Sons of My Heart

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SPOILER Warning: If you haven't seen the first few episodes of season seven, you might not want to read this story.

Author's Note: I did my own take on what happened as Bobby made his way into the hospital and the hunters escaped. You will recognize a few parts and a small bit of the dialogue as having come from the third episode though. This is my opinion of what might have happened between Bobby rescuing the boys and Sam and Dean being basically fine at the cabin.

Maxandkiz, I hope this is what you wanted when you requested the story. Look for lots of hurt Sammy and protective Dean and Bobby to come!

Bobby couldn't remember ever having been more scared than he was at this very moment. John's boys, no, his boys…for that is what they are to him now…had just arrived at the hospital by ambulance. Not just any hospital mind you, but the same damn one that the Leviathans had taken up residence in just a few short hours ago and it scared the hell out of him. He had no idea how badly they were hurt, but that didn't matter since he knew he had to get them out of there and get them out fast. The longer the boys were left in the Doctor's care of Sioux City General Hospital, the better the chance was of the Leviathan discovering them and killing the only two reasons he had left for living.

Scrubbing a hand through his slightly graying hair as he stood outside the hospital, he knew his best bet would probably be to go in and pretend that he was an FBI Agent or an undercover detective with the local police. After all, he was already dressed in a suit and tie. With a little shuck and jive and a whole lot of luck, 'yeah, like that was something he had had a lot of lately,' he would be able to get his boys out in one piece.

Rushing to his old two-toned Chevy Nova after having got Sheriff Jodie Mills of safely in a cab, he wrenched open the door to the passenger side with more force than he intended and reached inside the car to open the glove box. Rooting around all of the junk inside it, he finally grasped a fake FBI badge and pinned in to his jacket. Agent James W. Beaver was now in charge.

Striding towards the hospital, he did his best to portray a confidence that he really wasn't feeling right now. His boys were in serious, if not fatal danger and it was literally scaring the hell out of him. What if he couldn't…no, he couldn't allow himself to think that way. He WAS getting Sam and Dean out if it was he last thing he did.

Entering through the sliding glass doors, he held his head high, exuding a look of confidence as surveyed the room quickly looking for any big mouthed fugly creatures who might try to get between him and his goal, the two Winchester boys. Walking purposefully over to the Nurse's Desk, he cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Yes Sir, may I help you?" The nurse queried, a look of surprise crossing her face as she noticed the FBI badge that adorned the well dressed man's chest.

"I hope so. I am looking for two young men that were brought in approximately 20 minutes ago by ambulance. Seems they might have been involved in an explosion and I need to question them," Bobby answered, gracing the middle-aged nurse with a charming smile.

"Oh mercy, I'll let the doctor's know that you need…"

"That isn't necessary, if you can just point me in the right direction, I'll explain everything while maintaining safety here at the hospital," Bobby intoned, not wanting the Leviathan to be warned that he and the boys were in the hospital. That was the last thing they needed with both boys hurt and unable to defend themselves.

"Of course Agent Beaver. One of the young men is in room five after having been treated and having a cast put on his broken leg. The other young man is in treatment room three and has yet to regain consciousness after a seizure in the ambulance," the nurse stated as she pushed the button that would allow Bobby entrance into the treatment room area.

"Thank you so much. You've been very helpful," Bobby voiced before traipsing through the door, an overwhelming feeling of unease settling over him. If Sam was still unconscious, then things definitely weren't looking good. But that was a moot point seeing as how he couldn't let the boy stay in the damn hospital.

Swiftly making his way to room five, he was happy to see that Dean was awake, but surprised to find the young hunter laying on the floor. "You okay?" Bobby queried in concern.

"Bobby, you're alive," Dean stated as he glanced up at the elder hunter. He had thought for sure the hunter had been killed when his house had burned to the ground.

"Course I am, Bobby replied, surprised to find out that Dean thought otherwise. "Why are you on the floor?"

"They gave me morphine. A monster broke my leg," Dean answered as Bobby helped him back up onto the bed.

"Where'd that happen?" Bobby inquired as he moved forward to help Dean back up onto the bed.

"At the house. We, we thought you were dead," Dean replied, still surprised to see the elder hunter in the flesh.

"Well I ain't. Look, we gotta run, this place ain't safe," Bobby voiced as he glanced through the window into the hallway before grasping Dean's clothing and shoes. "Where's Sam?"

"Head scan, I think," Dean answered, accepting the clothes and shoes that Bobby placed into his hands.

"Meet me in the ambulance dock stat, I'll get Sam," Bobby voiced as he scanned the hallway once again.

"Wait, what? Bobby, I'm a gimp," Dean replied incredulously wondering how in the hell he was going to make it out to the ambulance bay.

Grasping the crutches from beside the door, Bobby handed them to Dean and palmed his face, exuding his confidence in the young hunter, before leaving the room. He had to find Sammy.


Striding purposefully down the hallway once again, Bobby spotted a young male orderly pushing a gurney down the hallway with an unconscious Sam lying on it. Knowing that he had to make his move now, or never, he held up his badge and said, "Hold it right there son. Who's this?"

Lifting the chart from the bottom of Sam's bed, he pretended to read through it. "Yeah, this is the guy. Coverage collapsed. They're shipping him to County." Bobby stated in explanation as to why he was about to take control.

Grasping the bottom of the gurney, he started pushing it in the opposite direction. "Come on sicko, let's get you healed up someplace where it's safer," he whispered to Sam as he pushed he younger toward what he hoped was safety.

Pushing the gurney as quickly as he dared, Bobby finally made it out to the ambulance bay and transferred the unconscious hunter to the back of the ambulance. Climbing into the front, he quickly hotwired the ambulance as he waited for Dean. "Come on Dean," he grumbled as he glanced through the side door mirror.

The words had no sooner left his mouth when he saw Dean hobble into the passenger side just as two leviathan started approaching.

"Go, go, go," Dean gasped as he pulled the door closed and Bobby pushed the gas pedal, the ambulance racing off into the night.

"Where we going?" Dean asked, glancing into the back of the ambulance to see his baby brother strapped down to a gurney and still unconscious. He couldn't help but rub his chest because of the pain that seemed to settle near his heart in seeing Sammy in such bad shape.

"An old hunting cabin that Rufus owns," Bobby answered, wincing as he thought about the dead hunter. They had lost too many good hunters lately.

"It's rustic and out of the way, but we'll be safe there," Bobby informed Dean as he drove on. They would have to ditch the ambulance once they got there, but Bobby would make sure to strip it of the supplies they would need for treating Sam.

"What about…" Dean never got to finish his statement as Sam began to moan in pain. Swinging around in his seat as best he could with the cumbersome cast on his leg, he pushed himself up and then made his way back to Sam.

"Shhh, you're going to be alright, Kiddo" Dean voiced softly as he carded his hands through Sam's hair soothingly, making sure not to apply too much pressure because of the severe head wound Sam had suffered at the hands of the leviathan.

"Hur's," Sam slurred, tossing his head back and forth as the pain seemed to assault every nerve ending in his head. Even his damned visions hadn't hurt this much.

"I know it does, but we can't give you anything for the pain just yet since we don't know what they administered at the hospital," Dean explained, tears misting his eyes at being unable to provide even a little bit of pain relief for his baby brother.

"How's he doing?" Bobby inquired worriedly as he pulled off the main road and onto the long and winding dirt road that would eventually lead them to the old hunting cabin.

"Not good, he's in a lot of pain," Dean answered, grasping Sam's hand with one of his own and placing the other on Sam's chest, not sure if it was to comfort his brother or himself. "How much longer? We need to get Sammy into a comfortable bed and get him started on a course of treatment."

"Not much longer, maybe another 20 minutes or so," Bobby answered, wincing at the rough terrain that they were now having to traverse. He knew it had to be painful on the two young hunters in the back of the ambulance.

"De'n, wha's wrong wi-with me? Can't 'member," Sam groaned, his breathing speeding up as panic began to set it. God, he hurt.

"You're were hit in the head with a pipe by one of the leviathan. You've got an extremely severe concussion," Dean explained, hoping and praying that it wasn't anything more severe than that. If Sam was bleeding internally or suffering from undiagnosed intracranial pressure, it would kill his baby brother as sure as he as he was sitting there beside him.

"De' sick," Sam moaned just before he rolled his head to the side once more and vomit began to spew forth from his mouth.

"Shit," Dean gasped, reaching over to release the binds holding Sam securely to the gurney. Quickly, yet gently, Dean rolled Sammy to his side to keep his younger sibling from aspirating some of the foul liquid into his lungs.

"What, what is it?" Bobby questioned with concern upon hearing the angst in Dean's voice.

"Sammy's throwing up," Dean answered, supporting Sam as best he could through the bumpy ride, especially now that Sam had succumbed to the pain once again and drifted back into an unconscious state.

"We're nearly there. Just do what you can," Bobby stated, hoping it would be enough. He couldn't lose his boys, not when they were his main reason for going on.

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