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Quotes are from the episode Lover's Walk.

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Chapter One:

He was bloody well pissed. Pissed beyond the telling. And not the good kind of pissed that came from a bottle or two of JD. When he got out of here, someone was going to pay in the most painful and creative ways he could think of.

Spike couldn't believe it. His first day back in Sunnyhell in almost a year and he gets captured by these commando gits. They didn't even take him down in a fair fight! No, they zapped him from behind with some ray gun and knocked him out, like a bunch of cowardly nancy wankers. Locked him in a cage and were using him like a bloody lab rat. Cutting him up, breaking his bones and then not feeding him to see how long it would take him to heal.

Why he kept coming back to this damn soddin' town was a mystery, nothing good ever happened to him here. Okay, that's that was a lie - he knew why. He came back last year trying to convince Dru to take him back. Oh, the for months after the Acathla thing, he'd listened to her tell him over and over again about how he was covered in the Slayer. Ha, covered in the Slayer! Ridiculous! Sure, he might have wondered how she she'd made out against the poof. But, still, that shouldn't be enough for Dru to get so barmy. The pixies telling her he's covered in the sunshine. And seriously, Dru must be nuts, right? Saying how all his kills lately are petite blonds. Crazy, right? Completely sack of hammers, she is. So he didn't kill the Slayer, even helped her in the end. But that was for Dru. What good is it if the world is sucked into hell? That was the problem with Dru; she didn't see or think long term, just what her 'pixies' told her. And right now he really didn't care what the bleedin' pixies said.

Spike paced the bright white cell, casting poisonous looks at the teenaged blonde in his mind's eye. All right, he supposed he did miss fighting the Slayer, and she did smell really good. He stopped suddenly, his eyes wide and unbelieving. Ugh, what the hell. She wasn't supposed to smell like sunshine and lust, she should smell of fear, of prey, of the third jewel in his crown. Dru! Dru's brand of crazy was rubbing off on him!

Spike threw himself down in the corner, ignoring yet another bag of drugged blood as it dropped a few feet away from him. He couldn't possibly be. No, no way! Oh, shit! Sunshine, she smelled of sunshine, no not. No! Not possible! Dru can't be right! Oh, bollocks, he was falling for the Slayer. His unlife was officially over. He had tried to do something to prove Dru wrong, but nothing he'd tried had worked. So he figured if he killed the Slayer, then Dru would have to see how much he loves her, right? She'd have to take him back and this whole weird "wantin' the Slayer" thing would end. Right?

Spike sighed as the memories of last year came back to him.