Laura was still sitting next to Lewis. They had been trapped for a good two hours now. They tried for service, but it was no use. Finally, Lewis carefully stood up and walked over to the box. He knocked onto it.

"What do you think is in there?" Laura asked. She stood up and carefully walked over to the box. Lewis shrugged.

"I hope nothing explosive," he answered. He knocked on it again carefully. "It echoes back so I don't think much is in here."

Laura reached into her purse and pulled out a pocketknife. Lewis's eyes went wide with question.

"In case of an emergency." She answered. Lewis nodded. He opened the knife and carefully used it to cut the rope on the crate. Once off, he lifted the lid. No explosives thank goodness. It was just a bunch of books. Laura frowned.

"Someone kidnaps us and puts in a truck with just a cargo box with books?"

Lewis nodded.

"What time is it?"

Laura took out her phone to check.


Lewis sighed.

"No service?"

She shook her head. They then hit another bump, but this time Lewis landed on top of Laura. She groaned in pain.

"Oh Laura! I'm sorry!" Lewis said and shifted off her. He moved so his back was to the crate again and helped her over.

"I'm okay, but no more falling."

Lewis chuckled.

"Okay, then no more standing up."

Laura gave a soft smile and then shivered. She didn't bring a jacket. Lewis saw and immediately took off his coat and put it around her shoulders. She nodded a thank you and wrapped it tighter around her.

"We need a plan." Lewis said. Laura nodded. A thought then hit her. She reached into her purse again and pulled out a pen.

"Rip the paper in one of those books and we can write a message on it."

Lewis smiled and crawled over to the box and pulled out a box.

"Bloody idiots leaving us with books," He said. Laura smiled and took the book. She ripped a piece of paper out and wrote a message. She then handed it to Lewis. "Help, kidnapped in a white moving truck. Contact Detective Sergeant James Hathaway for help. Signed Laura Hobson and Robert Lewis."

Lewis gave Laura a look. Laura frowned.

"What? That is pretty much all we have. Now start ripping. We should send out several messages."

Lewis began ripping. "Right now it seems like you're the detective."

Laura laughed. "Well, I do have the better ideas."

Lewis frowned. "What bad idea did I have?"

"Walking while this truck is in motion. Twice."

Lewis laughed. "I didn't know that counted."

Laura nodded and continued writing. "You're paying if I have to go to a chiropractor."

Lewis rolled his eyes and continued to rip. Once all ripped, Lewis carefully stood up and moved towards the side with the holes. He rolled the paper and one by one pushed them out. They had made twenty. After he crawled back over to Laura who was now shivering even more.

"Come here," He said and motioned for her to move closer. She did and Lewis wrapped his arms around her. "Better?"

She nodded. "Much better. Aren't you cold though?"

Lewis shrugged. "A bit, but I have more layers."

They sat together in silence, hoping someone would find their messages. Someone good.