Disclaimer: The Doctor doesn't belong to me. I'm not trying to profit from him.

Day 7 of my fic-a-day New Year's project (see profile for fandoms and details if curious).

Pretty self-explanatory, really. Enjoy!

When all was dark and full of fear

He fell out of a stormy sky.

He saved us all and staunched our tears

And never stopped to say goodbye.


When monsters ranged and horrors crept

There came a man without a name.

He could not save us all, and wept

and fled our praise and thanks in shame.


In chariot of purest blue

A madman came to stop a war.

He shamed us all because he knew

The nothing we were fighting for.


Our people were oppressed, enslaved,

Our spirit slain, our sorrow long;

A Time Lord's wrath burned through our chains.

He'll live forever in our song.


As old as stars and bright as suns,

The universe his dwelling place,

The Doctor will forever run

Throughout the whole of time and space.


We pray he will not come again,

But still, his shadow haunts our dreams;

Fantastic, not like other men

And yet more human than he seems.

For bonus points: two of the stanzas are deliberately based on specific peoples/episodes. Which stanzas and which peoples?

Tomorrow will be another voyage into Doctor Who, this time to visit 10.5/Handy/Duplicate!Doctor at Bad Wolf Bay. I'd be thrilled to have you along. :D