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I have to know if Ami's okay…

Flashback End

Normal POV

"Where could that girl be?" Souko sighed, walking out of the hospital. Her car was at the side of the building. Souko walked to her car, but at the last minute she dropped her keys out of her stressful days of worrying about her children and Amu. When she picked up her keys, she noticed she picked up a strand of strange hair. She took a step forward into the moonlight and saw the color of the strand. She looked around frantically, searching anything that would lead to her what she was looking for. She saw a shoe near the bushes, the same shoe she was sure that Utau had bought Amu for her "almost day recovery" as Utau called her excuse for buying Amu things. Souko looked into the tall bushes where some branches seemed as if they were forcibly split. She crawled into the other side of the tall bushes to further her search. What she saw next was something that made her cry tears of joy and relief. Amu had fainted behind some bushes. She looked the same as Souko had first seen her before, but Amu was paler than before. The bushes she laid on were red roses with thorns. Amu laid there for a day or so with no comfort or warmth. Souko tried to pick her up, but Amu swatted her arms.

"I-I… I need t-to go to Ami," Amu said, trying to stand up but falling.

"NO, you need to go to the hospital," Souko protested.

"If you don't bring me to my home, I'll commit suicide right there in that hospital and haunt you and your family forever," Amu threatened, not knowing the woman in front of her was Souko.

"Fine, but you have to promise me that you'll go to the hospital right after," Souko helped her to her car.

"Fine, my address is XXXX. It's in the neighborhood of Seiyo Academy," Amu said, leaning in her chair. Souko drove to the address. Amu and her drove there in utter silence with a few painful groans and moans from Amu. Every move Amu made it hurt all over her body.

The disease is kicking in.

At the Prom

"I knew Amu would not be here," Ikuto slammed his fist against a nearby wall, causing people around him to cower.

"Ikuto, calm down before you kill someone," Nagi warned.

"I'm leaving," Ikuto stomped out to his car and drove away, taking off his cape and mask.

"I told you when he finds out Amu wasn't ever going to be here he would leave," Kukai grinned, earning two smack at the back of his head.

"He's going to look for her, but I doubt even if he finds her he'll be back," Nagi sighed.

"It's sad that Ikuto is that predictable," Utau sighed also.

Back to Amu and Souko

"We're here," Souko said, opening Amu's door. Amu stumbled out, falling onto the cold, hard cement.

"Here, let me help you to your home," Souko offered her hand. In turn, Amu pushed her hands away.

"I can do at least this since you drove me, a complete stranger, here," Amu said, limping to the door. Amu put her hand on the door knob, inhaling a deep breath, and after her deep breath, she noticed the door was unlocked. She turned the door knob, cautiously.

"A-Amu?" Amu saw her beloved, little sister crying with her pj's on.

"A-Are you… o-okay?" Amu fell to her knees in front of her sister for two reasons. The first was since Ami was sitting on the floor, and second was Amu's strength left her.

"Y-Yeah…" Ami was wiping her tears. "I-I'm-"

"I'm sorry…*cough*" Amu apologized, coughing. "I-I-I took *cough* him *cough* away f-from y-you *cough*"

"No, it's my fault. I was just too conceited and wanted to love and care for someone like you did. I actually like Ikuto as an… older brother. Also I would like to hear what happened. I don't even care if you killed them, as long as you forgive me for what I did to you," Ami smiled, still crying.

"I-I'm so-so… h-h-happy-" Before Amu could say another word, she fainted.

Amu's POV

"Amu! Amu!"

"Nee-chan! Nee-chan! Nee-chan, please wake up!" I could see a blurry vision of Ami bawling her eyes out. She had the saddest expression I had ever seen even worse than the accident. The vision disappeared.

Ami, don't cry. If you're going to cry, at least let them be of happiness. I wish I didn't make you cry and be miserable all the time. I wish I could make you smile your biggest. I at least wish you could have showed me you knew how to take care of yourself or found a man who could.

"Nee-chan, don't die on us now! You never told me anything yet," I could hear Ami yells. I felt as if I was in a hospital bed being rushed to the ER.

"WHAT UMA IS AMU?" I could hear Utau screech. I am sorry I couldn't tell you before. I wish I had, but I was too selfish. I wanted you, me, Souko, and Ikuto to be like that forever.

"AMU!" I could hear Ikuto's yell. I couldn't tell if it was out of hatred or what, but I knew it was a strong emotion. Ikuto, I'm sorry I lied and hurt you, but I did love you and still do. You were my first love and will be my last love. You are my everlasting. I wish you knew how many times I thought about you and loved you.

"WHAT HAPPENED!" Nagi yelled, surprised. I'm glad yet sad we didn't talk. The advantage was that I didn't lie to you, but I wish I could have at least spoke you to at least once more. I hope you and Rima will be the most amazing couple I could never have seen. I haven't met Rima, but I can tell she would have been a terrific girl to have talked with.

Goodbye, Ami… Utau… Souko… Nagi… Ikuto… My world…

Normal POV

"Before we proceed any further, I would like to ask you do you have the money," A stingy doctor who was new at the hospital asked, angering the teens and mother.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN MONEY? SHE'S DYING, AND YOU ASK FOR MONEY?" Utau and Souko screeched, paining the aragant man's ears.

"It's the procedure," Souko asked taking out her check book.

"Since she's dying , it will be more expensive-"

"Just tell us the price, OLD MAN," Rima glared, scaring the man.

"T-Twenty Million," The idiot replied, shocking the group.


"Hinamori Amu has a rare disease. Also, the surgery recommends for rare procedures," The doctor dared to annoy them farther.

"I'll be right back," Ami ran to the door, stopping there," I know where to get the money. Souko, come with me. Doctor, just do the surgery. I'll bring the money when I come back."

Souko rushed to her car where Ami was already waiting. Souko drove to the place where Ami told her to drive to.

Amu, I'm doing my best over here. Are you?

Once they arrived at the place, Ami jumped out of the car and rushed inside the building. Souko waited in the car, ready.

"I wonder where she heard about you, Nakamura?" Souko asked herself, staring at the Nakamura Incorporations.

Meanwhile in the Office

"Yamamato, How will we-" Nakamura started but was interrupted by the screams in the hall. "Check what the ruckus is about?" Yamamato walked out the door to see Ami and a bunch of guards holding her down.

"I need to see Nakamura Yuu. It's about Hinamori Amu," Ami yelled, not noticing the new presence.

"Please let go of her. She is a guest of the director," He glared at the guards. Instantly, the guards let go of the girl and bowed an apology. Ami walked to him and were led to the office.

"Why is Hinamori Ami here?" Nakamura pointed to the young brunnete.

"How do you know who I am?" Ami exclaimed.

"Well, you look exactly as your mother did when she was your age," Nakamura explained bluntly. "What do you want?"

"I need twenty million dollars," Ami went straight to the point.

"Another trait, getting straight to the point," Nakamura sighed at how predictable this girl was at how he met her mother.

"So will you?" Ami questioned.

"No, why should I?" He denied, earning a melancholy expression from the girl. Easy to read, What's next?

"I beg you. Please for Amu's disease," Ami begged.

"Where did you hear of me? If you answer, I might tell you," He smirked, leaning his head on his hand as he was sitting in his chair.

"I heard your name from the hospital when I was checking for Amu," Ami answered in hopes for the money.

"No then," He replied.

"I heard from my father a day before the accident Amu was not my daughter, and since you have pink hair, I'm guessing your Amu's father. You own daughter is dying in a hospital bed, and you're not even willing to give the money, which is like change in your pockets. How can you be so heartless?" Ami complained.

"Heartless? I guess that fits my preference," His playful smirk turned to a sick smirk.

"You loved my mother, right?" Ami intensly looked at him, trying to see if he would falter.

"I never loved, sweetheart," He replied. Ami saw his eyes twitch a bit.

"I guess you don't want to hear the story about you and her love," A smirk played across Ami's face.

"How would you know about that?" He slammed his hands against the desk, standing up.

"The story's called Yuu's and Midori's Love," Ami replied.

"Midori's version of her life with me? I'll give you the money if you tell me," He surrendered.

"Give me the check first," Ami threatened.

"Tch! Fine," He pulled a check from his desk, signed it hastily, and threw the check to her. "Now tell me."

"I lied!" Ami yelled already far from the office. He slammed his fist against the table again.

"I forgot Midori did this, too," He growled.

"Should I get her?" Yamamato sighed, remembering Amu.

"Don't bother. I'll let Amu live," He said.


Ami and Souko rushed inside the hospital. Ami slammed the check on the desk and sprinted to Souko, Ikuto, and the rest.

"How is she?" Souko asked, worried.

"They're still doing the surgery," Nagi sighed.

"Where's Ikuto?" Ami asked.

"He's by the door to Amu's room," Rima said.

"Where's Utau and Kukai?" Souko asked.

"They're out getting snacks," Nagi replied.

"We're done," The two doctors said, standing at the doorway.

"Is Amu alright?" Ami whispered.

"Yes, she's in her room," The doctor smiled. Ami and the rest rushed to the room. Ami stopped everyone from entering the room, staring at Ikuto staring at Amu.

"What?" Rima asked annoyed she couldn't go in.

"Let's just give them their time together. They didn't see each other for a long time now," Ami smiled, walking to the waiting room. Everyone followed her.

Few moments before

"Sir, your girlfriend is alive. Would you like to see her?" The doctor whispered to Ikuto who was sitting by the door. After hearing the news, he rushed to the door nearby. He looked at Amu to see the pink haired goddess. She was sleeping soundlessly. The sun shone on her from the window. Ikuto walked to his Strawberry's side. When he reached her side, He noticed some strands of hair in her face, pushing the hair behind her ear. He stared at her with a sincere smile.

(That's the moment when Ami and the rest saw.)

"Amu," Ikuto whispered, hugging her. Amu began to open her eyes to the blinding light. She attempted to block her eyes by her hands, but something stopped her. She looked to see what it was but just saw blue.

"I-I-IKU-IKUTO," Amu struggled to get out but stopped, remembering what she wanted to tell him this whole time. "I-I'm sorry… I l-lied to you," Amu laid her head on his shoulder.

"I'm not going to hold anything against you. I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry for what happened at the park. I couldn't control myself," Ikuto apologized.

"I-It's okay. I-I d-didn't really… m-mind," Amu dug her head more in his shoulder.

"What?" Ikuto let go of Amu and held her face in his hands to make her face him. Amu blushed harder than she already was.

"I-I did-didn't mi-mind," Amu looked up at Ikuto with pure innocence.

"Amu, I love you. Will you marry me?" Ikuto seriously proposed, looking intensely at Amu. Amu hugged Ikuto, burying her face in Ikuto's chest. Ikuto could feel his shirt getting wetter by her tears.

"R-Really? D-Do you mean it?" Amu stuttered in awe. Ikuto for a first time couldn't tell what she was feeling.

"Yes, with all my heart. All these days without you put a toll on my heart," Ikuto whispered, frowning at the thoughts ofnot being with Amu.

"I-I love you. I wish we could be together forever," Amu smiled, taking her face out of his chest to look at him. Ikuto started to blush a little.

"I hope you realize you always were allowed to love, Nee-chan," Ami said at the doorway

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