel's upper arms tightly, their faces and bodies only inches apart.

They were too close for Dean to handle and yet he couldn't let go. His control finally slipped and he gave in to temptation.

He moved closer to Cas, letting his head fall forward and nuzzle against the angel's neck.

Cas went completely still, his whole body seized up and waited for a sharp bite to come…but it didn't, not yet.

Dean breathed in the scent that radiated from Cas' neck and closed his eyes in bliss, letting his lips brush slightly over the pulse point in front of him.

"You should stop me…" Dean breathed out, not moving from his position.

"I don't want to stop you." Cas replied without a hint of hesitancy in his voice.

Dean pulled back to meet Cas' eyes and narrowed his own in suspicion.

The scent of the angel blood was overwhelming, the sound of Cas' rapidly beating heart was now music to his ears rather than an annoyance and Dean couldn't take it anymore. A strange mixture of blood lust and…desire? Overtook his system and he lost it.

Dean moved his hands from Cas' arms, using one to reach up and grab a fistful of Cas' hair and pull his head to one side, leaving a nice elongated view of the angel's neck. The other hand slammed loudly on the wall beside Cas' head, causing the angel to flinch at the sudden noise.

Castiel felt a rush of adrenaline as the situation picked up, he could feel a mixture of emotion flooding from Dean, one of which included a horrendous amount of guilt…but this needed to happen.

"Just do it Dean, I trust you"

He looked at Cas with an amused smirk, he didn't fully understand why Cas wanted this and he wasn't about to question it, mostly because he was way too gone to care at this point. Human Dean had pretty much left the building.

"Pushy…" Dean laughed, a sense of evil agenda surrounding the chuckle.

"Dean…please…" Cas begged, needing to move this along before Dean could back out of the situation, again.

"What…now you're begging for it? Are you telling me the little nerd angel, likes it rough?" Dean teased and chuckled.

Castiel felt a surge of something new…something different.

The intensity of the situation, the teasing, and the way Dean's lips were a mere breath away from his own and strangely, Cas found it a turn on. At that moment he wanted everything and wanted Dean to drink him…all of him.

The angel could do nothing but nod at that point, which caused Dean to huff in surprise.

"Huh…well go figure…"

Dean met with Castiel's intense, now lust filled blue stare and his joking subsided, immediately his lips met with the pulse point on Castiel's neck.

Cas moaned loudly, feeling Dean's lips against his neck drove him to the point of insane and he couldn't help but buck his hips outwards towards the hunter. Dean took great pleasure in hearing Cas moan and surged his body forward until it was flush against the angel's, pinning him to the wall and causing a similar moan to rip from Dean's lips.

Dean smiled against Cas' neck and relished in the feeling of the angel's warm body pressed against his own, noting the clothed hardness that was now pressing against his own. When he grinded slightly against the hot body, another moan rippled from Cas' lips and Dean couldn't help but give.

He kissed the pulse point on Castiel's neck repeatedly, letting his mouth fall into open mouthed kisses and his tongue darting out, licking up the length of the angel's neck.

"Dean please…" Cas begged, not entirely sure what he was begging for at this point…to move along his plan or to encourage Dean in his lustful actions.

Castiel was worked up, practically squirming under Dean for release of some sort…pain, pleasure…anything he could get at this point.

Dean moved away from Cas' neck loving the broken sounds of an angel coming undone, he slammed his lips forcefully onto the angel's causing a montage of moans from them both. The kiss was open mouthed, wet, messy and down right rough, but it hit the spot.

Once they broke apart, Dean fixed Cas with a knowing stare and parted his legs, slipping one of his own between the angel's, letting them fit perfectly against one another. Castiel was lost at this point, it had gone too far, he knew he shouldn't find pleasure in this and he knew that in any other circumstances this would never happen with regular Dean.

Both of them were too far gone to even care.

Dean let a finger slide down Cas' clothed chest, causing the angel to groan in suspense and hitch a breath. The hunter grabbed Cas' hip with one hand, the other still fisting in the dark, messy hair on Castiel's head. For the first time, Cas removed his hands from where they were resting against the wall and attached them to Dean's hips and attempting to bring him closer in encouragement.

Slowly Dean began moving against Cas, grinding against him and when Castiel moaned his name loudly, gripping Dean's hips with firm hands. That was about all he could take.

Letting lips meet Cas' neck once more, Dean was about to fully lose control and there was no going back now. He sucked and licked urgently at Cas' neck, before pulling back and letting his full Vampire form emerge.

Dean launched forward, sinking his teeth into Castiel's neck and causing a pained groan to fall from the angel's lips.

Their hips picked up pace and Dean was now rapidly rutting against Cas' leg and vice versa. The angel couldn't distinguish between pain and pleasure anymore, as the two powerful sensations were drilling through his system all at once.

Angel blood was the most delicious substance that had ever passed Dean's lips. All the power, all the good intentions…all of Cas was flowing into his system and Dean could feel his orgasm approaching. The combination of sweet blood finally passing his Vampire lips and the feeling of Cas pushing back against his own body, was shaping up to be the most mind blowing experience of his life.

Cries of pain and pleasure filled the room.

Castiel couldn't help but rut against Dean, needing to feel more of him and his orgasm approached without much warning. The angel came hard in his pants, crying out Dean's name repeatedly and digging his fingers deep into Dean's denim clad ass, surging him forward.

The pleasure was overwhelming, so much so that it made Cas forget about the pain for just a moment and he relished in the feeling flooding through his body.

The pull of Cas' hands on Dean's ass, pushed the hunter over the edge and he came just as hard in his own jeans, never breaking from the angel's neck.

The pleasure was subsiding slowly and Cas was beginning to feel the drag of blood being pulled from his neck, the constant burning sensation from where Dean's teeth sunk in deeply.

This was when Castiel had to put his trust in Dean, hoping he would know when to stop.

Dean was still coming down from his high, pulling and sucking out as much angel blood as he could. He glanced sideways to see Cas' face, which now look pained, uncomfortable and looking like he was about to pass out.

He wanted to stop desperately, but his hunger was raging on…

It was only when Dean noticed one single tear fall from Cas' eye and roll down his cheek, that Dean found his inner human and pushed himself off Castiel and stumbled backwards.

His Vampire form fell from his features and Dean fell to his knees in pain.

Cas sighed in relief, holding a hand to his own bloodied neck and slipped down until he landed in a sitting position, staying slumped on the floor and resting against the cold, hard cemented wall.

"Cas…something's happening…" Dean groaned out in pain, the bubbling pain filled his stomach to the brim and he felt something working him from the inside out.

The angel watched on and prayed that it would work as he watched Dean.

A blinding light exploded from Dean's eyes and he fell backwards against the floor, before it disappeared.

Everything was still…

"Dean…" Cas called out nervously, not being able to summon up energy to move over to his body.

When he heard Dean groan, Cas let out another relieved sigh and watched as Dean pushed himself to sit up.

The hunter stared blankly for a moment, confusion flooding his face, reaching up to feel for fangs and finding nothing. His gaze shot over to Castiel and Dean scrambled across the floor to the angel.

"Oh God…Cas? Can you hear me? Hey…Cas?" Dean panicked, noting the angel's hooded eye lids and the swaying of his body.

He lightly slapped the side of Cas' face and pulled his attention towards Dean. Finally Cas let out a small smile and nodded slightly to motion he was ok.

"Oh thank God…what the hell just happened, how am I…well…me again?"

"Angel Blood…a cure for Vampirism" Cas stated, his voice slightly more croaky than usual.

"What? How did we not know that…oh my God Cas, I am so sorry…it shouldn't have fallen to you to cure me…I could have killed you"

Cas smiled again and met with Dean's eyes.

"I trust you Dean…I knew you would stop before it got too late. I believe in you…otherwise I wouldn't have attempted this…and angel blood is incredibly sacred and pure, in some situations it can cleanse a human of infected blood. It doesn't work for everything, but thankfully for you, it works for Vampires."

Dean felt a surge of guilt; he just nearly killed the angel who has actual faith in him.

"Thank you…I'm still sorry though, it shouldn't be like this…Are you gonna be OK?" Dean asked carefully, reaching a hand out to inspect Cas' wound.

"Yes…I will need a bit of time to heal, but I'll be OK and Dean?"


"It should be like this…I couldn't let you put your life at risk in that Vampire nest. I can't believe Sam would even suggest it…he didn't want me to come down here…I had to take action."

Dean stared back in awe of Cas' persistence and feeling not so surprised that Sam didn't want Cas to get involved.

"I don't trust Sam…I hate saying that out loud, but it's true. He watched me get turned Cas and there had to be another motive there, but he isn't spilling the beans…I just can't trust him. How DID you get down here without interruption?"

Castiel stared at the floor, looking slightly guilty.

"I had to knock them both out…they didn't want my help, they wouldn't listen to reason."

Dean chuckled lightly and smirked in approval.

"Nice…at least I know I got one person I can trust."

The angel smiled back and their eye contact held for longer than necessary.

Dean cleared his throat to break the moment, his mind now flooding back to the fact him and Cas pretty much got each other off while on a major power trip.

It was awkward…now that Dean thought back, Cas was obviously wanting to encourage the blood drinking, but it had turned into something else entirely. The angel had been turned on, so had Dean and the lust took hold of them both.

They had been like embarrassing, horny teenagers, grinding and coming in their pants and yet at the time, there was something incredibly hot about the whole thing and Dean could barely look at Cas now.

"I apologise about my actions earlier…they were uncalled for." Cas spoke up first, trying to clear the air.

"What? Oh…that, well I didn't exactly help matters…"

"You were possessed, I had no excuse."

Dean shook his head in disagreement, he knew damn well that his human mind could have controlled the sexual part of their situation and yet Dean had wanted it…bad. Almost as much as Castiel, but clearly neither one of them were up to discussing it.

"Oh believe me…I could have stopped it, but I didn't want to…felt really good." Dean admitted, not wanting to meet Castiel's stare. He only lifted his head when Cas responded.

"Yes…yes it did."

Their eyes met and Dean swallowed hard, neither of them knew what to make of the sudden want for each other. But it was clear it wasn't going away anytime soon.

Dean shuffled closer to Cas, pulling off his shirt and moving the angel's hand aside, covering the wound with his balled up shirt in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

"This might work better…"

"Thank You Dean"

Dean smiled and before anything else could be said. The door was flung open and a pissed off looking Sam launched inside.

His angry rant was pulled to a halt when he noticed the situation at hand. Cas was bloodied with a clear neck wound…but Dean was OK.

"What the hell?"

"Cas cured me…turns out angel blood is a direct cure for Vampirism…then again if you had listened to him in the first place, maybe you would have known that too…" Dean ranted, now standing up to face Sam, anger clear in his tone of voice.

"I didn't know…I'm glad you're OK though…but…"

Castiel's head lifted slowly and he shot a disapproving glare at Sam, as though he knew what the younger brother was about to say.

"…what about the Vamp nest?" He asked cautiously, avoiding the angel's glare.

"We deal with it…as we always do. But I'm not going in there alone… with you. Here is the deal…we wait until Cas is fully healed, figure out an action plan and when everything is in place we end this together…me, you, Samuel and Cas." Dean gritted out his words harshly, making it clear there was no way he trusted to go in there alone with Sam.

Sam winced at Dean's words and reluctantly nodded in agreement, before storming out of the room.

Dean felt a pang of sadness, it has never been this way between the brother's and he hates not being able to trust Sam. But this had been pushed to the limit.

He made his way back over to Cas and helped him stand up.

"Are you alright Dean?" Cas asked, placing a hand on Dean's arm in comfort.

"Yeah…I'll be OK. Let's get you healed up, yeah?" Dean smiled, going to lead Cas out of the basement door.


"Honestly Cas, I'm fine…and like I said. At least I have someone I can trust."

Castiel nodded in agreement and smiled at the hunter, before they made their way out of the basement.

An end to a very interesting night.