The final part – Rated M.

Chapter 2

As the minutes ticked by, Gibbs found himself unsure of what to say. He'd imagined their first kiss so many times and the passion that was still obvious in Abby's eyes told him his feelings weren't one sided; she wanted more than friendship too. But just how far was she willing to take their relationship?

As if picking up on his thoughts Abby smiled, running her fingers down the side of his face and forcing him instead to focus on her touch. "You know what my new year's resolution is this year Gibbs?"

"What's that?"

"To do more of this," she whispered, her lips parting slightly as she touched them to his. "To see more of this," she murmured into his mouth, sliding her hands under his shirt and over his bare chest, her fingers threading through the smattering of hair. "And to feel more of this," she sighed, circling her hips and grinding herself against him.

Gibbs' eyes fluttered closed at the movement. His large hands gripped her hips to stop any similar motions and when his eyes reopened to find her watching him, her mischievous grin told him she was enjoying the effect she was having on him. She was beautiful, her dark hair sprawling down over her shoulders, full red lips that demanded his attention and sparkling emerald eyes full of desire. He took a deep breath, pleading with his body to behave, at least for now. But Abby was having none of it.

"Do you think you might be able to help me out with that Special Agent Gibbs?"

"You don't think we should talk about this?" He asked.

"What's to talk about? I'm pretty sure those kisses said it all...for both of us. And your body is telling me talking is the last thing on your mind." She winked at him and Gibbs was certain his cheeks reddened slightly. It was rare for him to be self-conscious but his feelings for Abby had him questioning everything. Before he dropped his guard completely though, he wanted her to understand exactly what she'd be getting herself into.

"You and I, if we become an 'us', it won't all be smooth sailing and you know some things may change?"

She removed her hands from under his shirt and reached behind her to grasp both of his, linking them together on either side of their bodies. "But the things that do change between us will be for the better, everything else we can deal with as it happens. I want this Gibbs and I know you do too, you're just trying to protect me, but this time I don't need protecting."

"I'll always want to protect you, no matter what...and I like the sound of 'us'," he admitted.

"Then that's all I need to know."

Gibbs knew there was no possible way he could go back to just being friends and the gentle, reassuring kiss she gave him freed him of all the doubts he had about pressuring her into anything. Taking hold of her waist he flipped their positions so he was on top of her, cradled between her legs as she wrapped them around him. Abby moaned as he trailed a path of kisses over her chin and down the curve of her neck, his lips soft and careful when he reached her bruise.

"I'll never let anyone hurt you again," he whispered against her skin.

"I know."

He felt her fingers clutch at his shirt, and he stopped his ministrations as she dragged it over his head and threw it over her shoulder. Gibbs slowly slid down her body until his face was level with her stomach. Looking up at her, he didn't blink as his hands sought out her soft skin. Moving tortuously slow he pushed her sweater and t-shirt higher, grinning when Abby let a whimper escape. When he allowed himself to finally look at her pale skin his lips were soon circling around her belly button, his tongue darting out as he made his way up over her flawless stomach. Motioning for her to lift her arms, Gibbs stripped the clothing from her body, temporarily surprised to find she wasn't wearing a bra.

Abby bit her bottom lip and Gibbs could tell she was trying to stop herself from laughing at his reaction. "I wanted to feel you next to me...and I thought the closest thing I'd get was to have your clothes against my skin."

Gibbs leaned forward keeping his wide eyes focused on her as he placed a kiss on the swell of one breast before doing same to the other. "So you're not wearing any all?"

Her hands snaked over his back, her fingers then moving up into his short silver hair. "None at all," she teased.

As if to emphasise her point she lifted her hips, arching into him as a strangled sigh escaped from between her open lips. Gibbs nearly lost the tiny shreds of restraint he had left, his mouth moving down to the waistband of her sweatpants. His tongue teased her skin along the edge of the material, his fingers slipping under to caress either side of the top of her hips but not going far enough to reveal her.

Abby writhed underneath him and he felt her grip his shoulders and try to manoeuvre him higher up her body. "Gibbs, come here."

"I thought you liked what I was doing?" he smirked, letting her guide his solid frame until their face were so close he could feel her quick breaths as they fanned across his cheeks. They moaned together at the heated contact between their bodies when Gibbs settled his hips back between her legs, the naked skin of their chests pressing against each other, Abby covering his grinning lips with her own.

"I was, but I want to taste you too...need to feel you." Abby grabbed his butt and pressed him closer, rubbing herself against his hardness. Gibbs' resolve instantly snapped and he got to his feet, taking hold of her hand and pulling her up to stand. In several quick strides he made his way to the stairs, quickly removing his shoes and socks and turning to face Abby as she followed him. He led the way to his bedroom and from behind him Abby's arms wound around his middle. Stumbling when their legs continued to collide, Gibbs used his arms to keep balance while Abby kissed his back with each step they took.

As they stepped over the threshold to his room Gibbs found himself spun around and pushed against the wall. Abby's hands felt like they were everywhere at once, her teeth nipping across his shoulder before leaving a mark on his neck and claiming him. Gibbs growled as she soothed the area with flicks of her tongue and his hands eased down over her hips. With the slightest effort the oversized pants slid easily to the floor, Abby kicking them away from her feet. A rough calloused hand ghosted over the curve of her buttock, down the back of her leg and paused behind her knee lifting it over his hip. Abby continued to press firm needy kisses across the expanse of his chest, her hands moving from his back to undo his belt and zipper, his pants quickly joining hers on the floor. With Gibbs' help Abby hoisted her other leg up, linking them both around his back. He groaned at the feel of her heat and wetness against him and reversed their position so Abby was pinned between his hard body and the wall.

Both his hands cupped her full breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples, his lips again seeking out hers. Their kisses were hot, wet and erratic as Abby forced her tongue into his mouth drawing it in and out, imitating the movements their bodies would soon make. Using the wall and Gibbs' body for leverage she pushed herself up higher and tried to hook one of her toes into the waistband of his boxers to drag them down. But when one of his hands moved between their bodies to gently stroke her all she could do was rip her mouth away from his, her hips gyrating against his tormenting fingers.

Keeping her steady, Gibbs placed his free hand under her backside as she continued to rock against him. Her moaned "Oh God," breaking through the sound of their shallow breathing in the otherwise silent room.

"Take them off," Abby pleaded referring to the one remaining piece of clothing he wore, her head falling back to the wall.

Gibbs ignored her request, intent instead on watching her come apart in front of him. The lamp he'd turned on earlier highlighted every one of her curves and he looked on in awe, not believing she was in his arms. Abby slowly bent her neck back, a deep moan torn from her lips when her half closed eyes slowly drifted shut. With each increasing caress he saw and felt her body start to tense and with a final passing of his thumb over her sensitive bundle of nerves she let go, her fingers digging into his shoulders as she screamed out his name.

Pulling her slumped body away from the wall and taking her weight against his chest, Gibbs ran his hands gently over her back trying to calm her as she took in hurried breaths. "You okay?" he asked walking over to the bed and sitting down on the edge with her in his lap, her lazy smile and misted over eyes made him chuckle.

"Better than okay," she mumbled, running her hands over his chest.

After giving her a few minutes to recover Gibbs stood up, keeping his arms around her. He pulled back the covers and placed her gently down in the centre of his bed, quickly stripping off his boxers. For the first time, Abby appreciatively studied his entirely naked form. Initially unable to look away from the evidence of his obvious arousal her eyes eventually travelled over the well toned muscles of his legs and butt and the strong sculptured outline of his abs, chest and arms. She grinned in satisfaction; he was incredibly sexy and he was going to be all hers. Continuing to admire him she shifted restlessly on the bed becoming impatient as she waited for him to join her.

Gibbs smirked and climbed onto the bed, settling on top of her. "Something you want Abbs?"

"Has anyone ever told you you're a tease, Gibbs?"

Taking one of her hands within his he kissed each knuckle, moving up the inside of her arm and beginning another slow exploration with his lips and tongue. "Just must bring out the best in me."

Even though his body was aching to be joined with her, Gibbs wanted to prolong their first time as long as he could. He'd waited so long and didn't want it to be over too quickly. Abby however had other ideas. Taking his face in her hands she pressed a soft drawn out kiss on his lips as she shifted under him, aligning herself with his erection. Neither of them moved apart from the gentle brush of her fingers over his cheek, and when she looked into his eyes Abby found herself breathless at the honesty, desire and love she saw within his blue depths. "I want you," she whispered.

Moments later the steady strokes of her hand along his length were guiding him inside her. Gibbs braced himself with an elbow resting either side of her and Abby shifted her legs further apart, crossing her ankles around his back as her body adjusted and accepted all of him. He groaned when he slid all the way in, feeling her moist heat close tightly around him and fighting to not lose control too soon. Abby gripped onto his shoulders, her head pushing back into the pillow when he withdrew slightly before plunging all the way back in.

Their movements began slow and steady, but the feel of him moving inside her and the clenching of her internal muscles soon had them gasping for air as their sweat slickened bodies moved in perfect rhythm. Gibbs' dominant thrusts started to quicken and he pivoted his hips to get the right angle for them both. Abby's whimpers rapidly turned into throaty moans as he moved his hands to her hips, tilting them slightly and driving himself into her harder and faster. Feeling the familiar ache swell low in her belly and groin, Abby encouraged Gibbs to speed up his movements even more, raking her nails down his back.

"Abby..." he growled as he tried to muffle his groans by kissing the spider web tattoo on her neck.

"Close Gibbs, so...close." She gasped for air, feeling drugged as she met every one of his thrusts.

Encircling her arms tightly around his neck Abby finally came undone, Gibbs' powerful strokes into her once, twice and a final time, causing every muscle in her body to tighten as she cried out her release. The contraction of her muscles around him was too much for Gibbs and he followed her over the edge, his fingers digging into her hips, a heady groan echoing throughout the room as he spilled into her.

Gibbs sucked in deep breaths in-between pressing quick soft kisses over her face, stopping to gently brush his cheek against hers. His sporadic thrusting slowed and then stopped, and on a sigh their bodies at last became motionless. For the first time in a while Gibbs' body felt completely satiated, his mind totally at peace and the bond he shared with Abby felt stronger than ever.

"God, Gibbs," Abby breathed into his ear, her arms and legs retaining her tight grip on him as he stayed within her, both their bodies still trembling.

He tried to keep some of his weight off her, moving to the side slightly and resting his forehead next to her on the pillow. One of his hands moved from her hip to find the bite mark she had left on his neck. "You branding me now Abbs?"

"Just marking my territory," she laughed quietly. "I thought that would be more subtle than outright warning every living breathing woman to stay away from you. Not to mention that I could put my energy to better use."

"We should've done that a long time ago," he muttered, his breathing gradually starting to calm.

"All you had to do was ask," Abby grinned kissing his temple.

Rolling off her Gibbs sprawled out beside her, feeling the loss of their intimate contact instantly. Abby followed him and nestled into his side, an arm thrown over his chest and a leg draped over both of his. "If that's the kind of celebration we have for New Year's Eve I can't wait for my birthday," she mused, running her hand over his chest.

Gibbs couldn't help but smile as he stretched out for some of the messed up bedclothes, covering up their cooling bodies and wrapping his arms around her. "Me either Abbs, me either."

The End.