Alice and her sister, Rosalie, move to Forks with their mother. On the first day of school Alice bumps into Bella Cullen. From then on her life spirals into a strange reality that she fights to understand. Somehow, in the mist of all that, can she fall in love?

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The first day

Somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, Esme Platt called her two daughters down the stairs. She had been transferred to Forks, Washington. The trouble may be telling her girls, Alice and Rosalie. They were twins, though complete opposites. "Alice, Rosalie," Esme called.

Alice was the first to arrive, paint on her cheeks and forehead, as well as her hands. "Yeah, mom?" Alice was rather short, only standing at 5'2". She had a somewhat pale complexion and short, spiked, jet black hair, as well as vivid green eyes. Only adding to how cute she looked, there were a few freckles scattered along her cheeks and nose.

"Hold on, let's wait for your sister," Her mother smiled.

"What's up, mom?" Rosalie, the taller girl of the house, walked down the stairs. She was 5'7", had blonde hair reaching to her waist, steely gray eyes, and a slight tan.

"Well, girls, I've been transferred for work,"

"Cool! Where to?" Alice smiled.

"Forks, Washington,"

"That's cool. We go where you go, mom," Rose smiled at her mother.

"Thank you for your support, girls. Why don't we start to pack up, then? We have to be there in a couple of days," Esme smiled at her daughters.

"Okay. We can start in our rooms, then work our way out," Alice grinned, then ran up to her room to begin packing.

"I swear, she has far too much energy," Rose sighed, heading to her own room.

Three days later


"Alice! Rosalie! Get up for school!" Mom called up the stairs. I groaned, burying my head into my pillow and pulling the blanket over my head. First day… not fun… don't wanna… must sleep…

An air horn went off in close proximity to my ear. "Wah!" I jumped, got tangled in my blanket, and toppled of my bed. On the way down I also managed to hit my head rather hard. "Owwy! Rose!" I glared up at my sister, who was wearing a black skirt and blue blouse. Oh, and there was a smug grin on her face.

"Get up, kiddo. You still have to shower and get dressed,"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm up, I'm up," I stood, rubbing the back of my head and heading to the bathroom. After a quick shower, I wrapped a towel around me and went back to my room, looking for something I could wear in this cold weather. After a bit of inner debating, I chose black skinny jeans, and a black and green long sleeve t-shirt. I then pulled on my black high-top converse and headed back to the bathroom to pull my hair into my usual spiked and crazy mess. Satisfied in general with my appearance, I went downstairs, grabbing my backpack on the way down.

My mother was waiting in the kitchen, also ready for her first day. Her's would be different, however, for she was an interior designer. I was… well, I got to go to school. Ah, the joys of life. "Have a good day, girls," She smiled.

"Will do, mom. You have a good day, too," Rose smiled.


And with that, Rose and I headed out the door and began the walk to school. It was silent for about half the walk until Rose spoke. "I hope that we have at least one class apart,"

"Defiantly," I agreed. Being twins, people tend to think that having us together all the time is a good idea. I beg to differ…

"Do you think you will meet anyone new?" Rose looked down at me.

"By 'anyone new', do you mean a new partner?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Yes, I do,"

"Maybe, but this is a small town," I shrugged, spotting the school ahead. The parking lot was half full already and I sighed. We got there and I went to look for the office while Rose got pulled aside by what looked like cheerleaders. I chuckled to myself, wanting nothing more than to find my classes so I don't get hopelessly lost in this building. I found the office and cleared my throat. "Excuse me,"

The secretary looked up and smiled. "Yes? What can I do for you?"

"I'm one of the new girls, Alice Platt,"

"Ah, yes. One moment, please," She started to type rapidly. "I have a Mary A. Platt. Is that you?"

I groaned. "Yes, that's me," She handed me my schedule, a map, and a slip for my teachers to sign. I started walking away, reading the list of classes.

P1. Algebra 2

P2. Biology

P3. World history

P4. Gym


P5. Music,

P6. Art

P7. Creative writing

Good thing I was a nerd and could think in the morning. "Oof!" I gasped as I ran into something rather solid, while my papers went flying.

"Oh, hey, my bad," I looked up… and up… and up at the owner of the voice. It was a boy with auburn hair and green-ish-yellow eyes. He held my papers in one hand (whoa… how did he do that?) and one hand out to me. "Here, let me help you,"

I took his hand. "Thanks. Sorry for running into you," He pulled me up and handed me my papers.

"No big deal. It happens to everyone," He grinned.

"Hey, Eddy! We're gonna be late!" Another boy with the same eyes, but blond hair, called to him.

"Oh, sorry. I got to go. Nice to meet you!" He called over his shoulder as he ran toward the other boy, who put an arm around "Eddy"s shoulder. I waved and headed toward where I hoped was the right room. By some miracle I got to the right room, and before almost everyone else. I handed the slip to the teacher and sat in the back.

The class was easy. I had done the work at my old school and with no one sitting at my table I finished it quickly and looked around. Everyone was boring, being quiet or whispering to one another. At the table next to me were to freakishly tall people. The girl had stunning blue eyes and her clothes were made of buck skin. Her skin was a rich tan and she had long black hair pulled into a braid. Even braided, her hair reached her waist. She had tattoos of what seemed like ice running all up and down her right arm, ending at her wrist and stretching all the way to the corner of her mouth. Adding further to the tough look was a jagged and rough looking scar of what seemed to be a large animal bit on her left arm.

The boy next to her was even larger then she was, and also had black hair, though his was short and curly. His eyes were dark brown and his ears were noticeably pointed. His clothes, however, were more modern then the girls. Both would be incredibly intimidating if not for the fact that they were acting like goof balls. I couldn't help but smile a little. Of course, the bell rang and that ended my fun…

Next I had biology. Joy… I managed to walk in as the bell rang and walked over to the teacher, handing him my slip. He looked at it, signed it, and gave it back. "Welcome to biology, Mary. You may sit next to Mr. Cullen. Raise your hand, if you will, Mr. Cullen," The guy from earlier, "Eddy", raised his hand and I went to sit next to him.

"Hello again," He smiled.

"Hey," I returned his smile, glad I knew (sorta) someone at this dang school.

"I'm Edward, by the way. Welcome to Forks. Is it Mary, or something else? You made a face at the teacher when he called you that, so…" He trailed off in the end.

"It's Alice. Mary makes me feel old, is all,"

"I get that. Edward makes me feel old-ish…" He paused a moment and chuckled to himself. I guess I was missing something funny about that… "Anyway, I'm sorry for running off this morning. My boyfriend, Jasper, and I were late for class and we had to run,"

Oh, so he's gay. Sweet. "No biggy. I was late, too," I grinned. After this we fell into easy conversation. I learned that he had two siblings and that his father was the local doctor at the hospital and that he had adopted all of them. I told him about my past a little, too. My father had left before he knew that mom was pregnant and we thought Rose likely took after him when it came to appearances. We were both protective of our mom due to what happened back then. Edward listened intently, nodding, though not interrupting me. We both jumped when the bell rang, having been in our own little world.

"See you later, then," Edward smiled at me, waving as he headed out. I waved back and gathered my stuff. I walked out of the classroom and went toward my next class. I was told to sit next to Angela, who was a sweet girl, easy to talk to her. I liked that she also knew when being quiet was good, too, unlike…

"Hi. I'm Mike. Mike Newton," The boy in front of us was turned around, giving a cocky grin. I noticed the Letterman jacket. Great a jock.

"Look, I don't want to focus on anything but my work, Mike Newton," I looked back at my paper, but the boy was persistent.

"Well, maybe we could go to a movie after school," I heard that cocky grin still in his voice.

"Not interested," I didn't look up this time.

"And why is that, may I ask?"

I stilled didn't look up or stop working. "You have a penis,"

Aaaaand… silence. "Oh, Snap!" Angela giggled.

"Oh… uh… I'll just do my work now…" Mike turned around again while Ang and I burst into a fit of giggles.

"That rocked. About time he didn't get what he wanted," Angela grinned.

"I'm sure," I smiled and the bell rang.

"You should sit with my group at lunch today. You up for it?"

"Yeah, totally," I picked up my stuff and we headed out, parting ways while she went to algebra, while I went to gym. Or, where I thought was the gym.

Man was I off.

I knew this when I bumped into another person that felt like a wall and landed on my back. "Oh, man! I am so…" The wall-person trailed off and I looked up at them, meeting stunning blue with green. It was the girl from algebra. "I'm sorry," She said, just above a whisper. She shook her head and held out her hand. "Let me help you,"

"Thank you," I took the hand and let her pull me up. The hand was soft, but strong, and the contact made the weirdest sensation shoot up my arm. But… it was a good weird.

"I'm Bella. Bella Cullen," Her words reminded me of what Mike had said, but her tone was soft and humble, and she looked a little nervous.

"Alice Platt. Nice to meet you,"

"Likewise," She smiled, bending down and picking up some of my books. I bent down quickly, too, gathering them together.

"You don't have to do that," I said, though I appreciated the help.

"I know," She looked up, giving me a half-smile and putting my books into my bag. "But I wanted to. It's what anyone with manners would do," She then stood, by bag in her hand (with all the books, and trust me the thing was freaking heavy!) and offered her hand to help me up once more. "What class do you have next?"

"Gym," I shrugged. I hated the class, but it was required.

"Me, too. I could walk you there," She handed me my bag and I nodded, taking the bag and the hand she once again offered. This time, though, we walk to the gym room. "So, um, Eddy told me that you were in his biology class. Do you enjoy it?"

"The work, no. Edward was fun to talk to, though. He's your brother, right?"

"Yeppers. One of them, at least," She grinned.

"Do you like being the only sister?"

"Totally. I get to show 'em who's boss," She grinned as she said this. I giggled.

"Wow. I never thought that would be fun. I don't have any brothers. It's just me, my mom, and my twin sister. Can you imagine what that's like once a month?"

"I can imagine that would not be fun," She chuckled.

We had reached the gym and snuck in, now being five minutes late. She spotted her brother, who I recognized as the boy she sat with in class, and we parted ways. Rose was checking out the boy. Poor kid.

"Rose, you've been here a day and you're already checking a poor kid out?" I laughed, and she turned her eyes on me.

"Like you're any better. Who did you come in with?"

"Bella Cullen. I bumped into her and she helped me find the class. Why?"

"Because she's looking over here and I think…"

"Look, I'm not jumping into anything, okay?" I frowned. "Tonie was enough, and I'm still getting over it. She… well, she broke my heart and I'm not going to move on two seconds later,"

"Alright, Alice. That is wise, though. You know, not jumping into anything,"

"Thank you," I turned to look and see if Bella was still there, but she was gone, as was her brother. "They left," I tilted my head to the side.

"Yeah. Well, we'll see them later. Maybe they're just skipping," Rose shrugged.

"Yeah. Maybe…"

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