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Chapter One

The sun beat down harshly on the city of San Ricardo, just as bright and hot as any other day. Every resident of the small town was staying inside now, during the hottest part of the afternoon…

All except one ginger tabby cat, who was slowly making his way towards a slightly shaded spot next to a house. He stayed out of view for the most part; if he were to be seen, he would not be able to see who'd come to meet.

As he reached the shadowed area, he paused, adjusting the hat upon his head and the belt around his waist. His bright green eyes scanned about for any sign of life, which he didn't see much of.


He turned at his name and smiled at the cat now before him…and wearing his hat. It had more or less turned into a habit that she did often, to be amusing or irritating, he didn't know, nor did he care.

"Hola, Kitty," Puss purred softly, walking closer to her, and she gave a smile similar to his. He gently grasped her, tilting her back to give her a small kiss. She placed his hat back on him and stepped past him, flicking her tail around his waist. He turned to her again and asked, "Did you miss me?"

Kitty glanced at him, seeing he was grinning almost arrogantly, and she chuckled. "Sí. But, I will always miss you." She stepped closer to him. "Did you miss me?"

"Of course, mi amor." Puss said. "Are you ready to go?"

"Where?" Kitty questioned, but knew immediately from the way the ginger was smiling that he was not going to tell her.

Puss gripped her paw and gave her a small tug. "You will see."

"Mm," Kitty rolled her eyes playfully and then followed him. They walked along the isolated streets of the town until they reached a small cart that had been overturned. Feeling her mood lifting even more, Kitty watched as Puss lifted the side of it with only the slightest effort and gestured for her to enter it, which she did. Puss did as well, lowering the cart to the ground once more.

Amazingly, it was cooler than outside, and Kitty was delighted to see a table made out of several small pieces of wood covered in a cloth. On it was food for both of them, complete with fruit and fish.

Kitty turned to Puss, who was obviously pleased with himself. "You like?"

"It is very nice," Kitty replied, awed. "How long did this take you?"

He seemed reluctant to reply at first, and then answered, "All day."

Kitty smiled. He'd put so much work into this to make it wonderful, all while trying not to get caught being in this town. After all, he was still being considered an outlaw from when he was framed all those years ago, despite the fact he had saved the place and everyone in it not two months before. "Gracias," she said, "Really."

Puss shuffled his boots slightly, relieved she liked it. He'd been trying to make this a very memorable night, which was their third date together. It'd taken quite a lot of planning for this all to take place, including getting the message to Kitty to meet in the spot they always did. So when he saw she was happy with it, he was as well.

He gestured to the table and gently took her paw, lowering her to the ground he'd tried so desperately to brush off. But considering they were in the middle of a desert, ridding someplace of sand was pretty near impossible. He inwardly smacked himself—chairs! He should have placed some wood on the ground, anything! He hadn't been able to find anymore, however, and he breathed a sigh of relief as Kitty didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, the table was her exact height as she sat.

"So," he cleared his throat as he settled down opposite her. "How have you been?" It couldn't have been more than three weeks since he'd last seen her, but it felt like much more; it always felt like more.

"Very good," Kitty purred, "but of course…lonely." She snickered softly in amusement as Puss straightened up slightly with a soft purr.

"And uneventful," Kitty continued. "You always seem to bring trouble and adventure along with you."

"Pfft," Puss muttered, waving a paw as if to dismiss the statement. "I do no such thing." He smiled at her, only half serious. Before he could get another word out, the cart they were underneath practically echoed with a loud scream from outside. Kitty glanced at him. "You were saying?"

Puss gave her a funny look but said nothing and stood, making his way to the edge of the cart, lifting the side and peering out. He gasped as he saw several pairs of black boots, much larger than his own, pacing around not ten feet away. He poked his head out a bit more to see they were all men, fairly tall and dressed in common clothes.

All of them were holding very large knives, clutched in their grip as if they believed they would need to use them.

Puss, tensed, looked back at Kitty, who had gotten to her paws, sensing the danger and staring at him with obvious concern. "What is it?"

Shaking his head, Puss murmured, "I don't know. But I think you should stay here…"

Kitty frowned and grabbed his paw before he could place it on his sword. "No, I'm coming."

"I don't want—"

"Have you forgotten I'm good at fighting, too?" Kitty interrupted, taking out her own sword and flicking her tail around him once more before slipping out of the cart.

"…You to get hurt," Puss finished with a sigh, ducking out as well. Whoever the men were, they had found interest elsewhere, as they were no longer outside the cart.

"Who was out here?" Kitty asked, stepping a bit ahead of him to look at him. Puss opened his mouth to speak, but instead flattened his ears against another loud cry, different but not as far away.

"Come on—" Puss began, off before he could even finish. Kitty followed him and almost as soon as they entered the small clearing behind the building they'd been next to, they saw who had shouted. It was a slightly older woman, in front of a place that had its sign obstructed from view by the men who were now surrounding her, weapons out.

Kitty hadn't recognized the woman, but she heard Puss inhale so sharply it almost sounded painful, and then saw the metal of his sword glint in the light as he drew it. "Mama!" he exclaimed, rushing forward without a chance for Kitty to stop him. He'd gone off so fast that, had she blinked, she would have missed it.

Puss hadn't even thought anything through before he was suddenly in front of the men holding weapons towards Imelda, and all of them turned to look down at him as he demanded, "Get away from her!"

The man closest to him laughed and Puss raised his sword higher. "A cat!" the man smirked. "You think you can stop me from getting what I came here for? Hmm?"

Puss' paw clutched the sword defiantly tighter, glancing briefly at Imelda, who was shocked to see him. "I do not care what you came here for. But you will leave; now!"

"And who's going to—ow!" As he'd been about to continue his taunt, the man had reached swiftly over to grab Puss, only to now find a gash on the palm of his hand. Puss had hardly even moved. But that had done it, as the man almost immediately ordered, "Get him!"

Puss whipped around and blocked a blow with his sword, swiping away the other man's knife. He happened to glance over at Kitty, who was now engaged in fighting two others.

Although, concentrated on the six men they were struggling to ward off, neither saw the man Puss had confronted back away slowly and silently block the woman's way, scowling. "I'll ask you once more," he warned, his tone far too calm for the situation he was in. "Where is the woman I am looking for?"

Reluctant and obviously avoiding the truth, Imelda replied, "I've no idea who you are talking about."

The man held his knife tighter, prepared to use whatever necessary to get the information, but suddenly looked up and to his left as shouts became audible, seeing the guards closing in on them, telling them to halt. Time was up. The man glanced at the others and nodded as several of them caught his eyes, and then finally looked back at Imelda. "Eventually, we'll find her anyway." He turned to see his men still caught up with the two cats, and, with one single movement, lashed out with his foot, driving it into the back of the cat nearest to him.

Kitty cried out and dropped her sword, staggering forward and then falling to the dust as the man smirked and gestured to the other to leave.

Shouting curses to the men in Spanish, Puss rushed over to the black-and-white cat. He grabbed her paw and lifted her, grabbing her weapon and placing it in his belt. She was almost too dazed to walk as he helped her hurry across the clearing and into the shadows, hopefully unnoticed by the authorities. The guards were far too concerned about the men to look for an outlaw they hadn't a clue was there, anyway. They ran right on past them without so much as a glance, and Puss finally allowed himself to breathe as they turned the corner, leaving one behind to speak with Imelda. He turned his attention back to Kitty and lowered her gently to the ground. "Kitty!" he whispered, very concerned.

"I—I'm fine—" she stammered, shaking her head as if to dismiss his worry. It obviously didn't work, and Puss glanced around. They were completely concealed in the shadows, even more so because they were right next to the wall of the building. No one would see them unless they looked very hard, and as far as either of them knew, no one had realized they were there.

Puss patiently waited the ten minutes it took Kitty to finally be able to pull herself to her paws with his help, and frowned at her as she staggered. She seemed to be slowly improving, however, for which he was relieved, having thought for awhile that she was hurt worse than he had believed. He briefly looked away, catching a glimpse of Imelda still standing in front of the orphanage, shaken and continuing to talk to the guard. He inwardly cursed the man that had just unwittingly prevented him from going over to be assured she was all right.

But his main focus at the moment was Kitty, anyway, and for now he needed to make sure she was safely out of danger. He took her paw again, and she limped along side him, away from Imelda and the guard and yet having the sense of uncertainty of what had just occurred follow them.

"Did you find her?"

The group of seven men that had come into San Ricardo several hours before finally arrived at where they had planned to come to, although only when the meeting with whom they needed to…talk to had happened successfully. But considering the tallest man in the entire lot, also happening to be the most muscular and short-tempered, was their leader, they didn't mention anything about it.

The man's name was Jacobs, or at least, that was what he had said. None of the men knew if what they called each other by were actually their names, but none asked. It was a safety concern, really—if any of them chose to attempt turning another in, he'd have nothing but a false name and a memory of the face that would later send someone to end their life. No one had tried such though, the threat being almost as bad as the reality of it. And anyway, the only reason they might have done something would have been due to money, and they all had agreed that of whatever money they earned from what they smuggled to other places, half went to Jacobs, and then was split evenly among the rest of the men. They all did well enough that it wasn't too much of a loss; each one of them were at least ten times richer than they had once been years ago. And yet all still wanted more, which was exactly what they had been aiming to get information on.

"No," Jacob growled in reply, clenching his fist as if the mere thought made him want to kill someone.

The man who'd asked the question—Adam—took a step back. He, along with everyone else, had already witnessed what the man could do in his rage, a year earlier in one of their operations. The poor guy hadn't had a chance to go on his first work after upsetting Jacobs. He had only recently, in the last several months, gotten out of the hospital—and none of them wished to have it happen to them.

"You are going back, then, yes?" Adam murmured. He had a Russian accent that always prevented him from speaking clearly or loudly. It could have been that, or it could have been the fact that he was afraid the accent would irritate the man. Either way, he was very hard to understand at times.

Jacobs frowned at him. "Of course!" he snapped, turning to the six who'd last come with him, and then looked at the other five, deciding the more people they had, the better. "We will all go back tonight, when it's dark. You are all to split up and find the woman—Abigail Letone—and get what we need, in whatever way is needed."

"There will be guards on watch," a man named José spoke up, and Jacobs turned to him. The man couldn't have been older than forty, and as he met the leader's eyes, he immediately looked away.

"I don't care." Jacobs' voice was very low. "If there is anyone who steps in your way, kill them!" He whirled around to face the other five. "Do you understand?" he demanded, and each one of them nodded vigorously.

"And those cats?" Someone asked, apparently too afraid to ask if loud enough that Jacobs could tell who'd said it. Jacobs closed the hand that had the gash on it from the ginger cat's sword, scowling. "If you cannot kill them, bring them to me." He placed a hand on his chin, as if deep in thought. Then he smirked; "Actually, do not kill them. I wonder how much someone might pay for cats that can fight…"

Jacobs laughed, and the others did as well, mostly because they didn't want to be the only ones who didn't. Whatever Jacobs did, they usually tried to do as well. It pretty much had become an instant reaction as to not upset him. Then Jacobs waved his hand in a dismissive fashion. "Tonight," he repeated and all the men nodded, echoing the order.


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