Sons of My Heart Ch. 6

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Previously: "Looks like we made our getaway good," Bobby replied, feeling secure in the fact that they had not been followed by the leviathan since a couple of days had passed. Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to let his guard down just because things seemed fine. He would stand guard once again tonight while the boys slept.

Rubbing the grit from his eyes as the first golden rays of the sun rose over the purplish horizon, Bobby couldn't help but smile as he gazed over fondly at the two sleeping Winchesters with a paternal eye. He loved those two boys more than he ever thought he possibly love someone other than his wife. Hell, he had never wanted kids of his own because of an inane fear that he was going to turn out drunk and abusive, just like his own father had been. But yet here he was, watching over two grown boys that he couldn't love any more if they had been born of his own blood.

Quietly walking over to the couch where Sam lay sleeping contentedly, he reached out with a calloused hand and lightly brushed the too long chestnut colored bangs aside to check for signs of fever. Breathing a sigh of relief upon finding Sam's forehead relatively cool to the touch, Bobby felt his heart swell with even more love for the young hunter when Sam unconsciously leaned into his touch. Tugging his fingers lightly through Sam's hair so that he could check on the head wound, he was happy to note that the swelling was finally beginning to subside, if only just a little. It was about damn time.

Suddenly getting a prickly feeling as though he was being watched, Bobby turned his head towards the reclining chair where Dean lay sleeping to see the elder Winchester was awake instead and smiling at him like a Cheshire cat.

"What you grinning at, ya idjit? Bobby growled lightly, a slight tinge of pink encompassing his cheeks at having been caught showing such open affection towards the youngest Winchester.

"Nothing," Dean replied with a smile as his eyes began scanning the room for something he could stick down inside his cast to alleviate the relentless itch on his caste leg. "Sammy doing okay?"

"Yeah, he finally slept the whole night through for a change. Of course, it might have had something to do with the codeine I slipped into his drink last night," Bobby answered as he glanced over Sam's prone form one more time before striding over to where Dean was now sitting up on the bed.

"How about you? You feeling any pain in that busted leg of yours?" Bobby inquired as he reached out to check Dean's toes for any swelling or discoloration.

"Nah, just itches like hell," Dean answered, trying without success to smother a slight giggle, as Bobby touched his toes and maneuvered them around a little.

"Your toes look fine and there's no swelling so this cast oughta be able to come off in a couple of weeks," Bobby stated.

"Aw, can't you take the damn thing off now?" Dean whined as he tried to force his fingers down inside the cast far enough to relieve the itch that was driving him crazy. "The cumbersome thing is a pain in my ass."

"Quit your whining ya big baby," Bobby voiced with a smirk, before waking over to grab a metal clothes hanger from the small closet in the far corner of the rustic old cabin. Straightening the hanger in less that a minute, he handed it over to Dean.

"Be careful with that idjit. I wouldn't want ya to get blood poisoning from jabbing the thing into your leg to hard," the gruff hunter quipped.

"Thanks Bobby, you're a life saver," Dean avowed with a contented sigh as he eased the metal down into his cast where the itch had built to epic proportions.

"And your just now figuring that out?' Bobby voiced with feigned exasperation and a roll of the eyes.

Ignoring the indignant remark, Dean reveled in finally being able to alleviate the annoying itch that had been bugging him unmercifully for the past few minutes.


Swearing under his breath as he concluded his call, Bobby nearly through his cell phone at the wall in frustration. It had been nearly a week now, and they were still no closer to finding a way to kill the damned big mouthed leviathan than they were when this mess had started. He had hoped that talking to Frank would give him at least a starting place, but his hopes hadn't panned out.

"Guess the news wasn't so good huh?" Sam inquired as he walked into the small kitchen to see Bobby slam his fist down on the table in anger, while he himself walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of cold beer from the refrigerator.

"Not so much," Bobby agreed as he quickly snatched the unopened beer from Sam's hand, twisted off the cap and took a long gulp.

"Hey, that was mine," Sam lamented with a sigh, before reaching out to open the refrigerator door once again.

"Not so fast there Sparky. You're still on your meds. Only soda or water for you," Bobby declared as he gazed at Sam intently, almost daring the younger man to defy him.

"Jeez, you sound just like my Dad," Sam muttered as his fingertips brushed the brown PBR beer bottle wistfully before moving on to a bottle of Ginger Ale.

"I'll take that as a compliment whether or not it was meant that way," Bobby stated with a slightly somber tone before swigging down another mouthful of beer. "John could be one sorry son of a bitch at times, but there was no denying the fact that he did love you boys."

"Yeah, I know he did. We didn't always get along, but…" Sam's voice faltered as a wave of vertigo flowed over him and he began to sway unsteadily on shaky legs.

"Whoa there, Tiger," Dean voiced anxiously, walking into the small kitchenette area just in time to see Sam waver on his feet. Wrapping a supportive arm around Sam's waist, he quickly guided him over to the table and helped his younger sibling to sit down.

"Bobby, could you get Sammy's pain meds for me?" Dean questioned, kneeling in front of Sam as best he could with the cast on his leg to assess his brother's state of health.

"I don't need any pain meds," Sam grumbled as he submitted to Dean's mother-henning ways. "I just moved a little too fast is all and it made me a little dizzy. I'm fine."

"Yeah, well I think I'll check that for myself, Bitch," Dean retorted as he wrapped his fingers around Sam's wrist to check his baby brother's pulse.

"Jerk," Sam replied automatically, a small smile coming to his face upon hearing Dean refer to him by the standard barb. Things were finally getting back to normal between he and his brother, well…what was considered normal for them, and he couldn't be happier.

"Looks like you're gonna be fine Princess," Dean voiced with a smirk before awkwardly pushing himself to his feet so he could grab a cold brew for himself.


Limping off of the rickety old front porch of the cabin a few days later, Dean's face lit up like a Christmas tree upon seeing his Impala resting out in the weed infested yard, just waiting for him to climb in and cruise down the highway with her.

"Thought you might like having her here," Bobby stated with satisfaction as he watched Dean struggle over to the black muscle car on his crutches and lovingly stroke the hood and side panels with his hand.

"But how…how did you get her here?" Dean queried with astonishment as he checked her for any dings or scratches. He thought for sure the leviathan would have done something to her while he and Sam had been incapacitated over the past week or so.

"Had a friend tow her up here last night. We couldn't exactly drive out of here in a stolen ambulance now could we?" Bobby answered as he watched Dean open the door and survey the interior before attempting to climb in.

"Uh, you don't really think you're going to be able to drive the Impala with that cast on your leg do ya, ya idjit?" Bobby inquired with a raise of his eyebrow.

"Damn it, I never thought about that," Dean scowled, trying to figure out a way to make things work so he could drive his baby. It had been way too long as far as he was concerned.

"Give it up Dean. No matter how hard you try, that busted leg is not going to fit between the seat and the gas pedal," Sam informed his brother, knowing just how stubborn Dean could be at times.

"Bitch," Dean harrumphed with a despondent sigh as he opened the door and climbed into the backseat where he could stretch out his leg.

Laughing at the remark, Sam held his hand out for the keys.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" Bobby asked with a pointed look.


"Ain't no way I'm letting you drive either, idjit," Bobby voiced as he reached out to snatch the keys from Dean before he could place them in Sam's palm. "You're still recovering from a head injury in case you don't remember.


"No buts about it boy. Now get your backside in the car before I tan it for ya," Bobby voiced as his hand trailed down towards his belt.

"Yes Sir," Sam gulped, quickly making his way around the front of the Impala so he could ride in the shotgun position. Something told him this could be a long trip.

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