The sun was just beginning to set and the wind gave a small breeze. It was a typical autumn evening so far. Two men were walking down to their car after a long day… and a long investigation. They had just finished a murder investigation and were leaving the house of the widow.

"Are you going to the Trout tonight sir?" the tall sergeant asked his boss.

"No I have other plans tonight actually." The man with black hair answered.

"And would this be with anybody in particular?"

Inspector Robert Lewis turned and faced Sergeant James Hathaway. Lewis raised his eyebrows.

"Yes it is with Laura and we're just going out to dinner."

They got into the car and began to drive away with Hathaway driving.

"Where are you taking her sir, if you don't mind me asking?" Hathaway asked.

Lewis shot him a look, but then answered, "Le Petit Blanc."

Hathaway nodded.

"French food," Lewis nodded. "That is from what I hear a very high end place."

Lewis looked at his sergeant.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he snapped.

Hathaway looked confused at the question. "I was merely stating that it is good food there sir, I didn't mean it in an offensive way."

Lewis relaxed a bit. They drove the rest of the way in silence. When they reached the station they pulled up to see Laura Hobson coming out of the building. She smiled when she saw them getting out of the car.

"Hello Robbie, Hathaway." She greeted. Lewis smiled and Hathaway nodded.

"Hello Doctor." Hathaway said. Laura smiled. She turned and looked at Lewis who didn't say anything. Hathaway sensed it was his time to leave. "See you tomorrow sir."

Lewis nodded and Hathaway walked away and into the station. He turned to Laura.

"Are we still on for dinner tonight?" he asked. Laura smiled and nodded.

"Where are we going?" she asked. Lewis smiled.

"I'll pick you up at six and you'll find out." He said leaving her hanging and walked away to his car. He turned around once to see Laura chuckle and then walk to her car. What they both didn't see was a car off in distance watching their encounter. The stranger took out a camera and * snap * * snap *

Six O'clock

Six o'clock came around and like Lewis said, he was at Laura's house for six. She answered the door.

"Right at six, I'm impressed Robbie." She said. He laughed and looked at Laura. She was wearing a purple dress that went down to her knees. Lewis thought she looked amazing.

"I don't like being late and we can't be late for the place we're going."

Laura laughed. "Are you still going to keep it a secret from me?" she asked as she and Lewis walked to the car. He opened the door for her.

"Of course I am."

She shook her head as she got in. They talked during the whole ride about their previous case. Laura was shocked when he pulled up to the restaurant.

"Robbie, this is wonderful!" she said as they got out of the car. Lewis smiled. He knew it would make her happy. They were about to walk up to the door when a man came running around a corner.

"Someone! Help! I found a dead body in a truck."

Lewis and Laura turned their attention to the man. Lewis took out his badge and they walked over to him.

"DI Lewis, what happened?" he asked the man.

"I was walking down an alley taking a short cut and there is an empty truck but a body in the back!" the man said. Laura and Lewis looked at each other and then followed the man down toward an alley. There was indeed a large truck with a cargo box. They went to look in the back.

"Where is the body?" Laura asked not seeing a body.

"Back there behind the crates." The man answered. "I climbed in to look around and found it."

Lewis helped Laura climb in and then climbed in after her. They went near the crates and found no body.

"There is no body…." Laura said puzzled and turned and saw the doors being shut. "Hey!" she yelled. Lewis turned around and they ran to the doors, but they were already sealed. Lewis and Laura banged, but it was no use.

"What in bloody hell just happened here?" Lewis yelled. Laura was just as shocked and angry.

"He tricked us into coming in here! But why?" she asked and banged on the door. They heard the truck start up and begin to move. Laura almost fell, but Lewis caught her. They grabbed hold of the crates.

"I think we're being kidnapped." Lewis said. Laura's eyes went wide and she went into her purse to find her cell phone. She took it out.

"We have no service." She said and dropped her phone onto the crate. The truck hit a bump and Laura fell onto Lewis.

"Ouch…oh my back." Lewis said after he hit the metal.

"I'm so sorry Robbie. I lost my footing." She said. Lewis nodded.

"No, no it is alright." He said as he sat up and Laura moved to sit next to him up against the box.

"What are we going to do?" Laura asked with a hint of fear in her voice. Lewis had no idea what to say.

"I guess hope Hathaway finds us."

Lewis took out his phone to see if he had service, alas he did not. Laura looked up to see that there were holes in the box that let air come in.

"At least we have air." she said in almost a whisper. Lewis nodded. He looked over at Laura and saw the fear in her eyes. He wanted to tell her everything would be okay, but he couldn't promise something he couldn't be sure if he could keep.