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Have you ever loved someone with your whole heart, but you wished you hadn't? Does your love for him make you think of nothing else except him? I wish I never had loved him nor met him. My heart hurts every time he's with a girl. The sad part is that he's the most popular boy in school, but the worst part is that my sister loves him. I loved him since my first year of high school, and I'm in my last year of high school. My sister loved him the same amount of time but just a few moments after. I guess, my love was love at first sight.

I love them both equally but just different type of love. My parents died in a fire when I and Ami were just five years old. My sister blames me and hates me, but I wouldn't hate her for it because it's all true. I started the fire and killed both my parents. They had a successful life ahead of them, but I stopped them before they could get a taste of it. I am truly the worst person in the world. That's why Ami deserves Ikuto. The pain I brought to Ami's life was unforgiveable. I should never attain paradise with the one I love because I don't deserve Ikuto. I should be alone all my life, never having a friend or companion.

I'm Hinamori Amu with the lame pink hair and hideous honey golden eyes. I always wear to school the school uniform with a French, black hat to cover my unkempt, pink hair and big, swirly glasses to hide my eyes.

Ring! Ring! Ring! (Normal POV)

Amu sat at her seat in the back corner near the window until everyone left. When everyone was gone, she grabbed her bag and headed towards her locker. The halls were empty with only two or three people including her. She headed towards the back, barren entrance, unlike the noisy, crowded front entrance, and walked to her part time job, a librarian.


"Where is that girl?" A midnight blue haired boy named Tsukiyomi Ikuto wondered. He was standing there at the front entrance with no one. He headed inside the building and looked around the whole school for two hours. At six o'clock, he headed home, still wondering where she was.

The Library (Nine O'clock)

"Amu, you should go home," A black haired lady smiled at the girl who was putting books away.

"But I shouldn't leave you here to do all this work," Amu whined, picking up the books left on the tables and placing them where they were meant to be.

"It's okay my fiancé will be picking me up, and I would like to be alone with him," She lied.

"… Fine," Amu sighed, stopping and getting her things.

"Thanks so much," She started, doing the same thing Amu did moments ago.

"Good night," Amu waved, leaving the building.

"Have good dreams, sweetie," She replied.

"When will she ever smile," The woman sighed. "I guess you can't ever force anyone."

Hinamori's Home

"I'm home, Ami," The older twin greeted, expecting no answer.

"…" The silence she's always known replied back.

"What would you like for dinner?" The pinkette yelled in her room, changing her clothes. She wore a matching pyjamma shirt and pants. They were black with a blue cat holding a strawberry at her right side of her chest.

"…" She laughed a humorless laugh at the familiar silence. She cooked her meal which was ramen and ate it, but the strange thing was she left a bowl of it for her sister. She always did every night she returned.

The Next Morning

Amu woke up early as usual and went to the bathroom to get prepared. She took a shower, brushed her teeth, and put her clothes on. Strangely, she'd always wear her glasses and hat except the shower. She went downstairs and cooked her breakfast, eggs and bacon. After she ate, she left another meal for her sister again. She checked the trash can and saw her ramen, laughing yet again at herself for her foolishness. She took out the trash bag and replaced it. She grabbed her bag and the trash bag, leaving the house. She put the trash in the trash can and walked to school. Just as usual, she'd be so early to school the school gate would be locked. She threw her bag over the gate, took a few paces back, ran towards the school gate, and jumped over it. She picked up her bag as if nothing happened and walked towards the school. Strangely the school would always be open. She walked towards her locker, grabbing and placing books. She walked to her first classroom, Music.

No one was in the classroom as usual. She was there two and a half hours before school started. She would always sit in the back corner near the window as always, studying, all alone. Of course, she was lonely, but she guessed she deserved it. There are two reasons. The first was so she could avoid the crowds and be a loner. The second was so her sister could do whatever she wanted to do in the house and go to school on time. After her parents' death, Ami would never go to school as long as Amu was in the house when she was getting ready.

After thirty minutes, Amu looked at her school bag and saw she didn't have her music notebook. She walked towards her locker with no fear of seeing anyone since the teachers always came an hour early. She opened her locker, grabbing her music notebook. When she closed her locker, she didn't feel her glasses.

"How can you see with these glasses?" A husky voice asked, trying on the glasses. She screamed at her blue eyed crush, backing away from him. He was leaning on the locker next to her, taking off her glasses. She was attempting to run to her classroom, but unfortunately, she tripped on the flat surface by her clumsiness. She was no on the ground.

"Here," She looked in front of her to see the midnight blue haired boy named Ikuto offering a hand. She waved a hand, meaning she didn't need it. Ikuto just grabbed her hand, pulling her hand up. She was in front of his chest, blushing as hard as ever. She heard her heartbeat loud and clear, and of course, he could hear.

"You have beautiful eyes," He whispered in her ear, causing Amu to jump out of his grip. After a second, Amu realized she didn't have her glasses.

"P-P-Pl-Please g-give m-m-me ba-back my gla-glasses," Amu stuttered, reaching for her glasses.

"Love me," Ikuto chuckled, holding the glasses up in the air.

"W-What?" Amu questioned, astonished at his reply.

"Love me, and I'll give them to you," He explained.

"N-NO," Amu made her immediate decision.

"Then you'll have to walk around like that as everyone sees them," He smirked walking away.

"W-Wait!" Amu grabbed Ikuto's arm. "H-How can I-I-I l-l-love y-y-you? N-No one c-c-can choose who th-they love."

"…Fine," He said, lightening Amu's hope for the return of her glasses. "Date me until graduation, and we'll see if I can make you love me."


"Hey, Ikuto, why are you here?" A shaggy, reddish brown haired boy named Kukai greeted.

"Fine, n-now give!" Amu yelled. Kukai couldn't see her eyes because he was behind her.

"As you wish," Ikuto smirked wider, giving her glasses. Amu quickly put them on, running to her classroom. After she left, Ikuto started laughing, holding his sides, wiping a tear.

"Ikuto, do you need mental help or something?" Kukai raised a brow.

"You have such great timing. Why are you so early?" Ikuto chuckled, calming down.

"Your sister, Utau, wants me to come very early to school," Kukai sighed.

"I'll have to thank her," Ikuto said.

"For what?" Kukai crept back, scared of his insane friend.

"Bringing me entertainment."

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